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Has spent the past year with Riya and perfecting their brand and work. After failings and failings with the machinery and 'wares, got to the point the pair were able to then experiment on a live body. Volunteered, because if something were to go wrong, Riya was the hands of the organization and would be the best shot in righting the wrongs, whatever they were going to end up being. Worst case scenario did happen, crashed on the table when her body immediately rejected the foreign device, and then went blind in the eye they had chosen to try on. Spent weeks on the table as Riya worked on what failed, and how to fix it. Finally, the Mechanic worked out what the issue was, and was able to further the experiment to success. Didn't fear death, only what she would miss because of it. Next, it was Riya's turn so Shahla could then try on a live form. Turned out as successful as it could, despite the Mechanic insisting on staying conscious during it, which Shahla ultimately was grateful for because she was talked through the entire process from start to finish. Was only made more aware that Riya was certainly the hands on and she herself was simply the money. Fine with it. At least for now, but made the Mechanic promise to further teach her, because she found it fun, but mostly because she didn't want to be 'last pick' if something made Riya incapacitated.

Trusted the wrong person about the whole organization and their setup, and had the Government tipped off about their happenings. Thankfully knows someone in the division that were investigating them and managed to get a heads up, as well as information about who the rat was. Cleaned up their working space just before the Feds rolled up on them. Spent the next few weeks finding a new hideout, and many a long talks and arguments with Riya regarding her (Shahla's) choice in confidante. Dealed to keep it between themselves until both trusted an individual, and spent a couple of months furthering relationships and 'courting' would be 'share holders'. Managed to get another 2 in that both Tigress and Mechanic trusted. One being the Fed investigator that had warned them about their investigations. Because of said earlier rat, had their ideas stolen to competition that would end up turning it all up to lengths thought untouchable. The women had prided themselves on their patience and timing with it all, to keep fatalities low to nothing, and to work steady with ensuring 'ware and body acceptance. However, came to realize just how little their rival actually cared about any of that when one of their experiments went missing and the two spent weeks searching for her and trying to scratch up any information about her location. Found her after an anonymous tip, though came much too late to find her body dumped in the corner with a multitude of others, midsection torn open in half and her inner organs all vanished. Hit hard about the discovery, and all else seen in the building. Spent the next couple days dejected and on the brink of quitting, despite the Mechanic's obsessive attempts at reassurance. However, one specific thing she said was the single cause of her change, and agreed to the promise made between them both regarding it. In better spirits, but still finding herself with the image of the woman every time her eyes close.


After a brief meeting on the night of the 31st, made a date to take Riya to the forest. Could tell the Mechanic had little faith in her words with belief, and honestly couldn't wait to show her and prove her wrong. Without realizing, overwhelmed the other woman for quite a while during her showing of the woods. Seemingly far too excited to have someone to show around that she, for now, gets along with. Upon the approach of a fawn, could not hold back a smirk when she whispered an ask of how to greet. Yelling in their face or laughing, most specifically. Told her definitely neither, despite a shallow want to see the inevitable moo fight that would have ensured. Settled upon the hill near the ruins later on, after showing the landmarks that Shahla knows, and conversing about the forest. Surprised to learn about one specific landmark she seemed most drawn to, and despite keeping the next bit to herself, found an understanding in the Mechanic's explanation further regarding it.


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going to blows with your fear incarnate
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if i fits i sits

if i fits i sits
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Sigi by Wake

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Magnificent art by 7FinalGirl8 (Hagal)