Dazenth the Red Dragon

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Some things still remind me of the past...


"I will miss you, my friend..."




After having visited the pond for a good drink, Dazenth had noticed that Olga was nearby today. Decided to immediately go over to say hello, feeling happy on being able to see the nice doe again after their first encounter a few days ago. Olga offered to join for some relaxing time, which he would happily agree to of course. During a good amount of peaceful, quiet company, the red dragon had decided to try and talk with her this time which she was surprised that he was able to talk. Their conversation essentially starting off with some topics of how long they can remember of being in the forest, mentioning about the Rut and meeting new creatures and making friends.

At one point, Dazenth would mention that he misses a lot of his close friends that he used to see a lot in the forest. One example being Isetore, the big lovely lion. Once he mentioned that name to Olga, she responded in a slightly negative way. This would concern Dazenth a bit as he wondered why, and it all gradually became more known throughout their conversation. She mentions that Isetore is no longer alive, which upset the dragon greatly to the point of tears, even Olga was feeling somewhat emotional about it as well after awhile. She was nice to give him some closeness and comfort though. It took awhile for him to calm down and felt that it was stupid for Isetore to give his life away from what she had told him. Although, further talk with the doe he discovered that the reason Isetore had died was giving up his life in return for the bad things that his brother had done, Dardan. Dazenth at first thought this was a stupid thing to do, but eventually would come to realize and understand that it was a rather brave thing to do.

Long story short (cause I honestly can't explain every detail during this interaction), after the heavy emotions and talk about Isetore's death, Olga would say that "We don't give up our lives away for nothing, do we?". Dazenth understood this concept, and came to agree that whatever negative things came from Isetore's brother, his death brought light to it even if he didn't experience anything negative with the two siblings. Olga was also apparently a servant to Isetore in the past which had surprised him. All in all, he made sure to thank Olga for telling him about it despite it hurting him greatly. It is good to be told the truth rather than lying. He knew he was going to be hurting for awhile, but he will surely cherish the memories that he was able to have with Isetore.

Dazenth questioned if she knew where Isetore passed away, and agreed to bring him to the spot in the forest the next time they meet. The lovely doe had to get going after their talk, which both gave each other some gentle noses, licks and nuzzles before Olga departed. Dashing away into the distance. The red dragon spent the rest of the day resting on his own, occasionally thinking about his friend and trying not to get too upset. It simply just killed him inside to lose a friend, especially with those who he grew close with. Dazenth feared that some others have met the same fate of death too, but would still try and continue to have faith that they were alright. Or, at least if they left the forest for good, that they were still alive and well.



4/17/22 - Easter

Today the red dragon had done some relaxing strolling around the forest for awhile to see who was around, eventually he came upon the lovely Olga who was in the birch forest on her own for awhile. Decided to say hello to the pretty doe and thankfully she did not seem to be afraid of his appearance. It was often something that Dazenth was afraid of at times, as some others in the forest felt intimidated or scared by a dragon. But Olga greeted him and offered to spend some time relaxing together, which he gladly accepted. Spending a few good hours just chilling and taking in the environment, and admiring the rolling hills of the birch forest. It was something that he hasn't gotten to do in quite a long time now. It was just sometimes difficult for the silly dragon to stay awake from getting too comfortable in his spot. Though, he will try to remember Olga and see if he will be able to see her again in the near future for more company or some further interaction.

...and the past will always bring back memories, good and bad

Name: Dazenth

Gender: Male

Pictogram: X

Age: Early 20s

Orientation: Pansexual

Mate: Kamaya

Species: Dragon

Diet: Omnivorous

Size: #26

Scent: Dragon's Blood

Speech: #9400d3

Voice: (Needs redoing)

Birthday: August 11th 2015 - Creation Date

In-Game Appearance: Skull Mask, DotD Pelt, No Antlers (Glitched Candles?)

Home: Tree at -71x45

Favorite Location: Red Hill - Birch Forest


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You've really expanded on his

You've really expanded on his information and the biography looks well formatted ^^
Sabel, Sam

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Track attack

Track attack <3
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@SingaReindeer: Page stealer

@SingaReindeer: Page stealer xD
@lisa.zombie: Heyo!
@Senecxys: Lol, thanks though! ♥
@cloudandis: Yes im still loving it, hope to see you soon again...
@Chromai: Hehe thanks Chromai! Eye
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^^ tracking

^^ tracking
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Hi! Long overdue track.

Hi! Long overdue track.
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Hello and track this cute

Hello and track this cute guy. Sorry, that Misha seem not so welcome, he just feel worried, like "oh my gosh its a dragon help pls")
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@CydaLuva83: @0baf0: Lol

@CydaLuva83: Eye

@0baf0: Lol thats OK, and we enjoy Matthew's company too!

