Antics 10-10 to 21-11 [image heavy]

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There's a couple of IT screenshots at the end too.

Bastilion was holding back from antler-smacking Darkweaver for getting into a fight. Laughing out loud

Both discovered Quad-tree.

Came across this group.

Gust says you will wear poppies. B|

I saw that peacock pelting. XP

A "TEF knows" moment from a lookalike casting. XD

Wanna guess the culprit of the squirrel spell?

I love when this happens.

Oh hi over there BZD.

Apparently you can get parts of the zombie set while you're a small animal, as (mostly hidden)Touk-Bunny found out.

Who gave that mask? XD An unknown "TEF knows".

Oura: TOUKAN! D<
Toukan: >> So much for peacocking...

I have the power (of bacon pelt casting)?

What's over there?!

Scape had a "TEF knows". Laughing out loud

You two are so adorable it was killing me. o_o

Mission Kill-Oura-With-Cute: successful. B|

Impressive Title ahead:

So many dire fennec foxes were slaughtered to get this thing.
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lmao Yes, Gustiro was pretty

lmao Yes, Gustiro was pretty demanding. All defaults must wear them poppies! How dare you sneeze them off? >:0

Just so you know I love to see your screenshots pop up now and again. XD <3
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I was amused at him casting

I was amused at him casting on all the default antler'd deer. XD
And thanks. =]
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Oh yes i remember Gustiro

Oh yes i remember Gustiro casting flowers on Fly lol !
I sneezed them off 2 times ....he came back ....and casted again lol !
So i was too afraid to sneeze them off again lol !
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Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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You insulted him. B|

You insulted him. B| Laughing out loud

Bacon bacon bacon, Everybody

Bacon bacon bacon, Everybody loves bacon, oh their aint no mistake'n ,Our premium Quality Bacon! =D

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So. much. bacon.

So. much. bacon.

It saddens me that I missed

It saddens me that I missed Bast AND Dark. :c

But Charles enjoyed meeting Blue. c: OPTIMISTS UNITE!

"dire fennec foxes" wut? XD :imagines huge, prehistoric-looking fennecs:
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Whee optimists! 8D Filling

Whee optimists! 8D Filling the Forest with happy!

Dire fennecs are just bigger fennecs. |D Too bad IT is down now.

I figured something like

I figured something like that. It's just, I'm pretty sure dire wolves are prehistoric wolves. And they're (or were) huge. So dire fennec foxes just sounded weird. X3
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That's just what they're

That's just what they're called in IT. |D