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The Vulture

Eliah (E-lie-ah), "Eli" (Ee-lee), The Vulture, Beard Master,


Body appears to be a Prime Adult
Came into existence in June 2014


True Neutral

References: later
Size: Slightly short of 15
Set: Beluga Pelt • Zombie Antlers • Skull Mask/Maskless

description soon

• Plain Bone Beads; given by Balthanos. Worn. [24/06/2015]
• Two white feathers. Collected. [15/08/2015]

Bone-Cracker (nsfw, tw; gore)

• Non-confrontational.
• Roams between high places.
• Productive; Acts, does not wallow.
• Keen sense of smell. Incredible eyesight.
• Feels a natural kinship towards avian characters.
• Envious of those who possess the ability of flight.
• Drawn to fights, predatory, weak, and aggressive characters.
• Bird like head movements. Powerful neck muscles to accommodate this.
• Clean freak. Officially has no scent, faint floral spice aroma from environment.
• Slowed down by his size and weight. Incapable of agile movement; any play is likely to exclude excessive running as it drains his energy faster.

PhysicalOkay. / MentalGuarded.



(All art is officially outdated. Takes the form of the Bonesplitter at all times.)

Just hanging out.

Personality RelationsThe Bonesplitter

LiarPassiveRealistLacks EmpathySecretiveManipulativeCynicalIntelligentOver-analyzingAvian MannerismsEndlessly PatientTolerantSeems FriendlyCalmPrivate

Very bird of prey like behaviors. Has a straight-forward and realistic view of life. Cynical, and believes that much like himself, everyone who tries to befriend him is out to exploit him. Doesn't necessarily dislike them for that though; he will pretend to care, accommodate, because perhaps their "friendship" will be of use to him. In the end however, everyone is viewed as eventual food.
Prioritizes himself over others and may use others for his own gain. Friendships must benefit him. Truly indifferent about the lives of others. Drawn to predators and sickly individuals. Capable of feigning sympathy. He's incredibly difficult to form a real bond with. Avoids conflict if he can help it.

Scavenger of bodies and collector of bones. Isn't very moral on who he'll eat, but aware of the morals of others and so practices extreme caution; excessively grooms himself.
Endlessly patient, especially when it comes to the dead or dying, but not above killing someone who's close to death as long as he knows he can get away with it.
Prefers to keep these habits secretive so that he can maintain an inconspicuous reputation. Manipulative, intelligent, and very careful about the impression he gives others.

Very discrete about his stalking. Sits facing the opposite way to reduce suspicion, keeps his distance.

Wanders excessively between high locations. Has very keen eyesight, capable of seeing things great distances away. Dislikes the rain as it obstructs his vision and makes it difficult to pick up on scents. He doesn't really hunt, but is always searching for something to scavenge.

Leads a very passive and private lifestyle, and despite everything, he's not a malicious being.


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Yes ♥

Yes ♥

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He's beautiful!

He's beautiful!
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i love his design...?!

i love his design...♥!
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Baby birb: Yes thank you!

Baby birb: Yes thank you! <3
J!n: <3333 thank u.
Narina: Aaa man, that actually means a lot coming from you. Thank you! I hope you've been well. =)
Shey: Thank you! I'm glad you think so! Jin and I kept butting heads over how he should look haha... Fun times!

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Oh my, those colours. I like

Oh my, those colours. I like him.
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Lovely color scheme. c:

Lovely color scheme. c:
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Kate: Eee, thanks! It's a

Kate: Eee, thanks! It's a scheme I find super appealing. The Mardi Gras set is hnnng. Granted I used my own take on it for him!
Snow: Snowwww, hi <3 Thank you! How've you been?

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Loving him already ;;

Loving him already ;;
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Hi you! ^-^ I've been

Hi you! ^-^
I've been alright, thanks. How about you? n_n
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Rouda: Eee, glad to hear it!

Rouda: Eee, glad to hear it! Laughing out loud
Snow: I'm great actually! Thanks for asking. <3 I'm glad to hear you're doing well too.

I'm about to try playing Eliah ingame now. On J!n's computer though...!

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thank you for the company

thank you for the company today ♥
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Of course, it's a pleasure.

Of course, it's a pleasure. ^^

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Track! <3
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Thanks for the track Frey!

