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Challenged Brent and had a short spar before he invited her to join the herd? Okay, whatever, not interested in the herding aspect anyway.

Later found Culzean, and met Sub Rosa and Nathaniel. Challenged Cul to a spar which didn't last long and ended up just jumping around and dancing with him instead. Then later met Maeve (I think, wasn't on the map). More playtime before leaving.

WOW it's been too long!

Met a large elk (Gustiro--Aileana is European so to her moose are called elk) and immediately wanted to fight him just because he's so much bigger than her. Had fun sparring and hopping around. Climbed on Gustiro while they were resting. He seems to really like her? A bit uneasy about the nuzzling but otherwise he seems cool.



Nicknames: Lana, Nuru* by Nila
Species: Glaistig
Age: adult (ages very slowly) • Sex: female
Orientation: unknown • Romance: none

in-game set: mini spell, gray pelt, orca mask, orca antlers
size: #14 is closest

scent: "forest"/vegetation, blood, "goat smell"
diet: vampiric + herbivorous* feeds only on humans, needs blood for survival; otherwise eats mainly grass and leaves, but can/will eat just about anything except meat

Aileana's goat form is similar in size to smaller goat breeds such as the pygmy and Nigerian dwarf. In this form, she resembles a generic gray domestic goat, rather than any specific breed. However, Aileana is not actually a goat. She lacks an udder in both forms, and her teeth resemble an omnivore's with fangs that fold back and are rarely visible. Additionally, Aileana lacks any sort of reproductive organs in her goat form, as it's merely meant as a disguise, so she's unable to breed in this form. In fact, her appearance in this form is almost completely androgynous, her smaller horns being the only part of her that might be seen as "feminine" (as opposed to her true form, which is very clearly feminine).

Aileana's "true" form resembles a satyr or faun. She will not appear in this form in the forest.

Face claim and singing voice: Lisa Lambe (not perfect, but works well enough)
speaking voice: Kelly Macdonald (Merida) (just sounds a bit older and her accent is a bit different)
*[I don't usually do face claims or voice claims for my characters, but I happened to find someone that works well for Aileana.]*

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By Draak ♥
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(No subject)

(No subject)

<333 wb!
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thanks all! @raskaya: I

thanks all!

@raskaya: I didn't go anywhere, just moved to a new account but thanks for the sentiment X3
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a-a...and h-h...here........

a-a...and h-h...here........