Tale of a Nobledeer

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Ancient history...
Born into a peasant life, Bastilion had a simple but happy start to his childhood, despite poverty. This would soon end, as disease ran rampart at the time. His mother's life would be one of those claimed, hitting the child hard. The trauma was too much. He'd never spoken much, so it was as if his voice decided, "What's the point?", and fled completely, leaving Bastilion mute.
His mother gone, and the other villagers struggling to survive through heavy taxes, the boy began to grow bitter and distant from everyone. Life became hard, and he was losing interest in it.
Until one day, a messenger from the king arrived...
The king's younger brother had grown ill and passed on, and in his dying words, he admitted to having an affair with a peasant woman some years ago. That woman was Bastilion's mother.
The relation confirmed, he was brought to the castle, cleaned up and taught the proper manners and ways of a nobleman. Unable to speak, and cut off from the few friends he'd had, Bastilion became even more distant from other people. His only real friend was his cousin, who was the only one in the castle who really talked to him or attempted to understand Bastilion's "silent speaking" through facial expressions and gestures.

The Past is the Past...
As the years went on, Bastilion entered adulthood. He began to notice how the land was suffering more as the king - his uncle - raised taxes even more. Remembering the hardship of living in the peasant village in his childhood, Bastilion grew angered. A plot was formed to overthrow the king. He was a poor ruler, slowly destroying the land. Anyone would be better than him. The next in line was his cousin, who Bastilion thought would make an exceptional king.
None of this was explained to his cousin, however, who he began to grow distant from.
Then that day came. The day the king was murdered. Among the culprits rounded up, was Bastilion. He felt no shame for what he'd done. His cousin would take over. The land would improve, he knew it. No one would miss such a horrible person.
But then he faced his cousin again. It was then regret hit him, along with a sudden realization...
"No matter how vile a being may be, someone will surely miss them when they are gone."
A realization made too late, for the deed had been done, and the punishment decided. The price of murder? Execution.
Not only would his cousin have lost his father, but his cousin - his best friend - as well.

You know how the story goes...
Reborn as a fawn, Bastilion spent most of his fawnhood wondering why he wasn't sent to Hell for what he did. It wasn't until his stag day that a bit of advice given to him by the Priest got him thinking - perhaps he was here because he'd been forgiven for the mistakes of the past. He's still not sure, but that did help lessen the guilt he felt.
He has vowed never to take a life again, no matter what. Instead, he wishes to protect those that need it, as long as he is able to.

His ways...
Because of his upbringing in the castle during his life as a human, Bastilion retains much of his teachings of being proper. He always greets with a gentlemanly half-bow, and only sniffs if sniffed first.
Normally a very calm stag, it takes encouragement to get him to have fun, as he doesn't really know how to. Many will find it difficult to get him to open up, due to the almost-solitary ways of his past life. Once gained as a friend, though, and you'll have yourself a companion to the end.

Signs of Royalty...
Bastilion was taught how to write in a proper manner. In his journal entries, and when he speaks, he doesn't use contractions, and can sometimes be found using "milady" or "milord" to be respectful. He always signs his journals with a flourish to his name, and his family crest - a gold and white shield portraying two noble stags with great antlers.

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That is an elegant, royal

That is an elegant, royal story. It betrays how well-mannered Bastilion is with the polite words and format, not only with the content.

Bastilion seems really

Bastilion seems really interesting. Perhaps he could meet Amary some day?

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If you spot him in the

If you spot him in the Forest, feel free to approach. He's not shy. =] (This is the human behind Bastilion if you couldn't tell. I just keep him separate since he's not related to my other deer.)

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B-Bastilion...Th-thank you

B-Bastilion...Th-thank you f-for...For being there. I j-just don't...know w-what to think a-anymore... H-how could t-two of my f-friends...d-do this to...e-each other?

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you added the picture

you added the picture ♥♥
well a version of it

Officially stalking. I admire

Officially stalking.
I admire Bast. <3
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@Paz: Yesh. X] I'm not

@Paz: Yesh. X] I'm not completely satisfied with how it looks, but I wanted the words to not look like they were floating separate, so I put them on the image, on a black background. I might tweak it again when I figure out what to do with it.

@Ammy: XD &hearts
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How on earth am I not

How on earth am I not tracking this?!
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I don't know? \o/

I don't know? \o/
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;-; I miss Bast. Glad to see

;-; I miss Bast.
Glad to see he'll be in Quad's story. ^^
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I haven't had much drive to

I haven't had much drive to play him since Paz hasn't been around playing Amary.

They can meet again. Amary

They can meet again. Smiling Amary won't remember him, but I do miss their relationship.
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I have been tempted to bring

I have been tempted to bring him in and have him "wtf" at the situation. Or be torn or something. ='D Like most of my deer, he's been in this sort of hibernation state since I haven't touched TEF much in awhile. So he'll already be a little "off" from that.