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Pictograms appearing as blocks. Need help

So I got a new laptop and downloaded TEF version 3.41, but almost all of the pictograms are appearing as blocks.


I tried several troubleshooting steps (none of which worked):
-Run troubleshooter for compatibility
-Uninstalled and reinstalled
-Tried to replace a file called "SymbolAlphabet.cgr" from the old laptop where I could see all pictos to the new laptop
-Tried to run the program as admin
-Chatted in the #helpinquiries in the Discord

I'm at my wits end...
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CSS Testing!

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CSS test 2

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CSS test

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CSS Testing Ignore!

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~Monster Among Beauty~

A HUGE thanks to .Sam. for fixing the css...since I suck at it. <3. All the information is back.

I seriously need to teach myself to update this old as hell bio more often...

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Artwork by Fishbiscuit. <3

Updates: thoughts, emotions, lessons

Physical: 100% Mental: 100% Emotional: 80%

" Fwends! Bud wair is famwee?"

9/25/2013: Very playful fun day. Did some exploring before coming across a group of deer. Wondered if they wanted to play? Yay! Played around for quite some time. Fell asleep for a short bit then woke up to the sound of a nearby fawn mooing. Called back, the fawn came closer and they started to play. Another fawn and some mini fawn joined in in the fun. Once things settled down, took another short nap before waking up again and sleepily headed over to the crying idol for a drink, grazed a little bit, then completely fell asleep in a berry bush.

[center]Name: Artios Oibalos Raucher, Arty

Sex: Male

Age: 4 weeks old

Diet: Likes the berries from the blue bowl. (not weaned)

Orientation: ?

Lessons: Family = Safety is important, is a bit cautious at times. Learned to run far and fast when needed. Other small fawns can be friendly. How to play with bigger brother Fi. Big strangers are a bit scary. Tries not to wander far from where he saw mom last (though mostly unsucessful). Tries to keep low profile when family isn't nearby(again, not very successful). Learning simple words and phrases. Realized he doesn't like being alone. Becoming a little more cautious of strangers. Not all scary deer are mean, some can be very playful. Forest spells tickle him. Has a better understanding of simple emotions such as happy, sad, scared, and angry.

Traits so far: cautious, playful, nervous, early signs of protective behavior, now has grown a bit curious of strangers


Immediate Family
Emmy: Mother
Yurei: Father
Fiacre: Brother

Israel: Playmate, source of comfort

Note: Names are used in the updates just for clarification. Arty doesn't actually know there names yet.
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WIP...working with css, sorry for the frequent updates.


Name: CrossBones
Identification: At gun point
Gender: Male
Set: Crying Idol Mask, Dotd Pelt, Real Deer Antlers
Voice: x (at 0:08)

Personality: Vivacious, Curious, Observer, Inquisitive, Friendly, Lazy, Calm, Patient, Hot tempered, Can be intimidating, Powerful


By me: x(uncolored human appearance)

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