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This bio may contain sexual themes, mentions of violence and abuse,
and probably other things!

For RP, questions, plots, interaction, anything, my discord is Apel#9645

Iain - TH, reference, pictogram

I wanted to be ruined
a little more than
I wanted to be loved

Kind-hearted and loyal; open and generous. Soft, yet surprisingly resilient. Extrovert, social, inquisitive. Transparent: wears his heart on his sleeve, but a good actor and a convincing liar, if he needs to be.

Easily worried, and at times needy, insecure, anxious. Expects the worst, yet hopes for the best.

Barely any sense of self preservation. Find what you love and let it kill you. On a bad day, he can be moody, impatient, and petty. Hides behind those who are stronger.

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Male »

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Of Athuan origin »



Ross, Syo, Al, Verve


Arrival. Brought to the Forest by Ross. Verrryy unsteady on his feet, like a wobbly newborn foal, as he tried to gain some semblance of control over his brand new four legs. Managed. Still a little wobbly now and then, and hasn't tried to run, but managed a nice trot.

Was almost barreled into by a small long-eared, toothy creature who introduced himself as Weasel. Well, Hi Weasel.

Got a tour of the forest, led by Ross and Weasel, and they pointed out some landmarks and neat features. The Oak is for when you Need To Yell, according to Weasel. There's maybe a crocodile in the pond, says Ross. Okay!!!. Neat ruins, cute stone statues, lots of flowers.

Utterly baffled by the Drinkplaats. Turned into a bird.

Weasel left. Settled down with Ross in a flower patch, catching his breath. Eventually left for Athu together with Ross.

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♥ owo

♥ owo
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Formerly ocean.
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a pretty boy..

a pretty boy..

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Oh, I saw them running around

Oh, I saw them running around last night. Nice!
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So glad to see him here ;;

So glad to see him here ;; <3
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