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Mood: A bit angsty.Condition: Bruised, a few scrapes. Has recently shed his antlers.Mental State: Worried.
February 25th, 2013
Woke up on his favourite rock and smelled Sonne in the distance! Ecstatic at the prospect of seeing his old friend, but upon approaching saw that she was... Passed out? Gently nuzzled the sleeping doe afraid to intrude, but when she didn't reply he plopped down next to her, hoping to at least lend her some body heat if he couldn't somehow console her...

Finally, the striped doe awoke and he had a brief conversation with her about recent events. Learned that her "master" had been killed. Didn't know what to think about the death of someone Sonne was so clearly attached to. Tried (unsuccessfully) to make the doe feel a bit better, but was genuinely shocked to see his normally bouncy friend so bedraggled and injured. Eventually agreed to follow the doe to her "master's" body, hoping to lend a hand or at least keep an eye out for the little female least she get into another brawl. Ended up by a group of deer who were surrounding a body, clearly Sonne's "master." Eyed the group hesitantly, not wanting to step on any toes but also unwilling to let his friend get hurt in any way. Ready to step in should the need arise (to be a meat shield, basically), the blue buck stood a little ways behind Sonne as she settled down to wait out the menacing looking spiny female that had kept them from approaching.

And then all hell broke loose. Noticed another buck approach the body, not giving the angry red doe any space or time to warn him off. Watched a fight including several deer break out, but he stayed out of it as it wasn't his business. Only kept himself between the fight and Sonne, unwilling to let his little friend get battered around more than she already had. Noted the maroon doe's retreat, but was soon engaged when Sonne attempted to approach the possessive buck. Watched the scene on full alert and quickly rushed in when he threatened the striped doe. Got in between the two immediately, using his body to block any blows that might have landed on the female. Tried to herd Sonne away, doing his best to dodge the attacks but he refused to fight back seeing as it wasn't his battle. Got kicked and nicked a few times by both bucks (Mateo and Maelstrom).

Eventually he backed off with Sonne. Wisely kept his distance from the group, keeping an eye out for his friend should another buck try to attack her. Knew his presence was probably making the situation more tense seeing as he was a total stranger, but he would not have a clear conscience if he just let the already injured doe get booted around more. Things settled down after a while and he sat off at a slight distance, ready to move in should the need arise.

  • Old updates

    January 14th, 2013
    Spent the beginning of the day sunning on his favourite rock. Ah, it'd been too long since he had sat on this epic ledge, lording over his nonexistent domain... Watched a rather large bunny for a while, intrigued by the fluffy thing. Hopped around with it for a bit before settling back down on his rock, eying a fawn and young buck pair that were playing amongst the rocks. Felt a pang of... Sadness, as he watched the two carefree deer. It reminded him too much of the past and the friends that he used to have. He missed Anjali, Migs, Sonne... Where were they? Dozed off in the hot afternoon sun, pondering these old friendships.
    Awoke to a little goat curled up by his side. His little 'Kid'! Happily nuzzled her and proceeded to go a little bit hyper. Scarfed down a quick blueberry snack, ran crazily around the forest, tried to push down a poor little tree, hid amongst the large trees in the birch forest, did some cheeky backwards prancing, and finally settled down under the large willow by the pond. Happy and satiated, Nate cuddled with the little goat with a happy sigh. Perhaps things were starting to look up.

    January 12th, 2013
    It had been a long time since he had made an appearance in forest. This is not to say he was anywhere else, but rather he took some time and laid low for a good while. However, he has missed his friends and is now seeking them out to the best of his ability. Spent most of the day by Migisi's nest, guarding it and hoping the bird doe would make an appearance. A bit startled by the weird star things, but after realizing they would do him no harm he settled down and waited by the doe's nest. He missed the cuddles he used to receive from the inquisitive female.

    October 19th, 2012
    Spent the past few weeks lying low, mostly enjoying some cuddle time with Migisi. Inadvertently managed to teach the bird doe about forest magicks, and is now able to interact with her in both bird and doe form. Pleased by this turn of events as the female seems much happier in her own 'skin,' so to speak.
    Noticed an odd gathering of deer, they seemed to be centered around a large zombie deer... He got close enough to sniff the beast, but quickly retreated as the large number of unknowns coupled with the creepy fog was making him feel a bit uneasy. Staked out a comfy spot beneath Migs' nest in the Ruins and drifted off to an odd dream of feeling rather light-headed....

    September 10th, 2012
    Spent most of the day with 'Kid', worried about her well being since her body temperature seemed rather warm and her energy levels rather low. Lay curled next to her for a large portion of the day, not really knowing how to tend to the goat's illness.
    Eventually however, they awoke and had a little bit of a romp. Tried teaching the 'Kid' that dandelions were edible and even tried to nibble on the enormous ones that had randomly sprung up in the forest. 'Yum!' Bumped into a vaguely familiar stag who had been rather obnoxious a few nights before, but the 'Kid' seemed to know who he was. Greeted the buck politely, but was again threatened and stomped at. 'How rude...' Nate kept his distance and eyed the strange stag wearily, refusing to engage in any unnecessary blows. Became concerned when the little goat was rejected by the male and started... Collapsing? The blue buck tried to stay near the little one, but was greatly confused by her behaviour. All he could do was stick close and try to be a comforting presence when needed.

    September 9th, 2012
    Spent the past few weeks lying low, seeking out his friends when he could scent them on the wind, but otherwise being relatively reclusive. Unusual for the happy-go-lucky buck, but even after Dinamo's words of wisdom, it took him a little while longer to get over rejection. Having never experienced such an abrupt loss of friendship, it took even Nate a while to recover. However, with the help of his friends and the company of both Migisi and the 'Kid', he is mostly back to his old self.

    Though slightly more introverted than before, he is still happy to meet new deer and be friendly to any and all acquaintances. It's time to get back in the saddle, boy!

    August 13th, 2012
    A lot happened in the past few days, mainly revolving around the 'big three' currently in his life. Was joined by Migisi for a lot of the events that unfolded and is truly beginning to enjoy the bird doe's presence. Teaching her new words in extremely novel ways and cuddling with the snuggly female has comforted the buck in ways beyond even his imagination. However, being closer to the doe has caused a very obvious tension between himself and Isiel, to the point where blows were exchanged. Of course Ramsus leapt into the fray as well and when Nate noticed the brawl he only witnessed Migs being chased around by the rabid ram stag. It was a no brainer to involve himself and at the end of the day it seemed he ended up with the worst of the injuries. A sore hind leg and several bruises and cuts, courtesy of the ram who was likely never going to grace the blue buck's friend list, despite Nate's genial nature. Too many negative encounters had impacted even the normally carefree stag's impression of the toothy mugged deer.

    He spent the next few days laying low, seeking out Migs whenever she was nearby but generally keeping to himself so that he wouldn't be tempted to go running around and end up injuring his leg further. Isiel approached him once in an attempt to apologize, but the buck only greeted her politely before returning to his cuddle partner. He was too worn out to deal with further drama, and sadly, he was beginning to realize everything related to Ramsus brought about an unnecessary amount of conflict. This did not bode well for his relationship with the blue doe, but Nate refused to dwell on this thought for the time being, distracting himself with sleep and blueberries. At least until he felt a little bit better...

    August 7th, 2012
    Nate awoke in the Playground, his side still smelling of goat as he had spent all of the previous day cuddling with the 'Kid.' He was really beginning to grow attached to the little tyke... It wasn't long before he caught a familiar scent on the wind however. Migisi! With an energetic leap, he raced toward the bird doe, prancing and being generally silly on the way over. It had been a while since he had really stretched his legs and it was obvious that he had pent up energy to spare. He caught up with the doe in the dreaded pond and he called for her attention at the edge of it, refusing to go in as was his norm. Migs came splashing out and the two had a brief conversation about shiny fish and his aversion towards water. Not that he was... Scared or anything.

