The Dance of The Deer Exchange

In the Eden of the forest deer formed large chains and danced for hours. Any fawn showing up became swept up into the sound and movements of the ancient deers who pranced and around to ensure most of the forest participated. Many newcomers it served as a way to teach all the deer moves one needed so when combined in a sequence you had had animated mime deer that held long conversations. Signature sequences existed and you would recognize a deer or a set of deer by their greeting or actions. It became the designated deer exchange day.

An exchange is an act of giving. It has a sequence. A sequence is an act of giving one thing you receive another thing of the same type or value. So spells became a popular way to exchange particularly with young adult deer out of fawn hood. Essentially an informal market system formed of exchange. Different deer groups were experts at spells or places. You would go visit and they would show you a spell between each other and offer it to you. (Some deer took a while to discover staying out of certain areas their spells lasted longer--when you only know one to two ways to get a spell it is precious) Or a young deer casted their only known spell and when no more exchange a veteran deer would take them to a place and show them something. Like certain areas of flowers by the pond the butterflies come very close and seem to linger and are huge. You could turn your deer body certain ways and make it appear butterflies lived amonst your antlers. So new deer would go around looking for the butterfly in the antler spell. (not a spell but a magical place in the forest)

Many such acts happened in the days of dancing deer by the hundreds.

Within a group, the dance sequence would change and you would know one of the other deer took the lead so it would flow. A visual symbol of an inner deer practice would make for a merry time. Other exchanges were a group would all get the same mask and make the charge of dance deer brigade at the twin god idols. Fawns would watch the exchange the running up and backing down and your deer ears would swear you heard the twin gods talk. Some court jester deer would pass through and helter-skelter the charge would become a dance and the whole forest broke out in dance to celebrate.

In the autumn of the year, the games began after a dance on the hill near the graveyard. The dividing up of the deer--an exchange of deer occurred. The dance involved the raising of the hooves and no giggle wriggling on the ground. Different deer that had been in one group would move into another group. The next day the forest would be back to quiet contemplation with the swaying. In a few months, new sequences and new ways would happen in the forest.

Still happens now on a smaller scale but deer hide more than they use to. The exchanges not so easily done. An exchange never the less but I wait for the joy to return. Many more loner deer. Some missing pieces exist that have not reformed to make the necessary environment for the new way. Called transition. LIke all things forest things change then refill but never quite the same way and not necessarily with the same deer.

Sometimes what one needs is a special spot that lets butterflies or birds, or squirrels just linger in the air or antler.