About the Obvious Spam Bot...

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I've emailed Michael and Auriea about it, so hopefully it and all its posts will be gone soon.

In the meantime, please don't click on or comment on its posts. Telling it to go away or stop spamming will do nothing since it's mostly likely not a person. This will only encourage the bot to keep spamming.

Seriously guys this is one of

Seriously guys this is one of those 'Internet 101' things. The ToT forum was plagued by spam bots which resulted in it being replaced by the new support forum; please please don't comment on any spam posts because I don't want to see the same thing happen here!

Also thanks for messaging them about his Pega, much appreciated!
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Thank you

Thank you
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Ugh, I was afraid this would

Ugh, I was afraid this would happen. Hopefully M&A take care of it soon.
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Thanks , Pega !! I was

Thanks , Pega !!
I was wondering when this would happen to this side lol
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I gave them a single comment

I gave them a single comment since albeit it looking more than not so, I wasn't inclined to thinking they are just some random ass bot because registrating here, let alone posting a blog entry appears a little bit complex to me when I think about a bot, but who knows. I'm deeply and terribly sorry about that, I didn't knew how serious that can be, if I would then in 250% I'd totally stay away from it.
Not sure what to say now, but perhaps captcha in the registration may help from future problems?
Terminatin' their account and then puttin' a captcha in the registration so that they won't get here again.

It's ok Jennie just something

It's ok Jennie just something to remember for the future!
It's not like your one comment will unravel the entire site, it's just important everyone understands spam posts like that can't be reasoned with and trying to do so ends up doing more harm than good.

A captcha is a great idea actually, it might be worth passing that along to M&A to see if it could be implemented.

Thank you for letting me

Thank you for letting me know, I wouldn't have otherwise, will surely keep this in mind!
Captcha was what immadeately came to my mind as I realized it and I don't think it'll be that much of a problem for them to add. So I guess someone can tell them 'bout that. (:
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I think the most bizarre

I think the most bizarre thing about this particular spam is the content and the prices. Like, looking at the things they're selling and what they're charging in yen, these are absurdly overpriced. Isn't the point of spam to like, advertise a low price so people click it and then get all the viruses? But this stuff is like, 10k yen for a low quality costume dress? 0/10 spam bot, I'm insulted they think my standards are so low.

That aside: Captchas have an excellent success rate for cutting through spam on sites. Best example off the top of my head being 4chan, which removed about 99% of its spam overnight implementing captcha post-by-post.
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I actually like the captcha

I actually like the captcha idea. it'd be a good way to prevent TEFc from future bots like this.
Well, the important is that it seemed to calm down now. I hope it stays this way.
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Indeed, captcha would be a

Indeed, captcha would be a good idea. =] I'll send that idea along if they get back to me. Or someone else can if they feel like. Laughing out loud
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Captcha sounds like a good

Captcha sounds like a good idea for registration, but I think post-by-post would drive me batty @.@

Edit: Bump because there's a second one now. And this one edited its title after posting.
Considering that you have to register on a different page to get access to TEFc, and the editing of the title, I'm kinda wondering if maybe these aren't 100% bot.
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They're back ...

They're back ...Sad
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//cuddles It'll be alright,

It'll be alright, Vala. Hopefully.
And yeah, that's true. This kind of bot is really... odd.
Maybe it is indeed, someone that registers i here and throws the bots free? I don't know. Many possibilities.
Each post of 'em spam bots makes me like better the idea of captchas.
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