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Idk I can't title anything but i'm here

Well today I was looking for a calm, stress-free, open-world-ish game to play on my new laptop and had the sudden epiphany that TEF absolutely still exists and now that I ditched my Mac, I can play it again. So, after 4 years since my last update, I am once again floating in to see how everything around here is. Hello to probably a large, large number of people I've not met and, perhaps, a few old ones I have? Nice to see some activity about, either way.

edit: If you wanna find me on any other website ever, I go by Cerebrobullet everywhere now. If ya curious.
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After about four years of inactivity, I will soon be returning to the forest. I know there are a lot of new faces around here, but I am excited to re-explore the forest and meet everyone! I won't be on often, due to work and other responsibilities, but when I am, I'll be using my old friend Sqish to adventure through the forest.

And hello to any old friends who happen to remember me. Even after a long time away, TEF has left a lasting impression on me. Never quite forgotten it, or the very creative and friendly people here. Smiling

A big thank you to Seed and Uitleger for helping Sqish get his set back and glitching around with him. It was a very fun return to the forest <3
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Yearly " 'sup guys?" post

Because nostalgia struck again.
So, who's still around? I saw Quad around here somewhere :'D
Been thinking of using Wine to run TEF on my Mac, anyone ever have any luck with that?

Also for those who wonder who I am- I'm an old member from, erm... say 4 or 5 years ago now or something, and I help moderate the TEF dA club.
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3 years

LOL I feel old.
Sqish is... 36 months old soon. Like, Dec 20, I think? Figured I'd log on for a bit to celebrate :3
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Long Time


Lol, for real though, who all is around these days?

And why haven't I been around in over half a year, you ask? TEF doesn't work on my Bootcamp version of Windows. Been meaning to ask about it, but haven't gotten around to it yet, that's really why I don't go in the forest anymore. BUT, I've been working on the old fart computer some more recently... so, anyone left interested in a kind of planned meet-up? I'm sure Sqish would appreciate being able to have another romp in the forest. You'll have to excuse him if he doesn't bounce around as much as he used to, though. Age has been catching up with the 'ol fellow.

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:: Guardian ||

G U A R D I A N_________a story of change__________________

Long, elegant legs graced over the forest floor, barely disturbing the thick blanket of browned leaves and twigs. They rested for a moment beside a tall, weather-smoothed oak tree deep in the dark of the forest. The blue black pelt he wore caught the sunlight's yellow hued beams, sending a dull sparkle through the dust ridden air. His antler's candles remained unlit in the morning hours, sitting half melted above his crown. His soft, worried face was well hidden by a well-kept skull mask. The dark voids that acted as eyes looked not so fierce as sad. Deep within the shadows they cast, the light glint of his eyes could be captured.... [continues]
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Something different, I don't think it's been shared lately. Enjoy <3
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iScribble Party!

You need to be invited to the board before you can enter it
Come join the fun on the iScribble board TEF Sanctuary, all day today Smiling. If anyone needs invites, just make a comment with your iScribble name, and I'll add you ^^
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Love of my life, my soulmate
You're my best friend
Part of me like breathing
Now half of me is left

Don't know anything at all
Who am I to say you love me
I don't know anything at all
And who am I to say you need me

Color me blue I'm lost in you
Don't know why I'm still waiting
Many moons have come and gone
Don't know why I'm still searching

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A Dance 'Round the Memory Tree [w/ happy update]

_________Sqish's Diary________

Has Pictures :3

Deer Featured:

Esll, Vala, whoever was the deer in the gold swirly pelt who danced with Sqish, and whoever it was in the red pelt, butterfly antlers, and Secretary mask, the Giant Bunny, and everyone at the dance party with the Giant Bunny

[=#66ccff]I opened my eyes again today. I wasn't expecting it, really. The dreams of my long slumber muddled together in my head, but I could remember a pleasant feeling. I think I dreamed about Echo.

My legs were stiff and tired from being so unused, but the feeling quickly returned to them as I began to re-explore the forest. It seemed a little more alive then I remembered, and there was a new place, as well. Unless I simply forgot it was there... but I'm certain I haven't become that forgetful. I drank the water there, and it changed me into an animal. It must have something to do with the mushroom circle around it.

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