    Diverted the doe's attention by nudging her for a run, and they ended up at the Playground once more. The two scaled the largest rock and stood watching the forest, with Nate trying to make conversation and promising to teach the doe some new vocabulary. Their interaction was cut short by an approaching Ramsus. 'Or big ugly...' The blue buck tensed at his stalking, but did his best to ignore the beast. It seemed to have worked wonders before, but Migs was not as willing to try this tactic. She stomped and huffed, making her displeasure known. Nate watched as Isiel got a bit closer, but she did not seem to want to get close to himself and Migs. The blue buck was torn, wanting to greet his old friend but also feeling on edge due to their last encounter and Ramsus at her back. It was bad enough that the ram was following her around like a puppy dog and the male did not want to leave the bird doe's side in case she started another taunt-big-ugly session. The last thing he wanted was more drama.
    Eventually Johan broke the tension by approaching. Nate greeted the growing youngster and encouraged him to say hello to Migisi as well. Unfortunately, this seemed to set off an already irritated Isiel and the doe took off. The buck was startled by her sudden departure, but still unwilling to follow due to Ramsus' continued proximity. He watched warily as the beast stepped closer and... Sneezed at them? He and the bird doe sneezed right back, and Nate watched in annoyance as the ram stag ran off, following Isiel. Again.

    Stewing in indecision and anxiety, the buck didn't even notice Cypher's approach until Migs alerted him. They greeted the clothed stag and after a bit of stilted conversation, eventually turned the topic toward the doe's education. Though Cypher seemed to take pride in her ability to speak, Nate was not as convinced that she could form full, complex sentences. And so the trio started teaching her some basics. 'Yes, rock! Good!' The task was simple and something that a hard-to-discourage Nate was good at. He even managed to crack a joke at Cypher's expense. Teacher Nate however was interrupted by an enthusiastic Juliet. Was happy to make her acquaintance and after a bit of prancing the three settled down, forming a happy sandwich.

    August 1st, 2012
    Spent most of the day lounging around with Anjali and the 'Kid'. Had a blast running around the forest and prancing in silly circles, enjoying the company of both companions. Was even taught how to play 'flower tag' and was surprisingly good at it! (Despite his player cheating because of a good connection, muaha.) This string of good days had Nate in a very good mood and when he was approached by Isiel, he greeted her as enthusiastically as he did pre-showdown. Tried to invite her to play, but she soon ran off. When Anjali had to take his leave, Nate cuddled with the 'Kid' on his favourite rock and had a very restful snooze.

    Awoke to peace and quiet for once. Stood over his little goat friend until she woke up, and then led to her the blue bowl where the two gorged on blueberries until their bellies were near bursting. Nate encouraged the 'Kid' to stomp on and squish the juicy berries for fun, and he even ended up rolling in the blue guck! With lighter blue and purple smears all over his pelt and the white goat looking quite similar, they took off for another run through the forest. Ended up bumping into Isiel and Leonardo, the stag he had driven off eons ago. Tilted his head at the pair's cuddliness and greeted the male politely, inviting them all to play. The buck did not seem to want to join in the fun and games and a still injured Isi did not seem to have the stamina to keep up. So it was just Nate and the 'Kid' again, climbing trees and generally being goofy. They halted their romp by Harry the stump, with Nate trying to show the little goat his hidden collection of pretty stones and random items he had found in the forest. He ended up settling down beside the hiding spot with the goat using him as a pillow. Didn't mind in the least as her company had been much appreciated. Dozed off in the shade of the first forest, happy with how the day had gone.

    July 26th, 2012
    Finally had a very relaxing, satisfying day. Woke up in the Playground with Anjali almost right next to him! 'Hey buddy!' He was extremely happy to run around with the playful stag, having not seen the buck in what seemed like ages. They settled on the large rock at the Playground for a while until the black male scented another deer. The pair moved towards Dinamo, Anjali's pregnant mate! Nate greeted her politely, but was not sure if she would be receptive to his playful antics considering her physical state. However, she proved to be particularly spunky and the trio had a nice little romp around the forest.
    Mischief was the word of the day as Nate and Anj covered the female in blueberries while she took a quick cat nap. The blue buck's spirits were definitely lifted at the carefree play, not having had a drama-free day like this in a long time.

    They eventually ended up at the Twin Gods statue where Nate went to go look for Sonne. She was in the presence of a slew of deer, including the omnipresent Ramsus. However, the blue buck ignored the ram stag and the situation turned out quite dandy for him as the beast retreated, leaving behind Sonne and two curious fawns. Nate introduced himself and was sniffed at by both Blue as well as an interesting looking Nameless goat. He nudged the little party towards Anjali and Dinamo, intent on joining his group of friends. Happily, they all got along and eventually ended up having a cuddle pile. 'Ahh, this is the life.'
    Isiel later approached with Johan, but Nate did not go up to greet them as Ramsus was nearby. He watched from a distance as the ram stag engaged several deer in fights and found he much preferred being on the sidelines as opposed to being in the middle of everything. The situation even turned in his favour as Isi and her charge joined the cuddle group, with Ramsus leaving in a tiff.

    Slept the rest of the day away, happy to greet Cypher when he showed up for a little while. Overall, a very successful, positive day and one that Nate sorely needed. 'Thank you, friends.'

    July 24th, 2012
    Spent the past few days alternating between watching over Isiel, trying to catch some shut-eye, and putting up with Ramsus' constant presence. Was not pleased by the ram stag's proximity, but his injured friend seemed strangely at ease with the large beast nearby. So he tolerated it, willing himself to totally ignore the other male. This worked out fairly well for the most part, save the moments when Migisi joined in. Feeling indebted to the bird doe, he tried a handful of times to get her to join himself and Isiel. None of these attempts ended positively, causing tension between all parties involved. Stuck in the middle, Nate did his best to please both females, but of course ended up pleasing neither. 'Does...'

    Escaped from the mess that were his friendships by seeking out Sonne. The happy doe was always willing to listen, but something was amiss. She was not her usual peppy self and Nate put all of his own problems away for an afternoon. Cuddling with the striped doe, he heaved a content sigh at the sane company and savored the quiet that certainly wouldn't last for long.

    July 17th, 2012
    Started the day off with Isiel and Idelle, frolicking with the two does and goofing around with blueberries. It was a good start to the day, and it got even better when Nate found Sonne. He cuddled with the little doe, but watched in confusion as Isi walked off in the distance, refusing to greet her. 'Huh? What's up with that?' He shook it off though and dozed off beside the stripey female.

    Awoke to find Migisi nestled in his belly hair and was delightfully surprised. The jackdaw had become a good companion as of late and Nate was beginning to really enjoy her presence. However, Isiel came back with a bat spell and accidentally cast it on the bird. This ticked off Migs for good reason and the blue buck watched in confusion as the two then refused to be in each other's vicinity. Apologies seemed to be in vain and he frowned as Isi ran off. 'Why isn't anyone getting along?!'
    He ended up following the jackdaw to her nest, exchanging goodies before bumping into Cypher. The clothed stag was as polite as ever, but they didn't get much of a chance to interact before they spotted... Isiel...? Yes, it was her, and she was far from the prancing doe he had seen just a few hours earlier. There were fresh stab wounds in her side and she looked near death, leaking blood, lying huddled in the Ruins. Ramsus stood guard, but he didn't seem to want to help so he was ignored as Cypher, Nate, and a hesitant Migs went to work. The blue buck was panicked, never having dealt with wounds this bad, but Cypher was the level-headed one, asking for clean water so they could cleanse the wounds. They did this, but the clothed stag was soon called away, leaving just himself and Migisi. He decided despite his lack of experience, that they should try stopping the blood flow. Migs gave him a helping hand, but before they could get very far, Ramsus finally spoke up. 'So you're nurse Ramsus now?' The bull-headed stag did what he did best and forced his way to Isiel, ignoring Nate's and even the doe's pleas for him to stop.

