March of the Winkies

Community service for a time became important around the twin gods. I would only observe. When no one was there theano deer would get in the crack between the twin gods and twirl as she explored the sculpted carvings on the ivory like figures. Then would do shake the booty dance with the tune and leave.

Sometimes upon coming back groups of deer with the red and white masks would be gathered and charge up the hill at the twin gods. Other groups of deer would gather around and watch. Like knights of old it seemed some infarction had happened and a long conversation went on with some pacing back and forth. Once in awhile the whole group would charge the twin gods. For weeks afterwards they would hang out with different masks around the twin gods like Romans during recreation between military campaigns just friendly, snatching up fawns and swaying in pairs and groups scattered across that plain.

After years and hours observing theano deer never did figure out why. For years it occurred regularly and was part of the play. Like mind control take over of which art philosophy will be in control. Most of us liked a smattering of all and theano deer would go to playground because it reminded her of the good part of India which for the moment has nearly ceased to exist or is in hiding. Art seems to be an issue there now. What once was shared so freely has been laid to rest. Some winters have no snow but after winter comes spring at some point.

At times hiding inside the rocks of the playground while viewing Harappa and Mojen Daro petroglyphs seem to help decipher symbols of an artist tribe long ago and a 5000 year history much of which is metaphorical and full of double innuendos. Dharma/karma cycle rapid. Hoping the deer there survive it.

Is art ever really lost? Those symbols maimed and destroyed does it ever appear again? Part of a cultures conscieness and identity so it rebirths for the era it reappears. Some things to put away so something new has room to grow. Will the water to come cleanse and refresh like the pond and stream or is it to erase an era that is not sustainable? Only the deer may know.

i've been reading your texts

i've been reading your texts for quite some time now and wondering what exactly theano the deer looks like in the flesh, or perhaps her face and expressions it changes as she explores the forest? i would really like to see her.

and thank you for sharing once again, you're a true gem of this dying website.

LOl look like a deer.

LOl look like a deer. Usually hide in the trees. Use to play hours but working for Aussie deer who are possessive. Escape once in a while. May find some time this weekend between land bidding on a new forest away from salt water coast which like to try to blow deer away. Think more it is transforming for the new era. Older ancient deer not as many as once was so younger deer have different ways. Had some nomad deer who played a bit rough. The two-legged deer is ordinary with a few wrinkles, a few white hairs, and chubby. Impish smile, long light colored hair that oscillates between blonde and white depending on the mood and weather. Tunics down to the thigh that move and flow with air and stride. Built for strength and endurance, strong legs, arms able to lift weights repeatedly, and muscle covered with layers of softness, style is natural. On social media, once in awhile deviant art...mostly due to work. Plan on moving more to my creative side after I move. Like to debate and write... easy to find by my human name. In Texas...