Thanks for the track Frey! <3

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Asdf wow. If I ever approach

Asdf wow. If I ever approach in forest I may just have to cling to his beard whilst he frantically runs around. ,_,
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Now that's a thing I want to

Now that's a thing I want to see! LMAO

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wow, hes gorgeous! i love the

wow, hes gorgeous! i love the array colors in his pelt
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Thanks din! It's a scheme I'm

Thanks din! It's a scheme I'm very fond of, hehe. I'm glad you think it's executed well. <3

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Ah, I really like this

Ah, I really like this fellow. I dig the bearded vulture look.
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Alison: Thanks man! Bearded

Alison: Thanks man! Bearded Vultures are so cool aye? I'm glad you like him. Smiling

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gonna go ahead and track this

gonna go ahead and track this eue
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tracking, love his design!

tracking, love his design!
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Yee, thanks Orange

Yee, thanks Orange <3 hehe

And hoactzin! Ya ninja!

I couldn't resist any longer.

I couldn't resist any longer. He's so beautiful.

I was wondering if I can throw a character at him? Smiling
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But of course! Haha, I'm

But of course! Haha, I'm always looking for interaction, ingame and out.

I'm glad you think he's beautiful! His design is still a WIP but I'm really happy with it.

Okay, I'm going to throw my

Okay, I'm going to throw my Nika at him! Laughing out loud I've changed her design, so the one on her biography is not accurate. Here's her new design: link. And just to make sure, would you like to start, or would you like me to? Smiling
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Ooo pretty design! Yeah,

Ooo pretty design! Laughing out loud Yeah, could you start this one please? Laughing out loud

OOC: Thank you! The credit

OOC: Thank you! Laughing out loud The credit goes to Amaze though for creating such a beautiful design! ;u; Here's a full body of her: link.

The saint yawned. She had been lying on her side napping for a few hours, and her body was aching to get up and move. Giving her limbs a stretch, Nika rolled herself onto her hooves. She'd go for a jog around the forest. While there was very little danger in the forest, she still kept herself in shape if she needed to fight.

She started trotting slowly, warming herself up as her hooves left prints into the grass. The river came into view, the air becoming cooler and cooler as she got closer.
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From the bridge, the Irish

From the bridge, the Irish Elk watched as the doe performed her routines. Eliah thought nothing of it.

The giant has seen many deer now living out their daily lives. He himself has only befriended a few of these residents, while the rest would pass him by. Eli wasn't bothered by this.

After a moment, the red-eyed Elk turned his gaze away from the doe to watch as the rest of the gods world pass them by.

The doe ventured down the

The doe ventured down the river, and past The Pond. Chirping and cooing filled the air as her bird companions fluttered onto her long antlers. The three chickadees and the crested pigeon huddled together as she trotted through the forest, maneuvering past trees, shrubs, and bushes.

She had looped through the forest three times, passing the large elk. She had noticed him; he was a large, handsome stag with a fine rack of antlers, but she continued forward and only gave him small glances when she passed by.

Once she had finished her final loop, she slowed down by The Crying Idol. She stuck her lips into the cool water and took large gulps. The crested pigeon was observing the stag, attracted to his bright coloring, and it decided as Nika was jogging that it wanted some of its hair. Fluttering off her antlers, it flew in front of the stag, cooing a few times before reaching forward and yanking a beak full of red hair before quickly fluttering back to Nika to avoid repercussions.
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Every time the doe passed by,

Every time the doe passed by, Eliah watched unmoving from the sun-warmed bridge. He continued to say nothing, but his ears pinned forward and he stared more every time she walked by, a sign that she had caught his interest and curiosity. He cared little over the impression his observations could create.

Finally Nika's routine came to a close, and not too far away. For a moment Eliah considered approaching, but instead he was met by one of her avian companions. Eliah is a proud creature though, he paid little mind to the pigeon and instead looked back to its master. His bird-like eyes widened as a chunk of his long crimson fur is tugged clean from his body, and with an annoyed grunt he rose up and shook his antlers in the direction the bird retreated.

A quick scratch by his hind leg eases the irritated skin, then Eliah looks up towards Nika with a not-so-impressed expression.

A sigh left the saint after

A sigh left the saint after she had her fill of water and was greeted with a heavy weight resting on her antlers. She heard a familiar coo and felt the heavy weight moved down her head and flutter to the ground before her.

