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Where are all my veterans at? Howdy LOL
I really really need to wipe a lot of cringe/old stuff from my account and try coming back freshened up…!
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Do the new masks have new sounds, too?

I went in-forest to check out our three new sets but all the mushroom trees for masks are gone right now LMAO so I guess I'll just settle with asking here out of burning curiosity...! I'll probably delete this soon after I find my answer :> and thank you in advance~
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*walks in with cane*

2013 - 5 = 2008

2008 - 2007 = 1
5 + 1 = 6 YEARS heyyyy

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I've been lurking more and more lately oops
it's really strange to see all of these new people and characters though. I get lost a lot... makes me really shy when I consider actually sorting myself out TEF-wise and "coming back" or however you want to word that. ; ? ;

Five years I've been a member now, holy shit fdgfdjh

this has been an entry
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Is everybody on here that lives in Norway alright?

;; .........
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[CIEL] Bio&Updates

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Character FAQ&TRIVIA

LOL IN A RANDOM ORDER, APPARENTLY also not done. As always.
• I have links I'd like to use when I get to Sort's section so I'll do his later at my dad's house 8c which is where those bookmarks are. I WON'T FORGET yes I will
• I'll do Her then too. She's just so well-known/ME I didn't feel like writing hers up |DDDDDDDDD

Feel free to ask questions that I can add and answer for anyone! 8D Or talk about what reminds you of them, idk~ just for fun here. ohoho. This is supposed to be a half-interaction blog like that because I have no idea what questions you really do have for them; I made all the below ones up. XD HUMOR ME.

His age, birthday, astrology and Chinese horoscope signs, element, planet, and starstone...?
Currently aged 17; born March 1st, 1993--Taurus/rooster, metal, Venus, and the emerald.
What traits do you share with him?
We both get extremely annoyed with bug-bites and groan when we have the need to itch them. We also have the same taste in food--I adore green beans, cashews, and olives just as much as he does to the point where I beam when I see them. 8> And, just as I carry about my Japanese-English phrasebook, he has his Lithuanian-English and Lithuanian-German ones very close to him almost as much as possible. Code and I shake our legs when we sit still and try focusing on something yet space off or are nervous, too~
What's with him and the reason behind having three different names?
Technically, Code's full name is Kodas "Code" Casimir Kulpa--all as one entitlement, but he goes by any of the first three.
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[APH] RP Blog

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