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With Esha's pregnancy coming to a close, decided together that a home birth would be the best decision for them. Had not expected the early arrival yesterday, but kept as calm as he could throughout her labor. Anxious upon the first arrival. A son. Opted to keep relatively distant from the boy and concentrate on Esha who remained with contractions, until a daughter was born and he could finally exhale. Held her without hesitation. Attentive to the newest women in his life, but kept his concern over the boy to himself as much as he could. The following day, upon their arrival to forest, further tensed and concerned about the boy who resembled him so heavily.


With one of he and Esha's anniversary's coming up, has spent many weeks reminiscing the past 4 years together. Sometimes cannot fathom that it has been so long, and that she has defied all his assumptions of leaving and stayed. Supported him. Everything he has ever needed and wanted in the entirety of his life. Adoring of his wife more than usual these days with the nostalgia that this time of year brings about.





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