Fawn Adventures!


Today had been a lot of fun! I woke up early at dawn and saw a fellow fawn. We ran across the forests together, casting spells whenever we could and rolling over in laughter after mooing at a deer deep in slumber. We found another deer decorated in gorgeous gold and velvety red and had fun dancing and traveling together as a trio. Drowsy from all the energetic fun, we took a nap together beside the ruins and poppies

A fellow fawn journalist,

A fellow fawn journalist, hah. Respect. Thank you two for that fun evening!

Edit/ And thanks for today's. The way your fawn kept giving flowers to my OOCer as he was tried sparring forestdeer's Feofan over flowers had me laughing.
As if she was saying "Flowers for everyone!" by that. Too adorable.

Thank you two as well! Aw my

Thank you two as well!

Aw my fawn loves giving flowers to any lovely deer she meets. She was quite concerned about the fight and offered periwinkles for peace between both deer. Glad to give you a laugh!

We meant to entertain (and

We meant to entertain (and show off), rather than distress. Glad we didn't get her scared, at least.

By the way, congratulations to your fawn on solving the "Statues Gone" mystery. Kid believes she's the main suspect now, after seeing her wield the mints holy magic. Idea
Such a fun day)

Sounds like quite an eventful

Sounds like quite an eventful day!

'Young' is thrilled to see

'Young' is thrilled to see his twin again Idea
By the way, if you double-click 'Esc' right after you jump, you'll sit in the air, too)