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Physical: Good.
Mental: ...

There are dangerous creatures out there...

Attended the Lightbringers' Convention.

Woke up to a beautiful night in the Forest. Lifted his mood. Wandered around contemplating the Forest. Fireflies were always something pleasant to see. Met a fawn near the Ruins (Rue). Played with her for a bit, before settling down to rest under a giant mushroom. Was happy when the fawn joined him.
Some time later, the fawn left. Walked towards the Pond, was found by Ozzie there. Played for a bit, before they both going to relax near the Twin Gods. Joined by Honeyfur there.

Went to the Gods' Hill to say hi and thanks for the rain. Spent some time with Flyleaf resting under the willow tree at the Pond. Later when he left, went to the Ruins, looking for shelter from the rain. Settled in a spot comfortable enough and took a nap. Woke up to find a crowd near Dandelion Hill. Something going on? Approached, curious, but couldn't find any reason for so many deer being reunited there. Just a coincidence, apparently...
Too many deer around. Went to his "home" near the Idol and kept on sleeping there. Woke up again and found Rumen lying beside him. Kian joined them.
Watching the rain...

Was found by Rumen near the Idol. Vala was around too. Moved to a mushroom circle where there was some dancing going on. Flyleaf appeared then. Greeted him happily, dancing kept going on. There were many others there as well, but he was only able to recognize Moon and Big Bunny. They all rested together afterwards.

Suddenly remembered the freaky bushes. Went to explore near the Blue Bowl with Rumen. Flyleaf went behind and pointed where said bushes where. Mistery solved, finally! Laughed at Flyleaf for not having noticed them before. The others started playing again, while Fangorn stayed engrossed analyzing the bushes.

A wild Ozzie appeared. Only Fangorn seemed to notice him, though. Fly and Rumen went back to the mushroom circle again. Hid with Ozzie between the bushes at the Blue Bowl. Saw Big Bunny nearby, with an unknown little goat. Flyleaf and Rumen still seemed oblivious to Ozzie's presence. Decided to sneak up on them, "hiding" behind the trees. They were discovered soon, Ozzie finally was noticed. Joined the others.

Fly left sometime after. Rumen got lost for a while. Vala and Moon weren't there anymore either. Rumen appeared soon, bringing Kian. Hadn't seen him in a while. Big Bunny and the kid goat also joined. Greeted her properly and everyone settled down to rest.

Ozzie left. Dozed off while the others played in a flower patch nearby. Woke up to find out Rumen had left while he was sleeping. Decided to move on to his "home" and keep sleeping there. But there was some ruckus going on not too far away. A fight, apparently. Left to search for a quieter place. Walked back and towards the Pond. Headed towards Avo's tree and settled himself there.

The sounds of the fight seemed more audible though. Realized they were getting close to where Kian and the others were. Decided to move closer to them, in case he could be any help if things went wrong. But they were paid no attention, and the fight soon moved away. Gave up on his sleeping attempts and decided to stay with the others.

Woke up to a group of dancing deer near the Twin Gods. Had fun observing them for a while. Decided to leave after being casted a couple of spells at him, not really in the mood for spell games.
Wandered around looking for a comfortable spot to lie down, bored of always hanging around the same ones. Searched around the Playground for the 'freaky bushes' Flyleaf mentioned, but couldn't find them anywhere. Then a fawn appeared and started jumping around. "You're one of those lively ones huh?"
Hesitant at first, exchanged some nuzzles and joked around for a bit, before laying down on one of the rocks. Thought the fawn would get bored and leave right away, but was surprised when the fawn actually stayed with him for a good while. Glad for the company.
Later got tired of the constant sunshine at the Birch and decided to move to the Pond, the fawn still with him. On their way there, found a deer pyramid and stopped to watch, amused. Installed themselves at the Pond, at last.
At some point the fawn left. Went to visit the Drinkplaats then. The sound of falling water was always so soothing. "I still like better the Crying Idol's..." Started feeling sleepy. Contemplated the idea of taking a nap hidden in the tall grass. Realized it wasn't a good idea since he was very likely to be woken by the ocassional thunders.
Ozzie appeared then and briefly joined him in his rest, before they both decided to go look at the Playground for those freaky bushes again. Had no success either.
"It looks the same everywhere... how are we supposed to explore this place?"
Wandered around, Ozzie romping everywhere. Laughed at his plays as usual. In their wandering, discovered a nice green clearing and settled down there. Ozzie took a short nap.
Heard a familiar call. Noticed Avo in the distance. Went to meet him, Ozzie followed. Avo seemed different somehow, but didn't worry about it, was happy to see him again. Introduced them and went back to the clearing together. Rumen joined them afterwards. Satisfied.

