The Watcher on the Wall; Johan

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Title what u want
Alias' Johan, Jo.
Picto Nowa
Age Adult.
Sex Hart
Size #29
Reference X
Voice Spike
Diet Vegetation
Scent Musk, earth, faint pine.

"I made myself at home in the cobwebs and the lies."

- His good opinion, once lost, is lost forever.
- First impressions are everything.
- Mild feral tendencies; scent marking, herding.
- Values his independence.
- Can be called too exclusive or too reserved.
- Wanderlust.

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Another yes ♥

Another yes ♥
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(No subject)

<3 Love.
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo
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Babbeh! So much love

Babbeh! So much love <3
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So much love &hearts;

So much love ♥
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*squees all over this too*

*squees all over this too* kasfjdkshugdswg
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So much SQUEEE. Johan is such

So much SQUEEE. Johan is such a perfect name too. I'm in luv with the buggah. ♥
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Welcome, Johan! Its nice to

Welcome, Johan! Its nice to meet you!
Profile picture by ahimsa ♥

Pixel Wis by squeegie~
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Another massive hug for this

Another massive hug for this guy :'D <3 tracking~


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Johan, welcome to the

Johan, welcome to the forest.
May you grow to be strong and powerful. ^_^

&hearts; Eee! So beautiful.

♥ Eee! So beautiful.
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Welcome to the world.

Welcome to the world.
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Ah, that little tongue! ;u;

Ah, that little tongue! ;u; So adorable~
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Eeee <3
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So cute! ;3; Tracking!

So cute! ;3;
Tracking! <3
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Welcome to the forest Johan.

Welcome to the forest Johan.

We Are Always Special When We Are With Friends.

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That bleat. ;u; /dies

That bleat. ;u; /dies
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Love this. His design is

Love this.
His design is stunning !
Track ( ;
- Stitch.
!Get the F*ck outta here!
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track <3 hope my Rachel will be your friend in future Eye
and Welcome to forest! ♥
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Baby! ^_^

Baby! ^_^

Watch out, he'll gum you to

Watch out, he'll gum you to death!
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OMG so cute!!! (and I wish I

OMG so cute!Exclaim!!Exclaim (and I wish I could draw dear like this like..OMG OAO)
You do not have a soul. You ARE a soul. You have a body.
~ C.S. Lewis

Beautiful fawn design.

Beautiful fawn design. Shadou'll be keeping an eye out.
Hi it's me.
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Thank you everyone ^^

Thank you everyone ^^
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Freaking cute.

Freaking cute. <3
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The spiderling approached

The spiderling approached with permission from her mother. Araignée, a newborn herself, tilted her head with curious excitement. "Hello there! I haven't met very many little things like my self, well because Mother won't let me, but she said I could say hello to hello! Did I say hello already? I can't remember"

how cute ^^ I want the same

how cute ^^
I want the same family T_T
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The small fawn's large ears

The small fawn's large ears flopped about lazily, his overall movements still ungraceful and uncoordinated. He shifted his body weight more so onto his side, about to rest his head down to sleep among the purple flowers. However, the voice of another caused him to flatten instinctively against the ground. His ears flattened back against his neck, his eyes looking up, wide eyed, at the spider-like creature standing nearby.
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Herla was ever watchful of

Herla was ever watchful of her children, being only 48 hours old, they were still very much infants and she wouldn’t allow anything near them she didn’t trust or know. Seeing the spider legged creature approaching her son sent her running over to stand over her child. She wouldn’t attack another fawn but a predator’s offspring might not be given the same courtesy. Once again she snorted and stopped at the little spider child, attempting to frighten it away from her baby.
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The little spider ran off

The little spider ran off without a word this time, not realizing this fawn also belonged to the same mother who drove her away. As she was a safe distance away, she looked back at them, sighing, "I just wanted a friend...", she speaks softly to herself before turning and vanishing over the hill.

God, is a delightful birth of

God, is a delightful birth of fawn *3* ~~
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Omg ;o;

Omg ;o;
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Tracking. So hardcore.

Tracking. So hardcore. ♥
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Sorry for leaving suddenly,

Sorry for leaving suddenly, my computer refused to show any of you moving which is why she might have been acting weird. Had to log out a few times but by then the little one was gone. Very happy to have Johan come to her, she loves when fawns seek her out and surprise her. She became a bit protective though, hoped it didn't alarm him.

Leans her head down to brush at the colorful fawn's side, nosing the sweet smelling figure before standing tall once again and keeping him safe within the four pillars of her legs. There was a slight sparkle in her eyes, a hinted smile at her lips. She hoped the moment would repeat itself in the near future once more.

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Ohh he is so cute! I love the

Ohh he is so cute! I love the colours of this bio and the design.
He has a beautiful design aswell omgg. <3 Waarhijd adores this boy. (:

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/smacks self for not tracking

/smacks self for not tracking this sooner
Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥
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Tracking this bio

Tracking this bio <3
By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3

Ohmy. That new art up there

Ohmy. That new art up there is just so adorable. Little Johan walking around so proud with Daddy's mask. ;_;
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That new art is so

That new art is so cavity-inducingly-adorable!
Siggies by Carry & Amazengalo

Ohmy. That new art up there

Ohmy. That new art up there is just so adorable. Little Johan walking around so proud with Daddy's mask. ;_;

^ Exactly my thoughts.
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And mine

And mine Shocked
By Cicadia and Jalawhey <3
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Avatar & signature by Shimmyshimmy. ♥

adorable just adorable

just adorable
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Awwh, Zach finally got to

Awwh, Zach finally got to meet Johan properly. He's been hesitant to approach, feeling somehow scared that he'd hurt the little ones by accident or something.
Johan's adorable! ♥ And he has a lot of energy, it seems. xD

"Hello, little one. My name Is Zach. Nice to meet you."

hello (:

hello (: