beautiful things come with edges and thorns - Esthe

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Mature content is unlikely to start with, but may appear later as Esthe grows older. Esthe is a character and his views aren't mine, though I take all responsibility obviously. CSS shamelessly stolen from Mis <3

For RP, questions, plots, interaction, anything, my discord is Apel#9645

Esthe Sahar
'Lindworm, Little Dawn, Hawthorn'

Species: Izth/pixie hybrid. Sphinx
*A unique mix of genetics and magic
Gender: Ambiguous
*Presumably male? They/them, he/him
Age: Young
*Born on the 10th of February, 2020
Orientation: Unknown
Scent: Faintly of bergamot, wet mud
*Like a weird mix of Earl Grey tea and cold wet forest floor. Picks up other scents easily.
Voice: Baby voice
*Lots of small noises
Size: Smallish
*Growing fast, though
Diet: Anything edible
*Carnivorous tendencies, a sweet tooth
Set: Devout pelt, barn owl mask
Origin: The Endless Forest


»Sinuous, shimmering. Mother of pearl, snow, frost, cream. Iridescence, insect wings.

»Excess. Snakelike. Elegance with an edge.

» Suffers from excessive growth of scales, and to some degree, horns, claws, and hair. Keeps it in check by scratching on things; seems to ease when near/in water. Scales sometimes fall off on their own - Esthe usually eats them. cronch

» Able to unhinge and open their jaw very wide; special slits along the sides of their mouth makes this possible. Tends to swallow food whole, like this.

» Small sharp teeth

» Neck is covered in large, faintly iridescent scales. Able to move these independently; to show fear, excitement, to seem bigger

»The rest of their body is covered with a mix of smaller softer scales and thin, velvety fur that seems to be waterproof

» Eyes are a soft rose-gold, with slit pupils that dilate in low light and when excited

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I already love them 0:

I already love them 0:

AAAAAAAA &hearts;

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bebe <33
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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Little monster baby ahh

Little monster baby ahh ♥
Discord: Tzvii#9954 // Signature by Wake.

stay out of trouble, little

stay out of trouble, little wyrm!
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Following the lil snekky

Following the lil snekky
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Thank you all

Thank you all <3