Demented Deer Musings Part 4

Evening fell upon us and the twilight grayed the forest and spell cutter deer with his Frenching had done on my gal passed. We went to the bluebonnet aspen tree glade just past the crying mother idol. Settled in for a nap. As dawn came my deer gal groaned and moaned about the day before. She so desired to do the bunny hop again as free and uninhibited as she did with cutter deer. Not one to stop the fun of it and thrill, always allowing my deer gal total experimentation even if I did not understand it I knew I had to do something so we could endlessly continue bantering and banging, frolicking and flying, snuggling and sleeping. If anyone had the solution it would be the ancient deer who laid on the playground watching wanderings of the deer.

I rustle up my deer gal and we pranced to the playground. There in all in magnificance of red spread vein like antlers, majestic head and unusual pelt he sat on the large rock with several others holding council. I go up to the fella deer and explain the situation. His ancient wisdom spilled out with the waving of his head. He beckoned my deer gal over. Standing up in his full glory like some kind of deer god he sidled up to my deer gal, shook his body and horns in a figure 8 pattern almost concentric at times with a bit of entropy behind it and with a super Z he hypnotized my deer gal.

With a thrust of his might loins my deer gal hunched, now she thinks she is the rabbit.

I've started to wonder if

I've started to wonder if your stories are based on ingame happenings. Somehow it never crossed my mind until now.

LOL It started out as a

LOL It started out as a variation of a piece my Dad wrote in his 20's while in the Air Force that was just hilarious. So I adapted it to the antics of here that have happened over the years but similar to what was done when he was young. He is 85 and thought I would share his humor before he goes. Yes it is a layer of Endless Forest on a excursion had long ago in San Antonio Texas. Has one more part then it is done. The purse was a watch, there was a kindergarten and a dance and a mongram. Drinking was part of it but the normal fair, French Poodle shop, hamburger was mushrooms and hypnotist is part of the story. He will not say but possible it actually was a code of the Air Force in those days where planes flew over Russia and he grilled pilots when they came back with questions.