    The situation escalated drastically as both Migisi and Nate finally had enough of the stag trying to bully his way into doing what he wanted. It almost looked quite comical as two much smaller individuals joined forces to take down the ram stag, but they were surprisingly effective. But the normally genial Nathaniel was seething, both feeling protective over his good friend who Ramsus knew nothing about, as well as pissed off that he was refusing to discuss any decisions. He had only ever been this angry once in his life and both situations had ended up with his antlers in another's hide. He and the jackdaw were out for blood and blood they got. It all ended with Migisi sacrificing her bird form, along with Isiel getting crushed in the fray. The trio weren't a very good medical team, were they?

    July 16th, 2012
    Spent most of the day resting, finally starting to get over the ache in his flank. But the day got pretty interesting quick when he scented Isiel in the distance. Charging to the Playground to greet the doe, he quickly noticed something was amiss. Ramsus was in the distance as usual, but there were two does... Harassing him? Nate could hardly believe his eyes as he watched the giant ram stag try to flee from the much smaller, more agile females. It was a fairly comical sight and the blue buck found it amusing at first, but when it became apparent one of the does saw this as much more than a game... Well, Isiel wasn't having any of it, and neither was he!

    He tried intercepting the chase and even defended the ram when he finally resorted to hiding in a tree, but the two does would not give up. Nate and Isi both tried to keep the stubborn females at bay, but eventually one of the does turned on her companion. The antlered girl threw a fit, charging and attacking her previous partner in crime when she was asked to stop. The blue buck could only ogle at the turn of events, but he wasn't given much time to watch. The pissed off female flew at Isiel and a few random fawns, trying to box them, but Ramsus and Nate were there to chase her off. Ram's superior size was rather helpful for once (at least, for Nate), his large bulk blocking off a large area where the smaller doe could have snuck in. And even the normally genial Nathaniel had had enough of the silly female's antics. He threatened her and even struck out a few times, feeling flesh beneath his hooves and pressure against his antlers. Not at all usual for the buck, especially when it came to a girl, but they all had enough of her uncalled for antagonistic actions. 'Get out of here, doe!'

    Finally, she seemed to have enough of being outnumbered three to one and settled down on a rock nearby. Nate was tempted to chase her off further, but Ramsus seemed content with the distance and the blue buck decided to stay near Isi as well. He stood on the alert for a while, tail raised and neck stiff, ready for anymore action. But when Ramsus departed, he quickly led Isiel to the blueberry patches where they could cool off. Was found by Migisi and shared a moment with the jackdaw, picking the best berries for her and enjoying the bird using his antlers as a perch. Felt rather boss-like with a jackdaw as his companion, but eventually settled down next to Isiel, snuggling Migs and the doe both as he drifted off to sleep.

    July 12th and 13th, 2012
    Nate spent most of the day resting, trying to keep himself from running least his still sore leg started bothering him more. He sat in between two logs, happily squishing himself into the little nook. It wasn't long before Delilah found him though, despite his 'clever' hiding spot. She brought a massive red stag with her, and all Nate could do was stare up wonderingly at his size and enormous antlers. He introduced himself as Samson. 'Well, nice to meet ya!' Nate tried playing a game of leap-over-the-big-deer and succeeded once or twice, but his fun was soon halted when the pair noticed two somewhat familiar deer in the distance. Kalma and Aaron? The trio approached the two boys, but were quickly rebuked when the latter stood up and stumbled away. So far, the buck had avoided Nate like the plague and the blue buck was beginning to wonder why...

    He soon forgot about the incident though as Delilah ran away with Samson in tow. He followed, curious as to what had upset the normally extremely peppy fawn. Wasn't given much time to find out as Johan and a whole herd of deer came at them when they reached the Playground. The group of four ran off to a blueberry patch where a sulking Delilah hid. Nate was momentarily distracted by the delicious berries before trying to offer some to the fawn. No dice. He ended up dozing off in the blueberry patches, snoozing the day away.

    The next day brought with it some more excitement. He sat with Sonne for the first half, enjoying the little doe's presence along with her new friend Juawen. He gave the doe a friendly greeting, happy to sit with the pair until of course the peace was ruined by none other than Ramsus. The ram stag did not seem aggressive, but Nate was still weary, keeping his distance and watching Sonne like a hawk. He had forgotten the two were friends. He stood, tensed, even when the ram offered him a polite (?!) sniff. 'What is this madness?' Their little party was soon interrupted by yet another huge herd of deer, Nate slipping away in the chaos to the Playground where he dozed off on his favoured rock.

    He woke up to Isiel's scent on the wind, yay! Pranced over to her sleeping form, poking her awake. They gorged on blueberries (as usual) and even dubbed a relatively conspicuous looking stump 'Harry', but the doe soon ran off clearly excited about something. Nate followed, curious. They stumbled upon a blue buck and Isiel acted most strange around him... Did she know the male? Nate was distracted for a moment as Migisi in bird form joined their little crew. He gave her a happy nuzzle before noticing that Isi had moved off into the distance, distraught. Confused at first, he soon noticed her gaze and the unmoving form of the blue. 'What's he doing...' He and Migs seemed to decide unanimously that he had to be driven off if he was upsetting Isiel, and the pair (well, mostly Migs) told him clean off. There!
    Turning back to Isiel, they settled in a mushroom circle for a while. And as soon as he dozed off, the female ran off once more. Nate didn't notice until Migs poked him awake, and he grumbled as he trotted after the blue doe's scent. She was with that buck again! Annoyed, he made a point of showing the stag that he was good friends with the doe, and that was enough to send him packing. '...Well, that was easy.' He spent the rest of the day goofing off with both Isi and Migs, but ended the day in Migisi's 'spot,' happily curled around the jackdaw as he drifted off into a restful slumber.

    July 9th, 2012
    Spent a few days lying low, letting his injuries heal and for the most part they have. There is one deep bruise in particular that is still bothering him, but not enough to impede his ability to run! Thank goodness for small mercies. Nate spent much of the day lazing around the Playground, only getting up when he scented Isiel on the wind. The blue doe had been his closest companion as of late and he was beginning to seek her out whenever he noticed her in the distance.
    The pair spent a little while frolicking and being silly, something that Nate was pretty good at. Their relative peace was soon disrupted by a hyper fawn who the blue buck recognized at once. Delilah! Running circles around the stag seemed to be one of her favourite pastimes and he could only laugh at her youthful exuberance. He ran with the little fawn for a while, not quite knowing how to react when she used his excess butt floof for a cuddle toy. 'That's cute...' Nate soon nudged Isi to bring them to the best blueberry patches and he encouraged the females to scarf down the delicious berries with him. With his chin stained bright blue, he playfully rubbed the excess colouring onto Isiel's coat and ran away chuckling before she could retaliate. The happy trio ended up prancing their way to the Playground where they settled down for a little while.