"Oh? What is that you have there?" she asked, taking a closer look at the bright red hairs, only to realize that it could possibly be the stag's she'd walked by earlier. Lifting her head, she saw a rather annoyed stag staring at her direction. A frown form on her face, "Shame on you. You will go back over there and apologize right now." The crested pigeon cooed apologetically, then gave Nika a nod before fluttering back to the stag. Its little feet gently landed on the smooth stone. It set his hair onto the stone before him, making cooing sounds that were indeed and apology, whether he understood or not.

Nika followed suit, giving a apologetic bow to the stag. "I apologize for what my pigeon has done," the saint said.
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Tracking! What a gorgeous

Tracking! What a gorgeous design <3
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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Hi poppy! Thanks for the

Hi poppy! Thanks for the track, and for interacting with Eliah and I! It's helping a lot. <3

Nika: I'll reply to your rp when the muse hits me. You're not forgotten!

OOC: You're fine! Take as

OOC: You're fine! Laughing out loud Take as much time as you need! Laughing out loud
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Thanks matt! Yo, fancy adding

Thanks matt! Yo, fancy adding me to your new Skype?


Had it not been for Nika's commands, Eliah would not have understood the bird quite as clearly. He towers over the pigeon and looks down upon it. A satisfied snort indicates his acceptance, but the scorn is slower to fade. Eli looks up to Nika and offers a half-bow out of courtesy. "I'll let him off." The Elk says as the section of his irritated skin shuddered.

"I saw you running by several times this morning, why?" He asked out of general inquisitiveness, a subtle quirk of the head to show his question is genuine.

Should probably track this c:

Should probably track this c:

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Thank you so much man.

Thank you so much man. <3333

The pigeon cooed at the

The pigeon cooed at the acceptance, but still decided to take the red hairs it ripped out. Why let such pretty hair go to waste? With another coo, it flew off into the thicket, heading back to Nika's tree to tuck the hairs into its nest.

Nika sighed, shaking her head as the pigeon left. "Alright, thank you," she said, "They are still new to this body. I mean, it was once a wilted flower. I guess it still has the mind of one? 'Take whatever it is I want or need around me?'"

Her brows perked at his question. "So I do not become fat and lazy," she said half jokingly, though it was true. "The forest is nice, but one can be afflicted by gluttony and sloth rather easily here."
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Eliah didn't even acknowledge

Eliah didn't even acknowledge the bird as it flew away.

But his brow quirked as Nika spoke of their genesis. These birds were born from flowers, immediately Eliah concluded that this is the work of gods magic. However, the doe before him didn't seem to be either of the twin deities. Then again, she didn't specify if it was herself who created them. "Did you create them?" He inquires as he takes a step closer, suddenly his previous attempt to create conversation is forgotten.

"No, a friend did," the saint

"No, a friend did," the saint said, and her three smaller companions settled on her antlers. "Oh, where are my manners? I am Nika," she said and gave him another bow. The three chickadees fluttered from her antlers to the stag's, looking him over. "May I have your name, sir?"
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"Eliah. Charmed to meet

"Eliah. Charmed to meet you..." The great Elk trails off as he watches the birds fluttering up above, wary that they may decide to shit on him. "I hope these ones have better manners."

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*sings while doing a belly dance*

What a beauty, dude. You got good taste.

What nature divides, the spirit unites.

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Nishiiii <3333
Thanks dude, I'm glad you like him! Hehe, I do try!

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I say yes to the dress!

I say yes to the dress!
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I would love to have Naru

I would love to have Naru meet him Smiling She's an irish herself (an antlered doe) and I'd like her to have more friends near her height haha

May I start an rp?
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Rouda: AHAHA okay! It is

Rouda: AHAHA okay! It is looking like I'll be keeping it!

TreeDancer: Eee hello! Please do! I'm gonna be hella slow with the responses though since I'm going on holiday tomorrow, but we'll get there!! ^^

OOC: I am so sorry for

OOC: I am so sorry for responding so late. I totally forgot! ;;

"Ah, yes, they are very well mannered," she said, "And quite intelligent. It is almost as if they have the souls of humans. Or perhaps The Twin Gods gave them high intelligence." A sudden giggle left her as her eyes looked away from the stag's face to them; they were sliding down his antlers, then fluttering back up to do it again. The smooth bowl-like shape allowed them to do so. It was a rare sight from them, but not unknown to see them play.