~by estme <3

Name: Fangorn
Picto: 1HWe0
Gender: Male
Eyes: Amber
Species: Red deer + Elk hybrid. Human faced since his arrival at the Forest.
In-Forest Set: Kabuki pelt, Forest Spirit mask and Fan antlers.
Voice: X X
Speaks in #E30909

You can find him:
[X] "Home"
[X] [X] [X]

You can also find him resting by the Twin Gods statue or inside the Oak. He also likes to visit the Drinkplaats from time to time.


- calm - watchful - reserved, sometimes shy
- protective - loyal - optimistic - hidden courage - mischievous
- deep respect to the Twin Gods



*Not very talkative.
*Respects others' personal space.
*Thinks too much, sometimes. He's often secretly worrying over something.
*When meeting new deer, prefers to aproach lonely ones instead of joining a group. He will stalk you for a while before deciding to approach and say hello.
*More shy around females.
*Enjoys playing, but he doesn't usually start it, instead waits for others to invite him.
*Searches for specific places to sleep, usually alone.
*When resting with others, if they fall asleep, he'll often stay awake and watch over them.


-Sitting, resting
-Meeting new deer
-Small animals


-Constant mooing
-The sound of the real deer mask
-Being disturbed while sleeping/resting with friends
-Wearing the Peacock pelt

(* Inactive/Missing)

Ozzie -Brother
Awentia -Sister-in-law

Loved ones
Big Bunny
Federweber *
Honigmund Habasi *
Nayu -Adopted nephew *

Revenant *

Saosin -Neighbor

Curious of


[X] - Bald Fangorn - by Kamino
[X] [X] - by estme
[X] - by Midnightrose (Nayu's request)
[X] - by Redkora
[X] - Ozzie and Fangorn - by SobekNofru
[X] - by KestrelBlaire
[X] by SoliloquyChryseis

[X] Living the Quiet Life - by MickKreiger


-Personal Blog-
Feel free to contact me at (Skype and mail)
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My Herla has met your Fangorn

My Herla has met your Fangorn several times now. Nice to see a bio up Eye
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Lolz, adopted indeed, our

Lolz, adopted indeed, our family is so weird... XD
It's cool to see you have your own bio up now, it's a bit encouraging!
Maybe there will be more soon?

Edit: Hum, though seriously, the whole family tree matter could become quite problematic. Nayu will always call Fan and Fly "uncles" but I guess it should be more of a deep affection mark. The " like a nephew" mention is what should work the best then? What do you say?

See ya in the forest!

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Hello fangorn !! I will add

Hello fangorn !! I will add you to my friendslist too !!
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Tracking >:3

Tracking >:3
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Great! A Bio! I'm quite

Great! A Bio! I'm quite curious and absolutely stalking this Laughing out loud


Finallyyyyyyyy <33
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Nice to see a Bio for this

Nice to see a Bio for this guy ^^ I think my Phobos has met him several times.

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Lol, yep, finally! Thanks

Lol, yep, finally!
Thanks for all the trackings ^^
Hope to see you all in the forest!

~Now I have to learn about CSS... ._.

Then I have a helpful link

Then I have a helpful link for you ^^
http://endlessforest.org/community/link-collection-art-design-amp-coding ("coding and css" of course)
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OHH thank you so much!

thank you so much! Sticking out tongue Sticking out tongue
I'll go check it when I have time Smiling
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You made Fangorns Bio!

You made Fangorns Bio! Laughing out loud Brilliant!
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"No. No, no, no, no, no. No.

"No. No, no, no, no, no. No. You can't float. This is impossible. Even here! Dude, you're floating. No. No way. No, stop it. Quit it. Already. Floating isn't possible. No, no. Floating is illegal. What's wrong with you? You can't be floating! No, seriously..."

