....hijo de....

The body shook, its face was bare, and smelt of blood upon its hair.
It cried out pained, its voice mellow, the wounds of it leaked something yellow.
And as it stood, it closed its eyes, nobody would see through this disguise.

With careful hooves it started pace, its body weak without it's grace; but in its pain, and despair, it rose it's head, someone was there.
It took another step ahead, but then its heart sank with dread.

The doe that sat upon the stone, soon realized she was not alone;
and with that cue she stood and ran,
and fled from that oh-so feral man.

Disdained from an act so strange, the deer ignored it's sinful mange,
and set out with steps so slow,
he noticed bugs not far below.

The pond....

The grey deer sighed, his voice box distressed, he held in his body hate & detest.
He lowered his head, the water shifted, and he looked 'pon his reflection and his eyes drifted.

"Who is this looking back at my face? Their image is grotesque, who's in my place?!"
And with this fell the weakened stag, his head spinning, the body to sag.

His heart...his heart...it wouldn't stop pounding.

The body woke with such a start, the pond wailed, its water apart.
It shook it's head, its body heaved, and once it left the pond it was relieved.
"Mi luna you are such a fool, to think I'd be driven by your fuel...."

He paused as he turned around, a smile soon masking the dominant frown.
His grin widened ever slight, before he took off with ease and might.
But as he ran he winced in pain, his skin ached, how long would he let his scream refrain?

His wounds singed like fire, but froze him like ice, what sort of torture was he forced to suffice?
He tripped on the earth, his body fell fast, he'd never felt something which this could surpass.
And after all he wouldn't budge, to his mother's forceful nudge.

The dark deer stood and fought his pain, he'd run to ensure his remain!
Perhaps if he'd ignore the truth, his needs not required, he'd find his life his true desire!

Upon the ruins the stag tumbled, his cries weakened and his voice mumbled.
On the horizon a slight doe stood, with feathers adorned...perhaps he could...
And on her approach he cowered quick, the doe stopped like a fallen brick.

He roared in pain, she walked nearer, he closed his eyes, she knew his fear.
The stag was shaken and his spirit still, he was torn and pained from his free will.
And with a moment passing by, he peaked an open eye, his glance aimed up to the sky.

Darkness once again.
Until he awoke.
With a start.
His heart...his heart...it wouldn't stop pounding.

He ran and ran until he stumbled, his face cringing, his body crumbled.
And as he fell he noticed far, a doe so small, he fur like tar.
He shuttered soft as she approached, his voice caught inside his throat.
"If she sees me....."

And after a few moments of chatter and questions....and confusion and sadness....
....the stag fell to darkness.

His heart...his heart...it wouldn't stop pounding!



It's nice to see you again...Wudiin...

3.10.10- One year typo fix.
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Wow. Amazing. "Fragments

Wow. Amazing.

"Fragments fall and reflect the Light. Dust slowly covers my thoughts." - Yorres, Lightbringer
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Luna quieres ser

Luna quieres ser madre...
Loona: *watches him quietly*
I meant to her his call, but I was mistaken. I am sorry. *bows* You're not the first one to run away from me.

More than amazing poem(s). <3

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by the way i saw mudins video and faved it just a while back. I loved the music so much.

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Ravenflight felt sorry for

Ravenflight felt sorry for Wudiin ;_;

But an amazing poem

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That was absolutely

That was absolutely beautifull. Oh, I wish I had half your talent.. ._."'.. But I must say, I'm proud of him <3 Polt was absolutely destroyed to see him go again, but she also noticed something had changed. He might not've returned, but he did wear his pelt again. That was quite a relief <3... I love these pictures, I hope you don't mind if I steal them to make a theme for my mobile phone once ._."""XDD (Sony ericsson 500i, anyone else? I love making em)

See? SEE? He's inspiring, I'm glad you kept him! I'm also adding the piece I made of him to my portfolio <3 (Y'know, going to attend highschool soon. Ye-haw)
I must say, the moment I (we, Polt and me) saw him was pretty intense. I'm not sure if you could feel it ._.".. He was trying to hide his face, wasn't he? But he didn't run. ..*still wants your screenshots*

--Stays a lonely Seele
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I have a Sony Ericsson

I have a Sony Ericsson s500i! *shot*

Anyway, I LOVED this. I can't figure out how you make deer show emotions through screen shots! It's just amazing... <3

And Wudiin's story is breathtaking... damn. I also liked the fact you made everything rhyme. That sure takes some serious skills!

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul