[Open RP] The Pond Has Eyes

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I know I've been busy lately, but I feel like roleplaying right now, and I seriously need to get some interaction for my characters. Besides, it makes good writing exercises.
I don't know if anyone else misses forum roleplays too. But if you're interested, feel free to join, even if someone else already did. I'm fine wih more than one player.

This pretty much goes without saying, but in my time being part of this community, I've seen some people being insecure about their writing. So I'm gonna say it anyway, just in case of:
Don't be shy. As long as I understand what you mean, there's nothing to be worried about. We're not writing a novel, after all. We're just having fun!
That said, if you prefer starting an RP on Discord instead, feel free to poke me there. I may not be in the mood for chat at the moment, but I'll reply to RPs. My Discord is HeartClock#6888.


Hunger pulled Dégoût from his slumber. He opened his eyes and took a look around. Luckily for him, the Pond was always filled with delicious food. No matter how much he ate, it felt like the fish population never decreased. Baby fish would appear so often, that he wondered where the eggs could be hidden. Not that he would ever eat eggs anyway.

A school of fish swam closer and closer, not noticing the monster that was lurking in the depth. Without a warning, the latter lunged at them with his mouth wide open. They attempted to flee, but it was too late. Trapped in his jaws, all they could do was wiggling as he gobbled them up.

Replete, the Sewer Mutant emerged from the water for oxygen. He observed the surroundings, looking for entertainment. The Forest was calm as usual. Together, the chirping of birds and croaking of frogs created a melody. In the distance, younglings of different species were playing. Some adults were chilling nearby—but not too close to the Pond. Boring, he thought. So boring.

Oh, how he missed the sewers beneath the city. It was big and fun. Foolish humans would come alone or in small groups. Either to explore the tunnels, or simply use them as an alternate route. He never understood them, but he couldn't care less. He was delighted by their presence. He would frighten them, bite them. Their screams were like music to him. The opportunities, however, became much rarer here, in the never-ending woods. He had a few interactions with other beings. Yet not enough to keep him distracted. On the other hand, he had better choices for his diet now. Bugs and rats could barely sustain him.

After a ten of minutes remaining still, he eventually dove back underwater. Right by the border of the shoal, he waited for someone to come. Or something to happen.
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It became the Draxomera's

It became the Draxomera's routine to either hunt smaller critters in the birch forest or fish in the Pond. With age and experience, he picked on the circle of life and how it affected populations. Resulting in the male snacking on eggs only occasionally. Targeting other adult males whenever he could distinguish them from females and youngsters. The fact they could put up a fight and pose a challenge only added another factor.

Going about his daily, mundane even, tasks, the whites of Sigel's serrated teeth showed due to an impish expression painting on his face once he saw a familiar aquatic shadow at the border of the Pond. Just for that, the Crimson picked up his pace. He had two guesses what could it be and he had an open score with both.With his body bigger, Sigel could talk bigger. And suddenly his appetite for fish grew, especially at the prospect of a bag made out of alligator skin to go along with the meal.
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(I am getting the hang of TEF

(I am getting the hang of TEF again, but I'll certainly come here once I'm fully back!)
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@Heldoryn: Sure! Hop in

@Heldoryn: Sure! Hop in whenever you'll feel like! ^^

From below the surface, Dégoût noticed a silhouette approaching. When he recognized them, a sly grin drew on his reptilian face. It was the odd creature he had previously met a few times. This time, however, he was alone. What a luck! the Sewer Experiment thought. And he has grown up too! What a luck indeed! The creature's new size made it all the more interesting, the more stimulating.

The crocodilian-like abomination's head and back reappeared out of the Pond. But the rest of his body remained concealed and his smile was no more. It wasn't time yet. The game had only just begun. Sure, he could have stayed hidden until a better opportunity. Yet he deemed it pointless, as the odd creature was already aware of his presence in these waters. Thus, he showed himself and stared at his unfortunate prey, waiting for his move.

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No thoughts of retreat

No thoughts of retreat clouded the Crimson's mind when he drew in closer. His tail above the ground but far from hiding between his legs. Slight swing to it paired with proud steps as he mulled what position and approach should he take. As an aquatic creature, water was Dégoût's element. Would do Sigel no good to be dragged into the depths, despite having some untold skills and abilities.

Making sure to have the light source behind his back, Sigel stopped between the sunspot and the willow tree. Just to make sure he could take advantage of the surroundings too. Blind Dégoût with either light or some dirt which found its way to Sigel's right hand.

Expression changed to a dark sneer. Only a 'greeting' snort with no intention to actually utter any words at the other male. Sigel readied himself to stand up on his hind legs. Repeating his move from a different situation which had occurred to him, the Draxomera swung his tail and hit the tree next to him, causing the branches and leaves to shiver. Wordless 'you can be next'.
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My apologies for taking sooo

My apologies for taking sooo long to reply!

A smirk appeared on Dégoût's face in response. Clearly, the other reptilian creature wanted to confront him. This wasn't a good thing at all. The Sewer Mutant's desire was to see the other one fight someone else, not him. While he did enjoy fighting at times, watching others tearing each other apart was more entertaining. Nevertheless, if the other reptile was to attack him, he would have no choice but defend himself.

Yet, there could be a way to avoid this. Dégoût dove underwater and searched for a fish large enough to satisfy the other one. Since there was plenty of food here, he didn't mind sharing at all. Of course, the other creature being alert, he could still refuse the gift.

It didn't take him long to find the perfect prey. He sneaked closer, then froze and waited. Once it swam in his reach, he grabbed it in his mouth. And, with his sharp teeth, pierced through the poor animal multiple times until it no longer moved. Once that done, he resurfaced and dropped the present near the odd creature—but not too close. He then stepped back into water and observed.
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With Dégoût's disappearance

With Dégoût's disappearance which almost seemed like he dissolved in water, the first thing that came to Sigel's mind was magic. That thing the Crimson couldn't do or didn't know how to, while others performed the wildest tricks on a daily basis. Like moving the statues and other mambo-jumbo. Could already imagine a huge wave crashing onto his poor head. Which he braced himself for.

What Sigel didn't brace himself for was the fish flopping in the mud in front of him. What? Of course he understood what was meant with that. The concept of gifts wasn't foreign to him. Giving and receiving them, trying to make it even. Which made it a problem for the Draxomera. “I don't owe you anything.” Approaching the dying animal, he placed his claws on top of it to end its misery. Recognised it, familiar fish, not poisonous. But what the fish lacked, Sigel made up with his words, spiking them with venom. Needless to say, he didn't trust the water reptile one bit and wanted to make things clear before deciding whether or not accept the present.
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The Sewer Mutant watched as

The Sewer Mutant watched as the odd reptile finished it off. When they spoke, he nodded in agreement. Trying to get something directly from them wasn't his intent. Although, that didn't mean he would have minded it. For now, he just wanted to avoid getting unnecessarily hurt. Saying that he wasn't enjoying the interaction would be a lie, however. He felt a small dose of adrenaline rush through his body. And, despite his best effort to refrain, gave the other one a faint smirk.
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The faint smirk felt

The faint smirk felt provoking and the others cocky attitude got on Sigel's nerves but it still wasn't enough to drag more drastic measures from the young Draxomera. After a long indifferent stare, Sigel downed the fish then and there wholly and swiftly. Came there to catch fish, got fish, mission accomplished. However, there was the lingering issue of emphasising that the Pond was also to some degree his, or rather the right to drink, eat and be there. A muttered 'thanks', before he moved to idle nearby – close enough to know what was going on at the body of water but too far to be talked to without making the effort to approach him.