Deer friends list

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Just compiling. Not sure if I'm gonna add my other deer on here or what. If I forgot you, please let me know!

[edit August 7] KFDJGSDH of course I felt like adding little tidbits. wtf is wrong with me. HI. <33 BIG WORDS FTW.

++=close friend

*Tuna - His 2nd adopted 'grandchild'. He doesn't always support her decisions, but he loves her more than life.
*Pan- His first adoptive granddaughter. He disowned her, but he thinks about her constantly, and wonders if there was/is anything he could have done to save her.
++Lieka - Their friendship goes back for ages, and he knows he can trust and confide in her. You could go so far as to say she's the most important thing in the world to him.
+Scape - They have a friendship that goes back as well, and Aeros enjoys his company occasionally.
&Lorrel - he only met her once, but he found her very intriguing.
&21 - He has a pleasant relationship with her.
&Walter - Although he does not agree with the stag's behavior, he respects and gets along with him alright.

*Tuna - her (unbiological) 'half sister'. In her mind, they have a great relationship, and she is probably the only person Pan won't kill.
*Aeros - Her 'grandfather'. She still finds pleasure in tormenting him, unphased when he abandoned her after she attempted to murder him.
++Scarecrow - A partner in crime she holds in high regards.
++Artemis - an old friend. They interact quite well, unlike Artemis with most other deer.
YNever - She 'loves' him dearly, and also finds him very enjoyable to be around.

*Aeros - Her grandfather by adoption. She loves him dearly, but her independence has pulled her away from him. Still, she respects him greatly.
*Pan - Her half-sister. Although she fears Pan like everyone else, she's established a shaky relationship with her, meaning she's under her (however warped) protection.
*George - her adopted brother. She treats him more like a sun, always watching out for him, and it's been hard on her to have him far away.
++Trinket - Possibly her most steadfast friend. They're very close, and they seem to get along no matter what.
++Rutilus - She and Rut are quite alike, and they get along pretty well. Plus the fact she saved his life on one occasion.
++Masque - She's had feelings for him, and possibly still does. However, they have a great relationship, and she knows she can rely on him.
++Jareth - Although they argue almost constantly, she cares deeply for him, and relies on him heavily.
+Cybil - They enjoy each others company, being pretty alike in interests.
+Quad - An old friend who's quite trustworthy to her.
+Squeegie - She likes being around him, as he's reliable and funny.
+Loofa - Best. drinking buddy. ever.
+Pin - They've only met a few times, but she finds him pretty charming.
+Aspen - They're growing to be closer friends, having a similar disposition.
+Vipin - She used to resent him, but in the past while she's grown to like him, and thinks he's pretty nice.
&Maha - they only met once, but they get along immensely well.
&Scarecrow - although his mental state is a bit offputting, she thinks he's really fun.
^I find the length of this to be very sad.

+Tuna - She got him re-introduced to the Forest, and he's repaid her by becoming a good friend.

*George isn't listed as related to Aeros or Pan because he's Tuna's adopted brother; he doesn't play a large part in their lives.
**Oz hasn't been in the Forest, so he hasn't met many deer yet.
***No Ys for Tuna becase she fails. She also has way too many friends.
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I want to say Quad is a

I want to say Quad is a friend of Tuna's. Not sure if he's met Aeros or Pan though

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Thanks! No, I don't think he

Thanks! No, I don't think he has, unfortunately. XD

I LOL'D. <3 -- Dannii <3

I LOL'D. <3

-- Dannii <3
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Tuna rules. My deer haven't

Tuna rules. My deer haven't befriended any of yours, lol. But I never see/recognize yours in forest anyway. *fails* xD

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul

To pray is to believe, to believe is to purify one's soul
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HAW no she doesn't. I wish

HAW no she doesn't. I wish I'd see you more often in-Forest too. D:
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I'd do this if they weren't already listed on the profiles. I might do it anyway C8

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I like this idea. That was

I like this idea. That was cute. <3