    Isi soon dozed off and Nate was distracted when an old friend made an appearance. Was that... Sonne? 'Where have you been?!' Shocked at her sudden appearance, he joyfully greeted and nuzzled her, trying to let the little doe know that she should never do that again! Encouraged Delilah and Sonne to greet each other, and soon the newly formed trio were running around, dancing and playing. Although the gold-striped doe seemed to have something on her mind, constantly holding back giggles as she eyed both himself and the little red fawn... 'Weird.'
    They soon bumped into yet another red coloured deer, this one a skinny stag named Kalma. He was friendly enough though he made a quick escape when Sonne finally departed. Nate headed off to the Playground once more, Delilah still in tow as he settled down for the night, happy to have a warm body to cuddle against as he fell into a deep sleep.

    July 4th & 5th, 2012
    Had a fairly undramatic day for once. Nate spent most of the day frolicking with Isiel, particularly annoyed that he couldn't join her due to his injuries. Ran into a jackdaw, the colours strangely familiar, but Nate was sure he did not know who the bird was. He found the bird's following him around rather amusing, and did not realize who the creature really was until it spoke its name. 'Mi-gi-si, huh?' So it seemed the strange doe had changed into a bird. This didn't surprise the blue buck too much as he had seen forest magic at work, and he did not know of Migisi's past life. He did find it odd however that she chose to stay a bird for such a lengthy amount of time, but who was he to judge.
    Continued trying to keep up with an incredibly hyperactive Isiel, and ended up meeting a pair of interesting characters. Delilah, a playful little fawn who seemed perfectly happy to weave in and out amongst his legs. Aaron, however did not seem as pleased at his new acquaintances, but Nate was happy to meet him and his little charge regardless. The blue buck ended up settling down in a flower patch, dozing off with Isiel by his side and Migs snuggled into his chest, Delilah and Aaron close by.

    Spent the entire next day dozing, letting his weary limbs recover.
    July 3rd, 2012
    Woke up huddled next to a rock and almost didn't bother moving. His limbs were aching and getting to his feet was a definite struggle, but he scented a few familiar deer in the distance and he needed some company. Hobbled his way over to the Ruin where he happily greeted Isiel, Idelle, and the random monarch stag from last night. Darcy, it turned out the stag's name was. Tried to snuggle up to Isiel, but in his desperation to gain some company, he failed to notice Ramsus lurking in the distance. At the ram stag's approach however, Nate tried to ignore the beast, giving the other no reason to attack considering none of these deer were close friends of his. Unfortunately, it seemed just Nate's appearance was enough to set the ram off these days. The infuriated male charged, sending the blue buck scurrying for cover which was a rather difficult task considering his injuries. He hid behind the does at first, hoping that this would be enough to dissuade his attacker, but even the two females teaming up wasn't enough to warn a determined Ramsus off. Then Darcy jumped into the fray, the two stags battling for a while, as Nate hid behind a tree to watch. The monarch buck was holding his own against the much larger beast, and when Ramsus finally tired of the fleet-footed male, he came after Nate yet again.
    It wasn't much of a 'fight,' as the navy blue stag used only evasive moves, winding between trees as quickly as his battered body would allow. He tried to lead the ram away from the does and Darcy, deciding that it wasn't worth it to get the trio even more involved in his 'problem.' Idelle followed however, intent on getting the ram stag away from the vulnerable buck. Nate ended up hiding in yet another tree when Ramsus finally backed off. He stayed where he was for a while despite the white doe's encouragement to fight back. However, the blue buck was far too crippled to even think about such a notion. He waited until the ram beast was gone before he hobbled out of his hiding place, curling up in a flower patch beside Isiel, sleeping the rest of the afternoon away...

    July 2nd, 2012
    Nate woke up in the Playground, quickly catching the scent of his pal from the other day, Polo! Frolicked with the peacock stag along with his peacock pelted friend for a good long while, thoroughly enjoying the start of his day. Maybe this was a sign that things wouldn't get as hectic as they did yesterday...! Oh, if only Nate knew...

    During their bout of play, Nate and his two friends stumbled upon a large group near the pond, including both Miriam and Ramsus. The blue buck greeted the youngster, trying to lure her into a bit of play, but the massive number of deer around them likely dissuaded her. This didn't get Nate down as he was content to play with his two peacock buddies and the herd of ungulates around them. Migisi eventually appeared, woken up by the racket around her and she got Miriam to do a bit of prancing. He also met Idelle, a rather friendly doe with very stark colouring. She seemed friendly and the buck was happy to engage with the female. It was all fun and games until the lovely Ramsus started glaring daggers at Nate once again. The navy blue male didn't notice at first, happy to play with his new pals, but even the oblivious boy caught on that something was amiss. He automatically used the small group of does as a bit of a meat shield, hiding behind Migisi in particular as the ram stag ominously slow walked towards him. Not exactly afraid of the massive beast, but clearly not comfortable as well, Nate was unsure how to handle the situation.
    That is, until Migs lashed out at him for circling their group, clearly taking his attempt to retreat the wrong way. Now caught between a rock and a hard place, the buck tried to flee, spotting a friendly face in the distance. Was that Peter? If it was, he had definitely grown bigger somehow and- Well, wouldn't you know it, Ramsus was after the rabbit like a bat out of hell. 'Again, what the hell else is new...'
    Unfortunately for the ram stag, Polo was around again and the two bucks gave chase, trying to interrupt the chase. The situation exploded when the bunny got away, hiding in its burrow, leaving Nate and Polo out in the open. The peacock refused to give up the fight, constantly re-engaging Ramsus despite the blue buck's attempts to break the pair up. He was so caught up in the fight that he didn't even notice Miriam, Migisi, and Idelle in the distance, the three does having followed the action to De Drinkplaats. Nate received blows from both stags, refusing to fight either party, but also trying to get in between the combatants. His loyalty was torn, unwilling to give up his friendship with Polo from the day before, but also not wanting to get involved in yet another spat with Ramsus, who ironically enough seemed intricately linked with a majority of his acquaintances. The dark blue buck knew he had done enough to enrage the ram for a lifetime...

    The fight finally ended when Miriam stepped in to calm her infuriated parental figure, with Nate doing his best to tell his peacock friend to back off. The blue buck didn't seem to be doing that great of a job, but he was starting to feel worn out from all the hits he had sustained and was sick of senseless sparring. So when Ramsus went after him, Nate did what he did best; he ran. Fleeing to the safety of the Playground, he used the last of his energy reserves to bound into the tree he so often danced in. Collapsing on a branch, the buck watched as his peacock friend valiantly tried to defend him despite the ram's formidable presence. Eventually, Ramsus lost interest and ran, but now an issue arose between Migisi and Polo. Wearily climbing down from his perch, Nate tried in vain once again to separate the parties. Polo seemed to have gotten it into his head that this group of deer wasn't worth the trouble, and though the blue buck tried to defend his friends, the peacock had had enough. He stormed off, leaving Nate with a still enraged Migisi and her crew.
    He tried to apologize, and yet again things went wrong. The jackdaw coloured doe was not happy with what had happened, and Nate being the only male left in the vicinity, an easy target. She lashed out at the already injured stag, driving him away from her little group despite his sorry attempts at an apology. 'I'm sorry...' And what was he even apologizing for? He had no clue.

    Officially driven off, Nate laid down for a while in the shelter of the large rocks at the Playground, trying to catch his breath. He dozed off for a while before waking up from a bad dream. Disgruntled and out of sorts, the buck felt worse after sitting still for so long. His limbs were already aching and it was difficult heaving himself to his feet. But he did so, deciding to check up on Polo, worried about the buck considering he had taken the brunt of Ramsus' attacks. As soon as he found the peacock stag however, the reaction he got wasn't what he expected at all. The limping Polo proceeded to blatantly ignore Nate, preferring to potentially injure himself further by hobbling away instead of just sitting anywhere near the blue buck.
    Thoroughly depressed and hurt now that he had basically lost all his friends, he hurried back to the Playground, ready to curl up beside a rock and sleep the rest of the day away. Maybe if he wished really hard, it would have all just been a dream...

