Antics 10-27 to 31-11 [image heavy]

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Yes I'm bad about these again. Just enjoy. |D

Lowered Nature Detail to see he'd cast peacock. X]

Who did that? |D

And then Jack casts the carnival mask.

Confusing Toukan.

Oura, you may wanna get that growth checked.

Zombie Party Start!

Zombie Party End


This is not how you greet your friends, Peony.

The fawn forgot its picto.

Darcy was building a monarch army. B|

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I spy with my little eye an

I spy with my little eye an oceandeer back.
A /zombie/ oceandeer back.

That one of all the zombies crowded into the river is awesome. 8D
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In this one? The Red River

In this one? Laughing out loud

The Red River leads to the Red Sea. B| *shot*
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Indeed. ;u; Oceanbutt. LOL.

Indeed. ;u; Oceanbutt.

LOL. Let us part it. B|
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*sends a conga line of zombie

*sends a conga line of zombie deer through it* 8|