@oqu: I don't remember every single picto I see so I don't think I knew who and where they were at the tome... But that's OK other creatures will be like that too, maybe they will get to know him more? Also thank you! ^^
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Gahhh I friggin love Dazenth


I friggin love Dazenth
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@Jiaruqa: Ah thanks means a

@Jiaruqa: Ah thanks means a lot! ♥
@Silverfang: Hey there, so you are the player of Refr nice! Thank you! :3

-Exerus looks at the dragon

-Exerus looks at the dragon with wide eyes, moveing his similare bat wings.-

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Dazenth also looks at the

Dazenth also looks at the creature and sniffs them many times, he smiles and nods at him letting him know that it is alright to approach him.

(Heyo! Eye )

Tracking this sweetheart.

Tracking this sweetheart.

track this~ it was short but

track this~
it was short but nice meeting :>
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daz and eloa need to have an

daz and eloa need to have an rp again sometime
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@Flora-Tea: Thanks, hope to

@Flora-Tea: Thanks, hope to see the other sweetheart again soon! ♥

@Kamiko: Ah that was you! It was nice to meet ya in the forest maybe we will be able to meet up again. ^^

@TreeDancer: OMG I just realized that, YAAAS we would totally do a RP soon. I will poke you on Skype when I can!
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track ^^

track ^^

This is not a late track, you

This is not a late track, you can't tell me otherwise B| <3
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Hehe it was me who was

Hehe it was me who was sitting with u and isse
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MY GOD I didn't even know...

MY GOD I didn't even know... XD Well sorry about that lol, was nice to have you there though. I was also half active on that I was also on another game at the same time and trying to get blogs updated. But thank you for letting me know fam! ♥


@Calix: YAY!

@WarSlayer: Ah the player of the Wyvern derg, nice to see you drop by. Daz is always curious about the guy lol.
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No worries ?

No worries ♥

Mines also interested in

Mines also interested in yours haha. Sorry if he appears to be standing still and not interacting when Dazenth drops by - I tab out often and tend to miss quick drop-ins like that ;;
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Hello there! ^^ I think my

Hello there! ^^
I think my doe Artemis may have been the one who gave Dazenth the hug c:

By Draak ♥
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Wow she's so pretty! But now

Wow she's so pretty! But now I know exactly who it was now haha! Thank you for the company today though, and of course the hug too Dazenth loves the affection! ^^
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\(^,....,^)/ It's been

It's been wonderful to meet you =D
I hope we cross paths in the forest soon. Quite interested in seeing what would happen ^^
I welcome you with open arms to stay away from me
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leave a trail here! c: I have

leave a trail here! c:
I have a strange feeling that we've met earlier...
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@Sannosuke: Its was nice to

@Sannosuke: Its was nice to meet you too, brought me a lot of positive feelings around! Al's yes I hope we can meet soon, I'm curious on what your character do with Daz! ^^

@_lioness_: Yay thank you! Also I feel the same, maybe we did met up once or twice in there? Its a possibility, I recognize the picto for some reason.

Dazenth x Isetore

Dazenth x Isetore

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I will find you. And shower

I will find you. And shower you in flowers!
Sabel, Sam

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Yes, yes! Everything can

Yes, yes! Everything can be!)
and I hope it was not the last meeting :3
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Doing a shameful bump ^^;

Doing a shameful bump ^^; Wanted to do it on his birthday but never did, but happy one year bab!

Also a small reminder I am still open for any RPs, interactions, or events with Dazenth if anyone is interested.
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Did you change your username

Did you change your username on skype ?
Or did i lost you ? lol .
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I think I still have you I

I think I still have you I found your name when I typed in "fly" ill send something to you soon!
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I remember your smell

I remember your smell
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"Hello there. I don't know if

"Hello there. I don't know if we have met, perhaps we met in the past?"
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miss rping with you and this

miss rping with you and this dude!
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@Senecxys: EYYY miss you! Im

@Senecxys: EYYY miss you! Im trying hard but ill make sure to get to you in there sometime!

@YaraMyst: Rose! <3 UGH I miss you too, same thing for you gotta see the cute doe again too!
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A smol bump and message to

A smol bump and message to commemorate for 2 years of Dazenth's existence and my active time here in TEF!
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Hey , my sweet Friend !! Good

Hey , my sweet Friend !!
Good to see you still alive !
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Long time no seen you,

Long time no seen you, welcome back <3
Missed you ;_;

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I missed you too buddy, and

I missed you too buddy, and yeah I thought it was time to hop in some more its been long again heh. Very glad to see you!

I'm glad you hopped in the

I'm glad you hopped in the game!

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Guys, I missed you its been

Guys, I missed you its been quite some time ;; I just wanted to comment here that I love you all and you guys have been great friends to me and I have enjoyed every moment playing and interacting along with you. TEF has been one of the best communities to be in and its something that has always been a part of me, and I do my best to keep this all in tact and never forget a wonderful place. Its you all of the community who keeps making me come back, just life sometimes wants to get in the way. I just thank all of you, and its 3ish and soon almost time for 4 years of Dazenth and its crazy its been that long already. I will definitely try to keep him here and also try to see the classic old friends of mine and Daz's! ♥
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Allow me to retrack this.

Allow me to retrack this. uwu
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Thanks buddy! I do have quite

Thanks buddy! I do have quite a bit of work to do to revamp some of this bio, but I will be doing my best to be a little more active again with Dazenth :3