    The buck awoke briefly and caught the scent of a familiar, and one that hopefully would not be so quick to abandon him. Moving as quickly as he could (which was not very quick, mind you) towards a slumbering Isiel, he tried to tell the doe everything that had gone wrong. He was too exhausted to really note her reaction, curling up beside her and drifting off into a fitful slumber, just grateful that there was a warm body beside him.
    Of course, since the day was already going so wonderfully, there was no reason why it shouldn't get better. A random monarch stag appeared and whisked Isiel away, leaving Nate yet again, alone. 'Go figure, a rock it is.' He retreated to the Playground, visibly having trouble trotting now as his muscles refused to cooperate. The young buck hid in the shadows of a large boulder, willing his troubles away with a good sleep, but not before he silently vowed to stay away from any of the deer that had caused him pain today. He was done with getting injured and all the drama. If he could help it, he was going to keep to himself for the next little while...

    July 1st, 2012
    Woke up in the Playground and immediately made his way to De Drinkplaats, looking for his rabbit friend from the day before. Nate couldn't find Peter however, and ran back to his favourite rock, worry lingering in his mind about the injured bunny. As soon as he returned to the Playground however, he stumbled upon Isiel and once again the doe was as playful as ever. They amassed a rather large crowd consisting of both fawns and adults. Prancing ensued. However, it wasn't long before one of the stags got too caught up in the fun and games. He pressed Isiel, pushing into her personal space. Nate wasn't sure if it was his place or not to tell the male to back off at first, but when the stranger persisted despite the doe's protests... 'Shove off, bub!'
    Isiel's pursuer was much more annoying than Nate anticipated, following the pair around for a good while despite the navy blue buck's threats and kicks. The doe had to eventually resort to hiding, and thankfully the stag lost interest when his targets disappeared. With that exciting turn of events out of the way, the blue buck tried to reassure Isiel, certain that she wasn't feeling perky after an encounter like that. He led her to the Old Oak, settling down for a quick doze in the hopes that resting would calm any leftover nerves.

    Nate awoke to a great commotion just outside of his resting place and the buck couldn't resist checking out what was going on. Dragging Isiel along with him, he noticed Ramsus lurking in the distance as well as a large crowd of deer surrounding a... Large rabbit. 'Is it just me, or are there a lot of bunnies around these days...' Well, that explained the ram stags presence, but why were there so many other bodies around? Before Nate could ponder his question for long, a male fawn attached himself to Isiel's leg. Curious of the little one's new presence, he tried to say hello, but was rebuked by the shy youngster. Before he could try again though, the pest from before reappeared and Nate quickly led his new friends away from the large group least the stag become interested in any of them again.
    They all stood by the Crying Idol for a while, until a creepy Ramsus made the blue buck feel uncomfortable enough to move off. The trio ended up at the Playground yet again where Nate finally introduced himself to Johan. Their peace was short-lived though when yet another unknown stag made a nuisance of himself. Intruding on everybody's personal space, Nate and Isiel both had had enough of pesky strangers. Lowering his antlers threateningly at the dim-witted unknown, the pair proceeded to drive him away. And oddly enough, they got a little help from the normally stoic Ramsus! With the ram stag's aid, they managed to get Johan safely away from the pest. Nate thanked the ram stag, but was given the cold shoulder as per usual. 'What else is new.' The group minus Ramsus ended up at De Drinkplaats where they all settled down for a good sleep, ready to forget the troubling events of the day.

    After Johan took his leave, Nate frolicked with Isiel for the rest of the day, impressed at the doe's get up and go. She could almost out-prance him! It wasn't everyday the young buck ran into a deer who could match his frenetic energy levels! And that was how the rest of Nate's day passed; running, leaping, frolicking, and finally happily dozing off in the Playground.

    June 30th, 2012
    Nate woke up in the playground, happy that the creepy fog from the past few days had dissipated at last. Got up and stretched his legs, once more glad that he was back to his normal self without a sore muscle in his body. He decided to take a nice stroll through the forest and ran into a very flamboyantly coloured buck. Polo, he introduced himself as. 'Nice to meet you!'
    It wasn't long before the two were frolicking, chasing each other and just having a good ol' time. Nate was pleased, happy to finally make another friend who would enjoy running around with him. The two ended up in his favourite tree in the Playground, dancing the afternoon away.

    Nate noticed Ramsus on his own favourite (or at least, what Nate assumed was his favourite) rock snuggled up with another doe. 'Curious... He does have friends!' But the blue buck did not approach the stag, as was their unspoken agreement. As he danced however, something caught his eye at the base of the tree. Leaping down, the young male sniffed out a... Bunny! Peter rabbit, and all the running he'd done earlier had settled Nate enough to not immediately chase the fluffy little thing. He made nice with the friendly animal, but he didn't get much of a chance to play as Ramsus came down and started to chase the rabbit?! This would not do! Nate did his best to intervene, stepping between the mad ram-stag and his prey. This didn't make the beast happy at all, but the blue buck did not back down for once.
    The chase went on, the rabbit being injured in the process but as soon as he slipped into his burrow, Ramsus took his anger out on Nate himself. Thankfully, Polo showed up at the perfect moment and the two bucks took on the ram, unwilling to back down despite their size and 'weapon' difference. But even the large Ramsus could not deal with two fleet footed males at once, finally backing off and marching away, clearly agitated. Nate didn't let this bother him as he had done what was 'right' by protecting his little pal. He settled down with Polo next to the injured rabbit, letting the frightened animal calm down next to two warm bodies.

    Some time later, the pair moved to the Playground yet again, meeting Isiel along the way. The friendly doe pranced with the two boys for a while, but an enormous rabbit approached, startling the group. Nate was not as quick to 'protect' the large bunny this time as Ramsus once more, went berserk. The rabbit was large enough to handle itself, and the blue buck actually found the situation rather hilarious, watching the ram stag chase a fluffy animal almost his own size. As the two ran off into the distance, Nate settled down with his new found friends, content to sleep during the rest of what had been an eventful day.

    June 26th, 2012
    Nate had a very good lengthy sleep in the shelter of a large rock in the Playground and he got his wish, waking up to a gorgeous pink-bathed forest instead of the dreary rain from the day before. After a good stretch, he decided to go for a run to see how his legs were feeling and for once... No pain! He was finally all healed up!
    Gleeful at this turn of events, the navy buck just ran around for a while with no plan in mind. Until he bumped into Migisi and a little fawn who looked very familiar. Still a bit weary of the doe who had attacked him, Nate hesitated to say hello. Until he realized that the fawn at her feet was one of the little ones Ramsus was always protecting... And sure enough, Ramsus was off in the distance. Curious now as to what all the fuss was about with the fawn, he approached cautiously.
    This time, Migisi didn't seem at all aggressive and Nate relaxed a little, content to try and play nice. Sniffing at Miriam, he tried to tempt the little one into a bit of silly play and succeeded for a little while. Cypher approached shortly afterwards, interrupting their antics as Ramsus came storming in. 'What a downer...'
    He watched from the sidelines as all the deer before him interacted, Ramsus trying to keep an eye on Miriam, Migisi trying to unite the parties, Cypher acting almost as conflicted about the whole situation as himself... Then the doe started... Flirting?! Rubbing up against the stupified Nate, the young buck didn't quite know what to do. She had attacked him only a week or so before, and now she was acting in a completely opposite manner! 'Not that I'm complaining.' Just when he thought about reciprocating though, the doe ran off and did the same to none other than Ramsus! Nate thought this turn of events was rather hilarious, especially the reaction she got out of the normally cold-as-ice ram stag.
    Miriam however, did not find this as funny, throwing a fit at Migisi instead. Nate watched, mostly confused as any naive, young male would be in a situation like this. He didn't get in the way of the female's spar session, but the pair seemed to get over their girl troubles soon enough. The buck jumped in as soon as prancing and play were involved, just happy to expend his pent up energy from the past few days. Life was good! The group eventually settled down a ways from the pond, Nate settling his chin on Migisi's back as they drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

