A Good Day

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Hung out with one of my friends last Friday. We drove through a few parks, one of which had a lot of deer. It's where we usually see them. She let me have control of her camera to take photos of them.
Photos are semi-big, so below the cut.

Faaawwwwn. 8D

She moved. |D

The turkey and groundhog were staring at each other before. I was too late to catch it.


The turkeys' feathers looked really cool in the sunlight. All shimmery.

5 does resting in this field. Eventually there were 6 or 7.

That one looked so annoyed. XD

My favorite shot.

These fawns were in a hurry.

Later my friend took me to an awesome restaurant as a late birthday gift.

A hibachi. 8D (I took this photo with my phone so I could post it on the night of in my updates blog.)
We were the only people there. |D; Kind of awkward.

But the food was so gooood. And the show the chef put on was so awesome.
Dude even sprayed water on us at once point, and tossed a few diced bits of zucchini for us to try to catch in our mouths. Neither of us succeeded. |D Just caught it in our hands.

Here, have my hand too. |D
The only photo my friend took.
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Also as I said, those are some cheeky smiles!
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Lul. Cute. Theres not alot of

Lul. Cute. Theres not alot of wildlife where I live, I would have to go to the upper penninsula, xD
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going for hibachi on

going for hibachi on saturday~
I love it so much.

I love your pictures. Smiling
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@Quad: This was just a lucky

@Quad: This was just a lucky day; don't usually see that many. |D

@ShikaTale: This was on a "mountain" park. Don't see deer or turkeys like this around me otherwise. |D

@Kaoori: Awesome. 8D
And thanks.
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So pretty. @-@

So pretty. @-@
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Thanks. =]

Thanks. =]
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Gorgeous. I love your

Gorgeous. I love your favorite shot which is also my favorite shot XD

Deer by trigger_mortis,Editing by me.
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@animalluvr: Thank you.

@animalluvr: Thank you. ^^

@Zerg: ♥ 8D

Aw, no fair 8C I'd love to go

Aw, no fair 8C I'd love to go to one of these parks and chill with so many deer.
I love all the does' faces! Maybe I'm just stupid, but it's hard to find high resolution deer photos online so I forget how beautiful they are because I always see them tiny in pictures or far away in real life TTuTT

also dat food
*fishy nibble on hand*
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We were chilling in the car

We were chilling in the car actually, with me pointing the camera out the window and using the zoom. Laughing out loud

D8 Not mah hand!
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I'm really jealous! |D Sounds

I'm really jealous! |D
Sounds like you had a fabby time, I've never seen that many deer in one spot. :c I've only seen like... One in the wild. dfghj
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There might be that many

There might be that many hanging around cuz food is left for them. Though the food might be there to keep them from eating up all the plants. |D *shrug*