The Prince of Wisps

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Random story. Enjoy Eye

The night was cold. Fortunately for the deer, they all slept well. The air was bitter, but it enveloped and comforted their warm bodies, and they all had pleasant dreams this night.

Wandering around was a lone figure. His footsteps seemed to make the ground beneath glow, and on occasion a grasshopper fled from his feet. He looked up at the sky, admiring the stars he could see in the openings of the forest canopy. They were beautiful, and he often wondered when he would ever visit them. The moon was large and a red hue. The stag's eyes were open to him. It was a sign.

He stopped near the old Ruins. The tombstones and idols were kind to him, like good friends he knew for a long time. "Tonight must be the night.", he said to them, "The moon is close to the land this night, and it is perfect for your departure." He waited a minute for their response...

...and then...

Rising from the ground were small flames, each a light blue color that flickered and seemed to float in the air. "My friends, it is time.", the stag said to them.

The wisps collected around the red-faced stag. He was a ghost just like them, but he was different...he was gifted. The stag was reborn by the Twin Gods' magic, and given a particular task. He was the guardian of lost souls, both living and deceased. He never had a chance at life himself, but he was a kind spirit who would always be there for those who needed him.

The souls that he called this night were of the recently deceased. They met their end earlier in the year, and the forest gods gave them a home at the Ruins of the Endless Forest. This night was special. This night...

"Allow me to ease this process.", he said to them, "Your bodies have been given to the earth. Your families have honored your passing, and the gods will guide you to a beautiful afterlife."

The wisps began to rise toward the sky. Soon he could not tell if the lights above were his friends or the stars. It didn't matter, he smiled knowing that they would be at peace.

Trunks wished that one day he would join them. The forest became quiet aside from the occasional bullfrog croak. The ghost closed his eyes, feeling the light breeze brush against his brown fur as he dreamed.

One day, his soul would be a peace.

One day...
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D'awww. <3
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That's so pretty! I love the

That's so pretty! I love the imagery.
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Thanks Trunks has always

Thanks Eye

Trunks has always been a developing character for me, but I think I am pretty happy with how he has turned out - a good soul who died as a fawn but was given a chance to do great things as a ghost. Plus I wanted to make someone who wore the Forest Spirit mask since it's one you don't see many deer wear.

I hope one day Trunks is able to fulfill his task so that he may rest and be at peace...