    June 25th, 2012
    Nate woke up to the startling sensation of raindrops hitting his back. It was pouring! He quickly went to go seek shelter, passing by the Old Oak as there was a large crowd of deer already inside. Hid underneath one of the willows by the pond and met a friendly doe, Ourania. The pair dozed side by side for a while before Nate led her and a random stray fawn to the Playground. Spotted Ramsus again, standing over the twin fawns he always protects, but did not disturb them (as per usual). Ourania and himself pranced around and ended up dancing in his favourite tree for a while, lifting his spirits despite the nasty weather.
    Nate eventually took shelter under one of the large rocks, giving himself some time to doze, hoping that the sun would reappear by the time he awoke.

    June 19th, 2012
    Awoke in the Old Oak, strangely alone for once. He took a bit of a jog to stretch out his sore muscles, ending up in the Playground where again Ramsus was perched. The navy buck kept his distance once more, still weary of the cold ram-stag. Took a quick nap in the shelter of the large boulders, but was awakened by a raven and fawn! Nate was puzzled by the small bird, attempting to chase it a few times before settling down. He played nice for a little while, but was then approached by a massive raven! What in the world...! The buck was both frightened and quizzical, not understanding this strange new development.
    After the excitement died down, Nate settled on his favourite rock and dozed off. He awoke a few hours later to find Cypher sharing his perch with him. Unsure how to react around the stag who had been involved in the startling incident from a few days ago, Nate was cautious at first. However, the male proved to be friendly and the two had a good lope (well, as fast as Nate could go with his ouchy limbs) through the forest to solidify their acquaintance. A good leg stretching ensued and the pair eventually ended up back at the playground, once more settling on a rock and resting.
    Was eventually joined by Migisi, causing Nate to start feeling rather angsty. He got up to avoid her presence, but was encouraged by Cypher to greet the strange doe. The navy buck was conflicted, to listen to the friendly stag or keep away from the doe that had attacked him the other day. Nate compromised by allowing Migisi to investigate him, but staying tensed throughout the entire process, ready to flee at any wrong moves. He ended up playing with a few new deer after this initial greeting, content to frolic despite his still sore limbs. All tuckered out, Nate rested on his favourite rock and dozed off in the bright afternoon sun.

    June 18th, 2012
    Woke up feeling extremely sore, but in a better mood than the day before. Nate got up and left his nest of safety trees to find a more sheltered resting spot. He moved towards the playground at a clipped trot, unable to lope due to his injuries. Annoyed by this, he ignored several deer who tried to engage him on his way to the big boulders. Spotted Ramsus in the distance atop the largest rock, but Nate kept his distance, not wanting to be reminded of the debacle from the day before. Dozed off in the safety of a rock's shadow, sheltered from the strange weather.
    He rested for a good while until he caught Sonne's scent in the wind. Following it, the young buck got distracted by another very familiar smell. Anjali! The friendly stag from a handful of days ago! This was a welcome development and Nate quickly went to say hello. Enticed into a run, the navy male did his best to keep up, but wasn't able to keep pace for very long thanks to his aching limbs. Annoyed by his own inability to frolic, Nate felt extremely grateful when Anjali seemed to understand his dilemma, leading them to the Old Oak to rest. Sonne joined them in the cozy three-deer huddle.
    They rested until a shy fawn approached, seeming to know Anjali as she greeted the two stags. The trio pranced and hid in trees, Nate's spirits being further restored at the light-hearted play. And although he himself couldn't run or jump as exuberantly as he was used to, Nate was happy to settle with just having fun.

    June 17th, 2012
    The day hadn't started out half bad. Having lost his navy blue colouring from a trick pulled on him the day before, Nate had wandered through the forest looking for a new friend to cast some colour onto his body. The random bout of snow had put him in a good mood, the buck had always liked the white fluffy stuff. He soon bumped into a playful mini close by a pair of sleeping fawns; perfect! The two pranced around a little and a few spells were cast, but that was as good as Nate's day was going to get.
    Two deer approached, one that was familiar. Cypher and the newly introduced Migisi. Nate was curious about the raven-pelted deer, as she didn't act quite... Normal. But he didn't mull this over for too long, instead trying to get the opposing buck to prance with him. Things were going swimmingly until the doe wandered over to the pair of sleeping fawns. Nate had been curious about the two as well, but hadn't approached due to the imposing figure Ramsus had cut, standing over them all menacing-like. It was obvious he was making sure nobody got close to the little ones and Nate wasn't looking for trouble.
    Migisi, however... Nate watched as she tried to approach the fawns and the ram-like deer attacked without hesitation. Cypher jumped into the fray almost immediately, leaving Nate in a very peculiar position. Not really knowing anybody well enough to take a 'side,' the young buck did the best he could to break up the (what he viewed as) silly fight. Unfortunately, his attempts to calm the pair went basically unheard, and the only prize he got out of his peacemaking antics were a few bruises from stray kicks.
    Of course, it didn't end there. Things escalated as Migisi chased after one of the fawns, with Nate still totally confused as to what was really going on. Oh bother, what had he gotten himself into this time?! The young buck tried to put his foot down here, consistently getting in between the doe and the fawns to try and stop any drama from escalating. Whilst Cypher kept an eye on the angry ram stag, Nate made his final fatal mistake. He had underestimated the raven-pelted doe and was caught completely off guard when she seemed to blow up, taking out all of her frustrations on him. The cloven hooves that were battering his chest and shoulders had surprised Nate so badly that he hadn't known how to react. Just trying to escape the painful blows, the buck turned and fled, the thought of fighting back not even crossing his mind.
    He ran. Not daring to look back and not thinking about where he was going, he managed to run right into Ramsus again, who had likely been chasing after the fleeing threats. Nate tried to apologize, but he didn't wait long for an answer from the cold beast, instead turning and running again. He just wanted to curl up and forget today had ever happened... And as if the gods hadn't had enough to laugh about, the adrenaline coursing through his veins dissipated just as he reached the river's edge. Trying to slide to a halt, the buck's front leg buckled and he ended up head first in the frigid liquid. It was a panicked few moments before he managed to haul himself out, likely injuring himself more in the chaotic process. Nate headed straight for the big trees that made him feel safe, blatantly ignoring curious fawns and playful deer along the way. He curled up against one of the giant trunks, desperately pretending he was cuddled up with a warm body as he shivered himself into a fitful sleep in the cold, winter-like weather.

