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Pixel Commissions

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I'll only draw what I'm comfortable in doing, I won't do anything explicit, for example sexual content and anything hugely gorey. If I'm not comfortable in doing said art I have the right to decline it.

Blood and injuries are fine.

First in first served/completed.

Image sizes:
  • Single character images with a background are 200x200px for consistency (as seen in the examples).
  • group image size is determined by how many characters, character size differences etc, but I will try to stay around 200px height wise for consistency.
  • Transparent background image sizes are cropped as close to the characters as possible.

Some details may be omitted and/or simplified because pixel style but I'll try my best.

I'm no expert animator and I only use photoshop so animations are limited and very simple. Group pixels would end up having little or no animation at all until I work out how to get it all the sync up nicely.

Human faces are okay, once again don't expect exact likenesses because pixel style.

These aren't limited to TEF ocs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When it comes to animations on a transparent background, characters can't have any partial transparent bits whatsoever because gif file types say no. Still images are fine as they are saved as png files.

Prices are in Australian Dollars. (Here's a currency converter: [x])

Payment is done via Paypal invoice.

Animated: $25AU per character (Minus a blink animation because that's easy to do. A plain blink animation would just be $20)
Still: $20AU per character

Higher detail characters will cost extra.

Backgrounds are a simple gradient and do not cost extra.

Preffered method of contact (also it's the fastest) is via discord, feel free to send me a DM: Raz#5512

Alternatively, you can send me an email at kelenkenbeak @gmail .com (minus the spaces)

When contacting me let me know who you are from here as well as what you'd like me to do, as well as any character references/pose references/etc.

Then I'll send you a Paypal invoice for you to send the money.

I will not start the commission until paid.

Once completed I'll email you with the image files. You can also ask for the original psd files if you want them to do w/e with.
If you order a group image I can also send separate images of the characters free of charge.

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Your pixel work is so cool

Your pixel work is so cool man *-*
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asdfasdf thanks

asdfasdf thanks Laughing out loud
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Would my Sphinx boy be too

Would my Sphinx boy be too difficult to draw?:

Ray | He/Them | TAKEN
My deviantART
My ToyHouse
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Nah, they'd be fine.

Nah, they'd be fine.

Tracking. I'll have to do 1

Tracking. I'll have to do 1 or 2 at a time when I can lol. I hope to get all 9 or 10 of mine done eventually.
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*thumbs up* I'm flexible when

*thumbs up* I'm flexible when it comes to this either way
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it probably takes a long

it probably takes a long time. I like your work (:
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They do yeah, for something

They do yeah, for something that small. Also thanks Laughing out loud
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I've been eyeing this blog

I've been eyeing this blog for a while. I just love those pixels so much!

Sig by Lathyrus. ♥
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bumps thing

bumps thing
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dives in

dives in
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this animations are

this animations are beautiful. *sits with popcorn* here is where i shall stay
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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asdfa thanks

asdfa thanks Laughing out loud

I like the one where he is

I like the one where he is wiggling his tail its so cute!
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thanks Laughing out loud


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Tacking is required!!!

Tacking is required!!!


I love these. Hard tracking.

I love these. Hard tracking.
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aaa thank x3

aaa thank x3
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Huh, I always think I should

Huh, I always think I should commission someone to make a pixel gif of your Smol, but then I come here and remember why exactly my brain is convinced it would look so perfectly cute Laughing out loud
I swear I would end up commissioning you to draw your own characters if PayPal still worked in my country, because I love them as much as I love your art <3 But all I can give rn is this lousy bump LMAO

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B) Aw I still appreciate it

Aw I still appreciate it Laughing out loud these will also be open for a looong time
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Good to hear, hopefully one

Good to hear, hopefully one day then! Smiling

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