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[Rut Blog 2022] It is a truth universally acknowledged...

...that a single man in possession of a good fortune...

  • Competitor
  • Mature Adult
  • Masculine (He/They)
  • Leucistic Stag Fae (Red Deer/Elk-like)
  • Size: #17
  • Scent: like beeswax saddle soap, pipe tobacco smoke, spiced mead, wet earth.
  • Affected by the season/available to sire offspring.

Not unlike his waking reflection, the royal stag is confident and in good health- and knows only one way to resolve conflicts and show himself at his best.

Rothane tends to announce himself and his fitness by bolving his deafening roar, rolling in flowers and ferns and tearing them up with his antlers to wear like a garland. He is huge, fit, and means to take the season rather seriously, fully intending to fight fiercely for his space and the chance to impress the judges, or court any interested hinds.

It is hard to say how good a father he would be, aloof as he is- but he at least makes for strong stock.

His waking self, on the other hoof...

... must be in want of a wife.

OOC Notes
  • Returning Old Buck
  • Open to shipping and family rp
  • Open to injury/combat rp
  • Discord: Rex#2287
Hi! My name is Rex (he/they)- I used to play Zelig the caribou and Skinner the pirate back in the day! This is my first time coming back to play in the forest (or making an attempt as a busy adult alas.)

I am mostly looking to make some connections and find some friends and friendly rivals for my grumpy old lord of the manor- both in the forest and in the waking world as a humanish being.

[Bio] The Lord of the Manor

Lord Shylem Rothane
House of the White Stag
Integrity - Temperance - Stewardship
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