The Mark of the Gods (Featuring ZiraBay)

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From my 3rd Annual Art Request for Writing

The Mark of the Gods
Featuring Bayleen's ZiraBay

The doe walked through the Forest
On a quiet afternoon
Just to find some fun around
And humming a lovely tune

Bay stopped and noticed something strange
On a boulder it seemed to spark
She approached and looked with curiosity
At the strange glowing mark

With a quick poke of her hoof
The mark granted her power
Before she realized what had happened
She created a giant red flower!

Bay gasped at the sight right then and there
Before she discovered her gift
She had gained the powers of the Twin Gods
As the Forest began to shift

The sky turned purple and the sun went down
And twilight came upon the land
As great big flowers bloomed all around
Many quite large and grand

With a laugh and a dance, the clouds rained bubbles
And the Pond became the color of gold
The trees dripped maple and honey sweets
And many more things to be told

The night soon came with a great meteor shower
And bright rainbows that filled the sky
As all around every deer raised their head
To marvel at the sight so high

But then it was time to give the gift back
As Michael and Auriea soon came
The power now gone and the Forest changed back
Everything that was once the same

But they smiled to Bay and asked her this
"What would you like to stay?"
She thought quietly and then replied
"Can we keep the bubble rain?"

The gods nodded and the sky bubbled once more
For the deer to all dance and play
And for finding the Mark of the Gods'
We had but to thank our Bay
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Awww, I love this!!! This

Awww, I love this!!! This made my day. It made me feel really happy reading it, and I could picture everything perfectly. Your poetry is lovely. Thank you very much Quad ♥
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Hehe it was a lot of fun to

Hehe it was a lot of fun to write. I kind of imagined the mark to look something like a glowing rune, similar to the one Gandalf left on Bilbo's door, but you can use your imagination for what it would actually look like. I always think it would be interesting if a deer had gotten the Twin Gods' powers, and what they would do with it.
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Ah, I see. The first thought

Ah, I see. The first thought that came to me was Auriea and/or Michael's pictos on the stone.
It would indeed be interesting to see... and chaos xD If I had the powers, I would create Abio's everyday, who wouldn't want that? Hah, but the rarity of them makes them all the more worthwhile.