Nobody has ever made Avo that confused in the Forest before XD Maan, that was so funny ♥

"...He was floating. No. That's impossible...

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lololololol xD that was

lololololol xD
that was hilarious

"Floating is illegal" xDD Laughing out loud Laughing out loud
* laughing forever*

"What a cheater... I knew he

"What a cheater... I knew he wasn't floating! That was so obvious! He couldn't be floating after all...

...could he?
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Hi! It was really nice

Hi! It was really nice meeting Fangorn just a while ago Smiling
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Oohh you were that fawn

Oohh you were that fawn ^^
Nice to meet you too Smiling
Hope to see you soon!

I see yew~ c: My Emdeaur is

I see yew~ c:

My Emdeaur is the little grey minideer sitting under Ji. >w<

I like your character a lot. Especially the set. -nod nod nod-

I track this~~ ♥
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Thanks for giving my mini doe

Thanks for giving my mini doe company last night <3 She is quite intrested in him.

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Hi! Fangorn had a good time

Fangorn had a good time with Awentia yesterday Smiling
Hope to see her soon!
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Happy Birthday Wocio! C8

Happy Birthday Wocio! C8
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Happy birthday ^^

Happy birthday ^^
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waaahskjfksjf! Thank youu!

Thank youu!
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Oh !! Is it your Birthday ?

Oh !! Is it your Birthday ? Happy Birthday then Laughing out loud
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XD lol yes, it's my birthday!

XD lol yes, it's my birthday! ^^
Thank you Flyleaf!
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Happy birthday! I hope you

Happy birthday! I hope you get a nice celebration! Laughing out loud
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Happy birthday wocio! Have

Happy birthday wocio!

Have some Ponyo's cake!


Siggy by Butterbrot <3
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Happy Brithday wacio !!

Happy Brithday wacio !!
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aaahhh the Ponyo cake *_*

aaahhh the Ponyo cake *_* ohmygod
Bahahahahahha xDDD
I want :F

lolol thank you all for your congratulations!! ^^

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Happy Birthday! Hope it's a

Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one Eye

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Dawh, that default mini

Dawh, that default mini dancing with him is my Quiver. He's just all "omg new fraaans". xD
Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥
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Hii It was nice meeting

It was nice meeting Quiver Smiling
Seems like a fun deer to hang out with ^^

Track here!

Track here!
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Bald-ism is love. *waltzzzes

Bald-ism is love.

*waltzzzes out*

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don't kill me for spamming

don't kill me for spamming his bioooooo D:
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Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

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You are making me smile Lol

You are making me smile Lol !!
I read in your bio you rarely run LOOOOLL !!
What have we done today ?? And you run faster then everyone Eye Smiling
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LOL Ok, I think I'll erase

LOL Ok, I think I'll erase that xD

And noo! you run faster ! XD
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No ; Fangorn is the king of

No ; Fangorn is the king of running (Crazy) lol Eye
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Noo seriouslyy you are faster

Noo seriouslyy you are faster Twisted

You were slowly getting closer to me, so I hid between some random strangers ( Laughing out loud ) and it was so fun how you and Honig kept running past me 8D

We must do this often Evil
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This running reminds me what

This running reminds me what i played with Vala !! We did the same when she was in the forest !!
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XD XD XD I didn't see

I didn't see yesterday that you were talking here. This was crazy yesterday lol!
But you crazy ninjas are both faster than Honig 9-:> ... XD XD XD
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heeey, just wondering do you

heeey, just wondering
do you have MSN? :P
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umm um...... Yes I have >:]


Yes I have >:]

oh u XD would you share? c:

oh u XD
would you share? c:
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okey! Here it

Here it is

hmm I think I should put it somewhere in the bio...Dx

Alright, just sent you a

Alright, just sent you a request :D
Hope you got it. I don't have MSN itself, but Miranda IM, but hopefully everything works fine P: if you didn't get a request, tell me.
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humm hey.. MSN is acting

hey.. MSN is acting weird :| I can't check it right now so.. I don't know if I received your request xD but I'll tell you as soon as I can Smiling

I think I have to reinstall it >.<

That's ok (I mean... that's

That's ok (I mean... that's not ok that your MSN is not working properly :'D)
Take your time (:
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Hmm It works now, but I don't

It works now, but I don't see any request ;_;