Come Ruin and Rapture - Syo

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This bio will contain sexual themes, violence and gore, mentions of drugs and organised crime, and lots of swearing and crude language. Syo is a character that tends heavily into 18+ and at times NSFW themes. She is a character and her views do not represent mine. I will try to keep her bio fairly tame but if you ever have problems with her, or how I play her, please let me know <3 I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable!

For RP, questions, plots, interaction, anything, my discord is Apel#9645


Species: Troll
*In the forest, takes the shape of a prehistoric troll ancestor. Some similarities to lion, gelada baboon, and wolverine.
Gender: ?
*Trolls only have one sex, and no concept of gender, so she's actually neither male nor female; perhaps both, in a way - able to both sire and carry children, though extremely unlikely to do either in the forest. She/her pronouns used for RP purposes.
Age: Mature adult, ~350 yearsOrientation: Anyone interesting
*Finds many things attractive; drawn to anyone submissive or masochistic. Gender is of no importance, but has other preferences. Polyamorous. Quite casual about physical encounters, though can be picky.
Scent: Musky, potent
*Leather, smoke, aromatic wood. A hint of sharp spices, mud and moss, blood
Voice: Similar to Flemeth
*A little deeper than in the video. Low, hoarse, assertive. Various nonverbal sounds; purring, deep growls, hissing
Size: Quite bigDiet: Omnivorous
*Favours meat and cooked food
Set: Monarch, skull, ramOrigin: Athu; Emnes


I'm the blood on the floor
The thunder and the roar

-Tom Waits, Bad As Me

Rough, in many ways. Pragmatic, ambitious, ruthless – but also fair; has her own strict morals. Protective of those she loves. Very dominant, commanding. Thrill-seeker, edge-dancer; lecherous, flirty, with her mind in the gutter.

Temperamental; mood can turn on a dime. Secretive. Vindictive and vengeful if provoked. Greedy, selfish, possessive. Got a sadistic streak a mile wide – enjoys causing pain, fear, and humiliation, to various degrees. Secretive and careful, calculating.

Intelligent, curious, and perceptive. Caring and generous to those she holds dear. Very extrovert; bold, social, charismatic. Oozes confidence. Proud, but with hidden insecurities and fears.

Very fond of kids, and shows a softer side around them. Charitable and generous, even to strangers, if given reason to be.

Visits the forest to wind down and relax, not to get in (too much) trouble. Shows a fairly chill side of herself there. Still got her temper though.


- Heavily muscled, powerful body. Moves with a sort of predatory grace; walks with intent and confidence.

- Nimble, handlike paws; large curved claws, for slashing and tearing.

- Long, sharp teeth.

- Curved ram horns, spiked.

- Piercing, calculating gaze. Very dark red sclera, pale yellow iris and pupil that looks very much like a cat's. Has a second eyelid; a nictitating membrane that is usually hidden.

- Quite a few scars, most hidden under her fur.

- Wears an ostentatious amount of gold jewelry.

- Long, large ears that taper to a curl, adorned with a tuft of hair at the top.

- Takes up space wherever she goes. Invades your personal bubble.

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I am HERE for thiiiiiisss!!

I am HERE for thiiiiiisss!!
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M'hello Eye
Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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its her! yeesss

its her! yeesss

i really enjoy her concept

i really enjoy her concept <3


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Hello all and thank you

Hello all and thank you <3 Very excited to have her in the forest finally, woo!


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Track! Cameo is enthralled!

Track! Cameo is enthralled!
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(Wow website posted twice,

(Wow website posted twice, sorry!)
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I love em ;;

I love em ;;