History of Quad's forum avatar....

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I saw Sockpuppie do something like this so I wanted to post mine.

Here are all of my avatars I've used on the forums and their descriptions:

The very first avatar, based on the first enchantments Quad got while he was a Phase 2 deer. He got the mask and antlers that he generally wears today, but the pelt was different from his usual black and white pelt.

The re-made avatar with the correct pelt, and one of the first screenshots of Quad with this look.

The "WooHoo" avatar. When I downloaded the more recent version of the game, Quad reverted to a fawn and lost his enchantments, so I changed my avatar to a fawn. He was wearing his traditional red petals on his head, and the avatar shows him running/flying over the pond.

My "christmas" avatar, although I changed it before Christmas. This was a deer taken from a clip from the animated movie "Eight Crazy Nights".

A dumb avatar I made when Quad finally grew up and I got his look back. It depicts him stepping on Kaicow while she was transformed into a bat, but of course I didn't include her pictogram and instead it states, "You in bat form".

The "Butt Sniffer" avatar, which was only used for a day or two before being changed. Quad doesn't butt sniff anymore so this was a pointless avatar. I believe the "butt" belongs to Cyric in the avatar.

My current avatar of a "deer sign", with my pictogram underneath. I've seen other players use this kind of picture for their avatars as well. This was inspired from watching the music video for Fall Out Boy's "Sugar We're Goin' Down".

My next avatar will definately be Allice/Her's pixel one when it is made, although I don't want her to rush on it. In the meantime, if anyone wants to make an avatar for me, I'll definately wear it.
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Hehe. Nice.

Hehe. Nice.
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I don't remember the ones I

I don't remember the ones I used.. I don't think I saved them either. ><

I'm happy someone else

Smiling I'm happy someone else enjoyed my idea! I rmember all those avies but the butt sniffer one Sticking out tongue

But I still love your first one and the deer sign. They are wicked awesome!