    June 14th, 2012
    Had another romp in the forest. Ended up amassing a large group of new friends, which excited Nate greatly. There were too many names for him to remember, but there was one fawn in particular who he 'adopted' for the afternoon. The pair had a grand ol' time, playing tag, leaping around, and casting silly pelt spells. Nate was exhilarated by all the company, although after a while he started feeling a little overwhelmed when one group member became too obnoxious. The navy blue stag decided to settle down and ignore the mini-herd for a while, with his little fawn friend settling down next to him. The pair fell asleep despite the ruckus still going on around them.
    Nate eventually woke to find the fawn gone, and this inevitable fact hit him with a curiously heavy heart. He shook off the sudden loneliness by inviting a few strangers to play. One doe half-heartedly engaged him, but quickly lost interest. He made his way over to Sonne and her similar-pelted friend who looked vaguely familiar. He nestled up beside a rock and dozed off once more, feeling the loss of his fawn friend's warm body.

Name: Nathaniel x
Nickname: Nate
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Orientation: Straight
Voice: Ryan Follesé x
Regular Set: Orca mask, beluga pelt, real deer antlers
Quirks: Deathly afraid of large bodies of water, sees small wildlife as toys and will chase/stomp rabbits, squirrels, etc.

Size: Slightly taller version of #7
Coat colour: Prussian blue [#081837]
Body markings: Off-white belly that creeps up onto his chest in a curved cross. The underside of his tail is the same white, as well as the tips of his ears. Lastly, there is a light yellow [#e1cf92] brand across his withers that resembles gentle whisps of light.
Leg markings: Four black socks that fade into his blue coat at knee height, four off-white socks on top. Front two stop mid-cannon bone, the back two reach almost all the way up to the knee.
Antlers: Much like a chital deer's [x], will likely sprout more tines as he gets older. They are also dark blue, with each tine dipped in white.
Mask: He wears an orca mask, his deep blue eyes peeking out with their constant mischievous glimmer.
Reference: On the way!!
In-depth description: x

Personality . . .
Playful: Still being a youthful buck, Nate is extremely playful and delights in frolicking. Regardless of whoever his companions may be, Nate will never hesitate to try and tempt the other parties into a round of tag or some prancing.
Hyper: It's very hard for the young buck to sit still for extended periods of time, his high energy levels demanding that he be on the move for a good amount of time each day. As such, he will sit down and rest with friends, but it won't be long before he's standing and trying to get others to run around with him again.
Impatient: Because of all that energy though, Nate is not the best when it comes to waiting. The buck quickly gets bored if ignored and will likely move off in search of something more engaging. As such, he won't be the best candidate for befriending those who require a bit more perseverance seeing as he'll likely lose interest before anything significant can happen.
Friendly: However, just because he won't wait around for a reply doesn't mean he won't try. Nate is rarely intimidated by a stranger nor does he actively avoid other deer, instead opting to engage in a polite greeting and a curious sniff. He is happy to meet any new deer, as he is always on the look out for new playmates.
Forgiving: Because of his generally easy-going personality, Nate is very quick to forgive and forget. This is both a dangerous trait as well as a positive one, since it means he does not hold grudges unless you really cross him. However, it also means he can easily be used by manipulative deer as he will rarely suspect anybody of ulterior motives.
Oblivious: Nate is also very much on the unobservant side of things. Though he isn't socially inept, the young male is not very good at reading any kind of hidden message or meaning behind gestures and words. Perhaps this is a product of his young age, but he is going to need quite a few helpful 'nudges' before he starts understanding the nuances of subtle messages.
Forgetful: Being a very 'in the now' type of guy, the young buck doesn't use much of his brain power to remember the little things. As such, he is prone to forgetting details and can easily make a fool of himself when it becomes obvious that he has failed to remember something that was supposed to be important...
Optimistic: Overall, Nate is a positive sort of deer. He tends to look on the bright side of things and tries not to let the negative things that happen in life get him down.
In-depth description: x

Nate has a generally sunny disposition, and because of this he usually sees everybody who will tolerate him in a positive light, even if this feeling isn't necessarily reciprocated. As a result, it's fairly tough to get onto his negatives list, unless you're really trying. And even if a certain deer is on there, if they make an attempt to be friendly, he'll likely forget all about the past offense.

Sonne... Close friend, enjoys the little doe's company and cuddles.
Anjali... Bro, Nate sees this put together male as a good pal. Always enjoys frolicking with the playful buck and will seek him out whenever he can!
Migisi... One of his closest friends and truly enjoys her presence no matter the situation. Will actively seek out the bird doe and always looks forward to teaching her new things about the forest.
'Kid'... Enjoys the little goat's company and will seek her out whenever he notices her in the distance. Thinks of her as the best cuddle company he can find.
Cypher... Likes the friendly stag and will seek him out whenever he's around. Also intrigued by his obvious deep connection to Migisi and is eager to ask him how that came about.
Dinamo... Met through Anjali and is curious of the little doe. Grateful for her wise words of advice and always looks forward to any interaction with the new family.
Idelle... Has met the red and white doe a few times now and is always pleased to see her. Enjoys her playful, calm nature and won't hesitate to seek her out if he finds himself needing a friend. ...Missing?
Delilah... Likes the growing red doe, but hasn't seen her around in a while.

Isiel... Complicated emotions, but with time and separation he has put their past behind him. Will always be polite despite everything that happened.
Miriam... Curious of the fawn and her twin brother, but his interest is fading as she has been
Johan... Met through Isiel and is curious of the quickly growing youngster. Quite enjoys running around with the boy and sees him as a good playmate.

Ramsus... Complicated, confusing, and long history, but nothing Nate feels the need to dredge up. Will continue ignoring the beast unless any of his friends are being provoked, in which case he will not hesitate to engage.

Hurpy derp derp

Nate isn't the largest stag around, his size being similar to a slightly taller version of #7. As a young adult though, he still has a bit of growing to do and one can quickly deduce this by looking at the length of his limbs in proportion to his body. He still has that air of youth to him, with legs that look a bit too long for his body shape. His build even at this age however, is stouter than that of your average white-tail deer's. With thicker limbs and a wider barrel, the male is not quite as fragile looking as your run-of-the-mill white-tail, but he still has an overall cursorial build. Adapted to run like most deer are, Nate's long legs and muscled hindquarters propel him over forest terrain at high speeds in order to flee from any kind of threat.
Colourwise, Nate's pelt is mostly covered in a deep Prussian blue, similar to the intense, dark shade that the ocean becomes at nightfall. His hide consists of a dense layer of shaggy hair that makes him look as if he's preparing for winter year round. The long hair thins at his legs, revealing a set of four crisp, white socks. The ones on his front limbs reach about halfway up the foreleg, whilst his hind limbs sport a pair of socks that hit just above the knee. All four are layered on top of a black base that fades into his navy blue coat three quarters of the way up his leg. His belly is also dipped in white, along with his signature tail, a trait the white-tail deer is named after. Lastly, the cream marks his chest in a curved cross-like shape, 'embracing' his furry chest. He also has a very strange design that covers his withers, a brand consisting of wavy, tapered lines. The long hair that covers the rest of his body is absent in this area, as if they had been seared off, the whisps left bare for the world to see.
Moving on to Nate's head, his antlers resemble those of a chital deer. Still a young'un however, his antlers are not fully grown, and as he ages and regrows them year after year, they will eventually become grander. At their current state, they are three-pronged, with the longest tine curving gently backwards in a lyre shape while another prong curves forward, though this tine is considerably shorter. His antlers are a deep blue, the same hue as his pelt, but the tips are curiously dipped in white. Much like his ears which are also white-tipped.
Lastly, Nate almost always has his orca inspired mask on. Perhaps a fashion statement or something more meaningful, most of the male's face is covered by this concealing mask. As a result, only those who become very close to him ever see what his human face looks like uncovered, and that is something you will have to figure out on your own. The only visible features are his deep blue eyes that peek through the holes of his mask, as well as a mop of deep brown hair that flops carelessly in every direction.

