Cathedral in the space so where are the catacombs?

Boris and Natasha deer request extension to pit in ruins become a passage to catacombing dark wanderings down below often lead to light or to rodonaia deer....Smiling rodonaia deer floated off and met up with cowboys ... married a dancing one and other married a socialite of extensive deer beauty... fawns bouncing all over the place, new colony formed...
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ooOOooo hmmmm wordplay How

ooOOooo hmmmm wordplay

How is touch?
How is the sky?
Touch the sky.
Touch the Imagine...
Imagine the sky.
Imagine the touch.
Imagine how is touch?
Imagine how is sky?
Touch is imagine.
Touch how?
Touch is the sky.
Imagine how, touch.
How is Imagine?
Black touch the blue sky
Black touch the Imagine
Imagine the black touch
Imagine the blue sky
Blue imagine how is black touch
Black touch how?
Black touch is the blue sky...

Visualize each of those and transform into picture
Hear the sound of each of those and create the notes
Does touch have a color other than the one given..
Blue Imagine
Blue Sky
Blue imagine the blue sky.
Touch the blue sky.
Touch the blue imagine.

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You have a very fascinating

You have a very fascinating thought process !!


Thanks...was, play, play but the original alphabet was pictures...every letter is a little abstract art picture

Original alphabet pictures

Original alphabet pictures,the%20Hebrews%2C%20and%20the%20Phoenicians.


I = the hand (yod) M = (mem) the water looked like waves A = (aleph) an ox
G = (gimel) camel I again another hand N= (nun) the fish/snake/eel E= (He) window/ man praying)

hand, water waves, ox, camel, water waves, fish, man praying

Yod mem aleph gimel you'd nun he