Through Your Eyes... (Baal's Writing Contest)

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"Mother? Mother where are you?", the silence broke in the Forest. A young fawn wandered around, hopelessly lost and shivering from the slight breeze. The crisp October air caressed her newborn fur, cooling her as she ran and looked around. She had only been alive for a week, and did not know much about the Forest or its inhabitants.

She came to a stop at a patch of violet flowers. Catching her breath, she slumped down and began to sob. "Why can't I find you, Mom?", she cried. At that moment, she heard a twig snap nearby. Her ears perked and she sat up, looking past the trees with her brown eyes.

In the clearing walked a great stag, the wind making his thick brown fur ripple as he made his way. His antlers rose up like the limbs of white trees, curling in all directions. The fawn could not see his face very well, so she hid behind a nearby tree and peeked at the stag curiously.

The great deer stopped, already aware of her presence, and turned to look at her. Startled, she concealed herself behind the tree, but she caught a glimpse of the face - red with a white nose and brow, his eyes seemed gentle, and there was a smile on his face.

The fawn's heart raced. She knew he had spotted her, and she didn't know who he was or what he might do to her. She wanted to scream, but her voice gave in. Her legs were tired and wobbled, and soon she lost her strength and hit the ground hard. Maybe he won't bother me..., she began to think, about the time the great stag peeked around the tree at her.

The fawn stared up at him with her eyes wide open. Her heart literally skipped a beat, and her blood went cold. She was terrified, and completely froze up. The stag smiled, bowed his head slightly, and began to walk away.

She let out a little sigh of relief, though still frightened, she found the strength to rise to her hooves. Okay. Run! Get away!, her mind tried to tell her, but her heart was already feeling a different idea. She took a step forward, toward the great stag.

He stopped and looked back at her. The fawn's voice finally came back, and at once she asked, "Do you know where my mother is?" The stag slowly shook his head, the same gentle expression on his face. The fawn then asked, "What is your name?" This was a little difficult for the stag - he hadn't spoken in years, but he mustered the voice to say it, "...Tru...nks..."

"Trunks? I've never heard that name before.", the fawn said. Trunks nodded, "And...your name?", he asked. She hesitated, trying to remember what name her mother gave, but then she remembered, "Edith." Trunks gave a nod, and then turned and walked off.

Edith soon found herself in an odd situation - she could follow the stag, who might lead him to Mother, but she didn't know if she really trusted him yet; or she could run off and try to look herself, but she might get lost again.

Reluctantly, she followed what her heart said. Follow him.

The fawn hurriedly caught up with Trunks, asking, "Do you mind if I walk with you? I'm looking for my mother." Trunks nodded, and the two began to walk side by side.

It wasn't long after that Edith's mind began to wander. She had so many questions for him, and immediately she asked, "What do you do around here?" Trunks' voice was stronger now that he was finally talking, and he replied, "I am the guardian of fawns like yourself, I am a protector of the new lives of the Forest."

"Oh.", Edith said, and then a moment later asked, "Why do you protect us?" Trunks' smile lowered a little, "I don't want the same thing to happen to you that became of me.", he replied. The two walked a little further before Edith finally ask, "What happened to you?"

Trunks stopped, his face becoming grieved as he remembered that day. "I died at a young age in this very Forest. I never had a chance at life, and now I linger...but for what purpose only the Twin Gods know."

"So you're...", Edith began to ask, and Trunks nodded, "Yes, I am no longer alive, but a spirit."

The fawn began to back away, "But...but how can you...?", she tried to ask. Her mind could not understand - she knew very little of what death was, only that one who died would vanish forever. Trunks looked back at her, his smile starting to return, "You'll understand one day.", then turning back to the way he was facing, he stated, "Ah, your mother is near."

Edith's face brightened. Mother!, she thought, and hesitantly she followed the great spirit. He stopped by the Playground, and looked to the great rocks that rested on the ground, "I will never forget that day. A fellow fawn was playing with me when I lost my life here.", he said. Trunks turned to the fawn, and asked, "Would you do me a favor?"

"What?", Edith questioned. Trunks stared at her with soft, kind eyes, "Would you play with me on these rocks?"

The fawn didn't quite understand, but her young heart was curious and free. Without answering, she climbed up onto the boulders, struggling to pull herself up onto each one. Then she watched as the spirit made it to the largest rock in one bound. "Whoa...", Edith said, "Can you show me how to do that?"

Trunks smiled, "Of course.", he replied, and taught the young fawn how to jump high and grasp the boulders where she could easily climb up. It took the fawn a few tries, but soon she was doing it easily, and she smiled at the great stag, feeling very accomplished at the new trick she learned.

The two sat on the great boulder, the fawn exhausted and catching her breath. She asked the spirit something he never thought about before, "What is the Forest like through your eyes?" Trunks lowered his head, closing his eyes for a moment, before he answered, "I see the future in the face of every fawn. I see life with every sprout from the ground, and I see the Forest becoming united, all working as one to put an end to the hatred and darkness in their hearts...", he began, but then said, "...but today, I see a bright and wonderful future...yours."

Edith smiled at him. Happier than she was before, she stood with him and began to play a game of tag with the spirit. Trunks let her chase him - it was the happiest he had ever been. The two played together, two very young hearts twining on the great boulders. Edith finally caught up to the great stag, and putting every bit of energy into her legs, she bound forward to catch him...

"Edith!", a familiar voice called out. The fawn was startled and barely caught her feet, looking off of the rocks at a doe who stared up at her. "Mother!", Edith cried, and jumped off of the boulders, colliding with her mother's soft white chest. "Mother! I lost you!", she said, her eyes starting to water.

"Oh my baby, I'll never take my eyes off of you for a second!", the doe said in excitement, then looked to the Playground, "What were you doing up there?", she asked.

"Oh, I met a friend, and he was playing with...", Edith began, when she looked back to the Playground. Trunks was no longer there, or anywhere for that matter. "Where did he...?", the fawn questioned.

"I'll meet your friend another time. Come, it's getting late.", her mother said. Edith looked to the Playground one last time, and then sadly followed the doe.

"He was such a nice friend.", the fawn said. "Oh? What was his name?", the mother replied. "He was named Trunks.", Edith answered.

The doe stopped in her tracks, and looked down at the fawn. "Trunks? You met Trunks, the Forest Spirit?", the doe questioned. "Yes, he helped me find my way back to you. Do you know him?", Edith said. Her mother smiled a little, "He was a friend of mine, a very long time ago...but...", she began, letting out a little sigh as she finished the sentence, "I saw him that very spot you were playing at."

Edith took a moment to think, and then realized, "You were the fawn he mentioned! The one that was playing with him!" The mother nodded, "I saw him a few years later, but as a great stag. He told me that he was no longer in pain, but that he did not know how long he had to stay in the Forest before he could finally vanish."

The two continued on silently. Edith's mind wandered with the event still fresh in her memory. The doe smiled as she looked back at her child, "You'll understand one day.", she said.

Trunks watched them walk away, and he turned and walked his own way. There would be countless other fawns he would help and protect, but this one...Edith...was very special to him. He smiled happily - he knew she would be the one to put his spirit to rest some day.
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Oooh, it's Trunks. =D I like

Oooh, it's Trunks. =D I like him already.

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Congrats on your winning

Congrats on your winning piece, Quad Smiling

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Thanks XD. I think it was a

Thanks XD. I think it was a little too long, kind of realized that a little too late, but I think Trigger_mortis' entry was great and I'm proud to come in 2nd place Eye