Generally happy-go-lucky, Nate is a young buck who is still high on life as it simply is. As a young adult, there hasn't been much strife in the few years that he's been around, and because of his mostly peaceful upbringing he is a friendly creature who is rarely fearful of rejection. Bystanders can almost always find him prancing through the forest with an extra bit of pep in his step. Our Nathaniel is one of those bucks who is sometimes too friendly for his own good however, not hesitating to approach any kind of stranger (no matter how intimidating they may appear) in order to take a polite sniff. He doesn't seem to realize that not everybody is quite as open to being sociable and will only really get the message if he is bluntly ignored or aggressively dismissed.
Because of his rather sunny disposition though, Nate isn't much of a... Well, stag. Averse to conflict, the fun loving male would nine times out of ten, resort to flight over fight. Especially when it comes to deer smaller than him or females, the navy blue buck just can't bring himself to hurt anything in a way that could be deemed unfair. And even against stags that mean him serious harm, Nathaniel will only fight back when the situation is extremely dire. His hesitation when it comes to violence is an unwillingness born purely of his genial personality, rather than one due to an inability to brawl. Being a youthful buck, sparring (playfully, mind you) with opposing males is a regular occurrence and Nate won't likely be completely useless when it comes to the real thing. But we'll only be able to find out how good he really is at fighting if you can ever get him to engage, which will be a tough enough task in itself.

From others...


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Also feel free to interact with Nate via RPing in his profile, I'm still a little new to TEF RPing so forgive me if I'm not the quickest or most eloquent. ^^;

Author's Notes . . . !
February 25th, 2012
Added a bunch of new arts from a variety of peeps. Thanks guys! Also, totally need to redo this bio it is bugging me with it's outdated-ness...

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Must comment~ The CSS is gorgeous. What a fun little character! c:

Yeah, I know. Succed pretty

Smiling Yeah, I know. Succed pretty easily though, you get used to look at it like this |D

Oh, but have you tried putting

Code code code code/*<br />
TITLE <br />
*/code code code code

in? It's allowing you to sort out the css somewhat easier... Smiling
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Keyblade: Thankies! And I

Keyblade: Thankies! And I think Nate ran into one of your characters yesterday!

Tulloh: Lol I'm too lazy to add that many comments, though that is a good idea! I'll keep that in mind for next time. 8D
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That you may have! I think

That you may have! I think Faye ran into him yesterday ^-^ What a charming fellow.
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Nate-bio, huzzah!

Nate-bio, huzzah! ♥
This CSS is just lovely, too.

Hmm...we suspected he was afraid of water when he wouldn't follow Anjali into De Drinkplaats; poor guy! :'3
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gah. ; o ; this guy is super

gah. ; o ; this guy is super sweet for trying to get Lev to play. sorry she's such a stick in the mud. ♥
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Gorgeous CSS here -rubs self

Gorgeous CSS here -rubs self on-
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Keyblade: Next time, he'll

Keyblade: Next time, he'll say a proper hello! There were too many deer following him for some reason, lmao.

Anjali: Wewt, thanks for the comment! 8D Nate looks forward to seeing Anjali again, he had a good time in the forest with him!

Clare: Hehe, Nate tries to play with everything and he appreciates her tolerating him for as long as she did. =P Maybe they'll bump into each other again!

Faustt: SHANKS. :9
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tracking. been seeing him

tracking. been seeing him in-game quite a bit lately. c:
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Bleh, sorry for Anjali's

Bleh, sorry for Anjali's awkwardness - my hotkeys are messed up, and it's tripping me up in turn. Poor Nate, we didn't realize that he was all bruised up at first. ;__; It's so good to see him again, though.
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Haha, no worries! Nate's

Haha, no worries! Nate's just happy to see a friendly face. ^^ He wants to frolic so bad, but he got beat up by a girl yesterday... *chuckle*
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Ah, so you were the stag from

Ah, so you were the stag from last night.

And I absolutely love this biography.
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I will place a track right

I will place a track right here.
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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oemaigawd this CSS is amazing

oemaigawd this CSS is amazing OuO I love it so much sfkjnlsfasgf And hi 8D /track
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Tracking! Nice to meet you!

Smiling Tracking!

Nice to meet you!
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I love Nate :3 Peter likes

I love Nate :3 Peter likes him too
that big bunny was peter by the way XD
he made himself big and tried to attack Ramsus XD but failed
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very beautiful css and nice

very beautiful css and nice character
great <3
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Annnd here's a counter-track.

Annnd here's a counter-track. The css for this bio is pretty amazing. ;o;
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Met this guy a few times now

Met this guy a few times now on both my characters, Herla and Daneth, think it's about time I tracked this. ^^
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Track back! Before I forget

Track back! Before I forget like I always do. XD
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Thank you for all the tracks

Thank you for all the tracks and compliments, I much appreciate them. ^^ Nate looks forward to interacting with your charries more in the future!
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I think I need to keep an eye

I think I need to keep an eye on this bio. o-o

Nate seems really cute. Glad

Nate seems really cute. Glad Dina and I got to meet him! ♥
And perhaps, could I steal your msn off of Anjali's bio and add you?
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Yesh, Nate was happy to meet

Yesh, Nate was happy to meet Dina as well! He is looking forward to her and Anj's babuh. Laughing out loud

Of course feel free to add me! But I need to add you back with my program so I'll nab your MSN off your profile if it's there!

Aw, but good for Dina and

Aw, but good for Dina and Anj! More babysitters! xD Kidding ♥

I don't believe it went through. ;w; You added me, yes? Because I added you too. Stupid msn. /kick

e / I guess we should try adding each other another day? It just seems not to be working.

Tracking! Everything about

Tracking! Everything about this bio is beautiful. *-*
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Dinamo: I got you added! I

Dinamo: I got you added! I had to log on to actual MSN guh. Should be working now though!!
And lawl NATE WILL BABYSIT. FOR A FEE. Of blueberries and other edible goods. Eye

Wake: Ahhh thank ya, although I have to say your comment makes it beautiful-er. ;D

Yay! And Dina knows of the

Yay! And Dina knows of the blueberry he made on her with Anjali...she will get him back. /evil laugh
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......And I totally meant

......And I totally meant WIRE not Wake. =.="

Dinamo: Lawl, that took a lot of effort!! And it was totally worth it. >Laughing out loud
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tracking, love this bio

tracking, love this bio ♥

finally tracking .u.

finally tracking .u.
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Hello there. What a gorgeous

Hello there.
What a gorgeous bio for a fun, easygoing buck. ;D
My little Juliet seems to enjoy your company.
She's sitting with you and Migisi now.

Dunno why didn't tracked

Dunno why didn't tracked this,lul
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how precious.

how precious. <3 Lu is sitting with him now. Have a track.
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&hearts; this css is gorgeous

♥ this css is gorgeous
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Hello thur! : D Nathaniel's

Hello thur! : D
Nathaniel's such a cutie~


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I track ! He has an

I track ! He has an interesting character and I like his design so much too Eye.
Siggy by Shiori

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Track! He seems like such a

Track! He seems like such a fun character xD

If you ever have a chance to roleplay, I'd be happy to do it with you!
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Ahh, thank you for the

Ahh, thank you for the compliments! And for sure Bayleen, I'm up for RPing at any time, though I might not be the quickest due to my time zone haha.
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Merry Christmas &hearts; god

Merry Christmas ♥
god i missed both of you so much ; A ; so happy to see you


Track. <)
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retrack &hearts;

retrack ♥
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hey guess what

hey guess what