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Small proposal

I've been holding onto this for a while, and today has me thinking about it again so I figured I may as well post it.

I want to suggest a tradition within the Forest. Thus far, it has been tradition to honor a fallen community member with a vigil lasting a day or a few days. It is one of the things I find most endearing about this place, and I in no way wish to encroach upon that.

But I would also like to see us never forget those we care for, and the bond that the community shares.
Once upon a time there was an annual walk to remember those who have gone, which Quadraptor put together to honor his late father. I would like to revive that, albeit in a slightly different way.

I would like to see the walk start at Run's memorial, in the sun spot at the Ruins. We would walk to the poppy fields, where we gathered for Flyleaf. From there, to Fern Hill for Fincayra. And for every loss thereafter, whatever location the mourners deemed proper for their loved one at the time of passing, wherever they gathered to remember and hold vigil, would be added to the walk the following year.

When the walk has concluded, those walking could visit the memorial places of loved ones, or resume normal Forest life, or walk the route again - whatever their heart tells them is right. And because event timing is such a delicate balance with so many time zones involved across the community, I would like to see some way for those who cannot make it to the initial walk to participate as well. I think a three day event would suit that need.
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GoFundMe for Wendingo

Wendingo and his fiance are having a lot of trouble right now. Both are ill and unable to work for the time being, and have given permission to post the link to their GoFundMe (which is under the fiance's name).
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Writing Exercise/Ask the Character

So I'm going to have a lot of spare time on my hands next week since I won't be at work, and I thought I might try a writing exercise to give myself something to do and work on those creative muscles.

I really like to explore character relationships, but I never write much about them because... well, because. I still don't intend to post most/all of these to my bios, BUT I think it would be fun to write out and explore some of my characters' relationships, and I'll share them with the requester and post them here or on a bio if I like it enough.
I'll also accept general "ask me anything" questions for the characters, either IC or OOC.

SO, if you've ever wondered how one of my characters feels about one of yours, 100% no-holds-barred, brutal honesty, all the details, ask away! Just promise you won't be offended if my characters are dramatic or don't live up to your expectations v.v
In the case of a couple of lesser known characters (if you know who they are then you know who you are), PM me on Discord.

D - Okay, so this one's not actually a character, it's my OOC account. BUT if you'd like, I'll give you an honest compliment Smiling
Rohit (Bio)
Phaios (Adult)/(Fawn) and/or Endriaga (Bio) (specify one or both)
Laurel (Bio)
Sedirea (Bio)

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Little Critter

A smol thing will go here o3o
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CSS Testing (No comments, please!) - Blank

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Set concepts

Part of the Magician collaboration, here.

As of right now, this is mostly a collection of ideas and designs I made in the past. Please feel free to post suggestions. I likely won't take any one person's concept for use, but may merge some elements here and there.

I have 2 set pieces available to make. Since the dark pelt is covered, will likely focus on something red or purple, or possibly a set of antlers.
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An illusion of Forest Magicians; Collaboration Hub

Apparently a group of magicians is called an illusion. Go figure.

SO HEY I thought it would be really neat if some of the people donating at the Forest Magician tier wanted to collaborate to create full sets and/or fulfill more of the most requested concepts instead of a random assortment of pieces or spin-offs of the same concept etc. so if you're interested say so! And if not, I'm sure you'll come up with something amazing anyway and I can't wait to see it! ♥♥
Forest Magicians who'd like to collaborate, provide an Email or a Skype and we can all coordinate from there, and use this hub as a sounding board for ideas. If you want to be anonymous as far as TEFc goes but still want to collaborate, just Email me and say so.
Get it? Set? No? I'll show myself out.
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10-22-2016 Abiogenesis & Velocity's Arrival - Video

Unfortunately my game client glitched, but there are still some interesting parts that got recorded, and lots of Abiogenesis-only audio! This has been edited to remove any part where the Twin Gods were not present on screen or there was not unique audio present; the video may appear to skip where parts have been removed. There is also some lag when many players are present on-screen.

Some of the audio is subtle (such as flower firework noises), and it's a very long video (a little over an hour). There are notes about events and when they occur below the video. You can watch on YouTube and click on the times in the video description to hop around more easily, if you'd like.
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Throw someone at me

Not literally pls
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CSS (ignore) - Rut Roh

This is a CSS test blog - no comments, please!
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