Matching sigils???

So, I was hanging out with somebody when another deer stopped by but I noticed that they had the same sigil above their head as me? Now I haven't been active on this game in at least a year so forgive me if im remembering wrong but each sigil is supposed to be unique, yes? I assume it's just a glitch or something on my end but I was pretty confused when I first saw it I'll admit

(Also, I have used a forum maybe only ONCE in my entire life so I dont know how to attach an image- Help would be appreciated lol <3)

Hey, BB, welcome back to the

Hey, BB, welcome back to the Forest. Clone and lookalike pictograms are possible (as noted here, in the Exceptions tab), but the chances of a pictogram getting cloned are very slim. What you met was a common glitch: Guest deer (playing without accounts) may appear to be wearing your pictogram, but only you see it, and the other players see their own.

To paste an image, use this code: <img src=""/>
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