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Sep. 26, 2019
Met Éasca and Uy. Decided they will do for a herd even if it's small. Aramantha joined. Noticed Brent in the distance, watched him carefully, only for Arry to go after him. Joined in along with the others, but when two of them fell behind, stayed with them and watch Aramantha chase Brent away. Not sure what just happened.
(this wasn't really rut-related, but Shikoba just reacted to what he saw as a threat)


Name: Shikoba
Title: The Feather Crowned
nickname: chicken boy
Sex: male
Species: pronghorn with greater prairie chicken influences
in-game set: fan pelt, real deer mask, space beluga ("pronghorn") antlers
Size: #9

Origins unknown.

• Mostly feral. Can speak and understand speech, but still mostly ruled by instinct and has difficulty grasping certain concepts.

slow walk in front of or around someone: Around females: Strutting, posing, showing off, "flirting". Around males: Showing off in more of an "I dare you to challenge me" sort of way.
listening: "Posing" or displaying (only when trying to flirt with females, otherwise it's just listening or non-threatening headshake)
dancing: display dance, often used with "listen" (posing) and mooing ("booming" sound). Only when dancing alone, w/ or w/o audience. Just a normal dance if he's dancing with someone.
listen + moo: "booming"

Original code by TreeDancer, also using various bits of code from others. Character art/design by TreeDancer.
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Bio may contain sexually suggestive content. This character's views and actions do not reflect the player.
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of course I'll be here, too

of course I'll be here, too
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Can I ask that people please

Can I ask that people please treat this character seriously from now on, thanks