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Warning; strong language, violence/gore, sexual themes, and other mature content
will appear here and in his tumblr.

General Information

Name » Monroe

Titles » Epistaxis; Sinnamon Bun (thx niri), The Lewd Dude (thx pan)

Pictogram » x

Gender » Male ♂

Age » Young adult

Species » Dog-like creature (sighthound/doberman influences)

Orientation » Panromantic pansexual; polyamorous

Speech » #000000; voice undecided

Haunt » Wherever his friends are

Origin » Gorimar


"I want to shove you over this bridge, but I won't. I can, but I won't. You find my self-control commendable, don't you? I've come such a long way."

F e e l i n g » Mischievous, excited
M e n t a l » Steadying
P h y s i c a l » Mild bruising from bumping/shoving against Pica during play

Was THRILLED to see Pica in the forest, and of course practically teleported straight to her. Noticed Lohtu and found out he was a friend of the doe's, so at her request he took care not to wake him while getting groomed by Pica.

After the zombie child left, went on an adventure around the forest. Any hopes she might've had for it to be a "stroll" were mercilessly crushed by the sighthound. Tore around the forest playing and play-fighting (perhaps on some occasions she was actually trying to beat him up, much to his delight) - got at least one buttnuzzle in, which infuriated her but sent him into near-hysterics. Tried to shove her into the Idol river after he dove in first but was ultimately unsuccessful, THOUGH did at least shower her with a million water droplets.

Attempted to tempt her into the river by the bridge by gifting her the lotus flower, but when she wasn't charmed enough by his flattery he tried verbally provoking her to piss her off instead so she'd come in to punch him. WAS AGAIN UNSUCCESSFUL so, defeated, dragged himself out and flopped with her on the bridge until both retired for the night.

P r e v i o u s l y » Dangerously bored.

N o t e s » THIS WHOLE BIO IS SO OUTDATED aughhh. It was last updated nearly a year ago 8[ gotta get around to updating the rest of the info in here

Traits & Facts

(thisssss... needs to be edited since his nature is becoming clearer to me over time, WILL DO SOON)

Impulsive » Audacious » Vulgar » Affectionate » Manipulative » Sadistic » Masochistic » Sluggish or Playful


» Monroe has problems with impulse control, and is far more likely to act rather than think things through/plan/consider consequences.

» Chronic insomnia - tries to distract himself from being tired by jumping into active or dangerous situations; needs adrenaline rushes of any kind

» Low regard for others' pain, especially when it comes to strangers. Kind of sucks at empathy, too.

» Has frequent nosebleeds, likes the taste of his own blood, enjoys disgusting others by slinging blood droplets on them/'sneezing' on them when it happens. Sometimes views it as 'bonding' and, depending on the situation, will be offended if his blood is rubbed off.
(Represented in-game by repeated sneezing or 'listen+listen'ing in another's face; listen+listening without his face near someone else is more likely to be just vigorous shaking of his head to stave off sleepiness, clear his thoughts, express displeasure, etc.)

» Ordinarily viewed young ones as useless burdens, and still does to a degree. Has no experience handling them at all, and doesn't even think to censor his words around them. However, tolerates certain children if they show independence and maturity, and may grow to even like them if enough time is spent together. Doesn't care for clingy ones, but whether or not he reestablishes personal space will depend on his mood.

» rly affectionate, greedy for attention, detests loneliness

» his puns/jokes suck really bad... he's the only one who thinks they're fkin hILARIOUS and if anyone else laughs it's probably because they can't handle the fact that he seriously thinks whatever disaster came out of his mouth was actually funny


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*MMMmmm ;y

*MMMmmm ;y

By Leuvr
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blood buddy

blood buddy

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@Ooky: late af but b e e

@Ooky: late af but b e e p

@Starr: gonna cover u in bloody kisses and won't even need to hold you down to do it

also I'm horrified to see that his last update is from nearly a year ago
why is this my life now

By Leuvr

time to update you lazy arse

time to update you lazy arse <3

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!