[ Syca's Spring Rally Hub ]

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A general hub for Spring Rally stuff, since I do kind of want to get my two oldies back in for a bit if I can.
This page is pretty basic, but I didn't have the time to make it fancy with art lol
The bullet points are just any info that might be relevant, not really quidelines or anything.

Feel free to interact with any of these guys, including Sage if you're looking for interactions outside of enchantments stand!

Discord: Sycamorre#8919

Activity Level: High

- Actively looking for new faces to meet and a few old ones.

- Running an enchantment stand most of the time.

- Open for friendly spars, is considering getting into the competitive side but isn't sure. Wouldn't mind testing herself first.

- Will sometimes perform "magic dances" where she will cast spells while trotting/running around the area, mostly to entertain. (See these two videos to help imagine how she "dances" like this: X X)

- Won't necessarily volunteer to babysit, but won't balk if she ends up having to entertain kiddos.

- Open to teaching younger deer a little bit about about magic if they have talent for it.



Activity Level: Medium-low

- Not particularly social anymore, but doesn't mind company or meeting new faces. Not one to open up quickly, however.

- Still loves fawns and can play babysitter if anyone needs her to.

- Much calm. Such chill. Not a fighter for the arenas, will most likely only wander in to the nurseries unless she goes with someone else to spectate the spars.



Activity Level: Medium-low

- Still feels out of place in the forest since he spent so long outside of it. Wouldn't mind a few new friends.

- Wouldn't mind a spar, but isn't competitive.

- Also pretty chill. Likes to joke and play around. Happy energy most of the time. A little more somber than he used to be, though. But he won't show it right now.

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