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Hmm, it's been a minute since I've poked in here. Guess I could update you guys on some things.
Some of you may have noticed that I'm a little less active, and while initially, I want to apologize for this - I full well know it isn't my fault. My family is going through some tough times, and I'm picking up a lot of work overtime to make ends meet and help out my mother where I can. She's going through some stuff with her boyfriend (Who she might leave) and may need a place to stay. To top it all off, her dog (who is the light of her life) has been diagnosed with lymphoma (cancer) and doesn't have much longer to live even with chemotherapy. All in all, I'm trying to do my best to support her. She won't get through it alone, and after losing my ESA last year and trying to go about that alone, I know what pain she's about to endure.

To end things on a more positive note, since my last entry I've successfully quit smoking. It isn't right that my little brother doesn't have the choice of healthy lungs and I do, and there I was smoking and ruining them. Today marks 4 months, 20 days.

Things have been relatively quiet on my end, for the most part. Working a shit ton, which makes it hard as hell to be able to play or do much of anything honestly. This weekend started out pretty great. Went out to the lake with my mom, caught some Pike and Walleye, got burnt to a crisp because I'm a reclusive weirdo who never leaves the house unless I have to. Rip my poor ears.

Then things took a turn for the worse. We'd just gutted out our fish when my mom got a call about my little brother. He was being rushed to the emergency room by ambulance because his left lung was collapsing and he couldn't breathe. This isn't really new, he's had plenty of lung collapses due to his health condition, but this time was far worse. I followed mom in my own rig and about hit 100mph several times trying to get back to town. We got there just as they were putting the tube in his chest to release the air, and the doctors told us that this was the worst collapse he's had. Quite frankly, mom and I are both at a loss. He's had two lung surgeries already in the past to try and prevent these blebs from bursting, but apparently, it didn't work. It's not like we can just go back in a cut out more of his lung, or he's not going to have any left. Our options are pretty narrowed at the moment, and they still don't even fucking have a diagnosis for him. He's only 19 for Christ's sake. God isn't fair.

He's doing well, no need to panic. We're hoping to have him discharged by morning.

Slowly reaching back out to everyone I've known in the past, as well as a few new faces that I've never had the opportunity to meet before. It feels good to be back but saddens me that the Forest has turned into such an empty shell compared to what it used to be. I mean, at least there isn't a shit ton of OOC drama like there was back in the day. That was part of the initial reason I left in the first place, as well as some personal reasons that I have since gotten over and moved on.

It's been what.. four years? Five? I can't remember anymore, but it's been a long time since I've last actively played TEF. I've definitely matured since then, and have since boosted my roleplaying skills into the 1-4k word reply area. It does make roleplaying a little harder and replies take longer, but I pride myself in being at least somewhat advanced in the writing department. I'm working on getting new art for characters who have grown, and have also taken it upon myself to prune myself of characters that I would no longer play. They may come back in the future, but I discarded them for a reason.

I also want to finally put this out there, because I really see no use in continuing to hide behind a new username. I was previously Nothing2FEAR when I first started playing TEF. Some of you know me as Fear, or Feary, and a few of you might remember me from the old Impressive Title days as F.E.A.R. Again, love me for it, or hate me for it. I could care less. I'm just here to make friends and play my characters.

Please feel free to interact with any of my characters you see in forest. If I don't respond to you within a few minutes, please feel free to poke me on Discord as I may not be around at the moment. I'm also open to all interactions via discord even if my characters are not in forest at the current time (I work a lot, so it's just easier for me that way <3)

Other places you can find me.
Discord as Commander Shepard # 3893
I do not use skype anymore, please do not ask.
If you need to email me, you can do so at


I'm back.

I work a full time+ job. Meaning I work over 40 hours every week. Sometimes up to 50 hours and more if I get forced into overtime. Typically, during my work week, I will throw my characters in forest while I sleep and pull them out again before I go to work to give my laptop a chance to rest after running it all night/day. I work for an adult detention facility (A jail), which means unless I'm on a break or walking a perimeter, I will not have my phone to check messages(As it's illegal to bring into the secure side of the facility). If my characters are asleep and do not respond to you, I'm likely asleep myself! Feel free to pop in and let me know you visited on their bio or via discord, but I won't know unless you do. You can also find me on Discord at Commander Shepard # 3893. Feel free to add or message me! I don't bite.

I might make this pretty later. Not sure yet!
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And bless your heart for being there, family is so so so important and the fact that you're willing to open your arms and doors to your mom is incredible. I'm glad you guys have the relationship to where you feel comfortable doing that. You're a wonderful, caring person!