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{||:.The Truth is Revealed.:||}~{Violence Warning}

[center]Apparanza weaved through the trees of the Forest, her dual-colored eyes searching for anyone she knew. The left eye was a celestial blue and the right was a fiery amber, and quite the sight. She had yet to meet any other deer with dual-colored orbs, but she didn't mind in the least. She liked being original. Even as a fawn she would attempt to stand out from the others by putting on a ring of purple flowers atop her head.

Ears swiveled back at the sound of a twig snapping. The silverine doe halted her trot and turned her elegant head equipped with two slender yet sharp antelope horns. She gazed into the shadows, seeing a faint illumination that could be nothing else than a pictogram. Ranza tilted her head slightly and bowed to the stranger, but was confused when the stranger didn't bow back.

The mysterious stag stepped forward out of the shadows towards Ranza, and she was mildly surprised to see a spiteful look in his dark eyes. He was entirely black, just jet-black, even his antlers. She had never seen a pelt like that before.

"Err, hello m'lord. Can I help you?" she ventured quizzically, wondering why he seemed unfriendly. She surely had never seen him before.
"No, Apparanza. But I can help you."
The silverine doe's eyes widened. "How do you know my name? Who are you? And how can you help me?" What did she even need help with? She felt completely fine. What was he talking about? Is he crazy? she asked herself.

The black stag rolled his eyes. "Silly doe. You only need to know me as your brother." He smirked. "I don't reckon you remember anything about your real mother, do you? Don't you want to know why she left you alone in the dark of night, vulnerable to death of starvation or being torn apart by wolves?"

Apparanza flinched at his harsh words, pinning her ears back slightly.
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Apparanza and the Dead Fawn

[center]Crystalline emerald orbs flickered around, scanning the environment. Tiny fawn hooves needed to only give the ground the smallest pat and it would guide the fawn's whole body smoothly forward. A circle of purple flowers was set atop her little head. This was what differed her from most other fawns - she preferred to stand out, for her pelt matched that of every other fawn's. Orange-chestnut with white dappling, underbelly, and face. How awfully boring, compared to the variety of pelts, masks, and antlers of the adult deer! She needed a little originality, so she did what she could.

Apparanza's trotting came to a halt, and she moved slowly to the edge of the pond. She was taught by her deceased foster mother Siiya that if a deer fell in, they would lose their spell-casted appearance! The idea was horrible, and so Ranza had never stepped in deep enough to fall in. She watched a fish swim under a patch of lily pads, then her gaze switched to a frog hopping from lily pad to lily pad.

Suddenly something else caught her attention.

A raindrop pelted into the pond, and left a circular ripple. Then another, and another.
Soon a full-out storm brewed, and Apparanza ran off to find shelter. Where was the Oak when you needed it?!
With the rain striking at her eyes leaving her practically blind through the darkness and storm, it was too late when Ranza caught sight of another fawn in front of her. She slid and stumbled, trying to stop, but the ground was muddy and she couldn't gain a hoofhold. She tumbled forward, bracing herself for impact, but none came.

She could've sworn that she was going to hit the fawn's side.

Apparanza scrabbled to her hooves and approached the fawn, who was staring at her. As Ranza neared, she noticed that the fawn had pupiless blue orbs, but they were clearly cataractless and not blind. Ranza tilted her head, but said nothing about it.

[=silver]"Hello! I'm sorry about the fall...
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