Farai; the silence on my breath

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The night is trapped in me too, and the stars,
so small in its vastness, so weak, and so silent.

— Mary Ann Honaker



"Farai," meaning rejoice. Female. Young adult.
Bisexual.ANOTHER lesbian
Forced into heteronormative society by her royal status, but has since foregone these social mandations - exploring attraction to the same sex.
A princess from a puppet dynasty, escaping her inevitable death.

December 29, 2018.

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History. Within. Surface.

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Music; Warbringers – Azshara
Bio art by myself.
Also the music autoplays once your browser runs flash but idk if it actually autoplays because Chrome likes to block all flash-based things now

Farai is always 100% IC unless interacting with nameless, fawns, and other OOC deer.
Her thoughts and opinions do not reflect my own.
Discord - rat#6969
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i'm in loVE

i'm in loVE

adorable art by Tuoho! ♥
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Oooh pretty.

Oooh pretty.
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omg this is gorgeous

omg this is gorgeous

Icon by Aihnna! ♥
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Lovely bio and character!

Lovely bio and character!
Icon © Sluggs | Siggy © Oturo

everything you make is so

everything you make is so gorgeous, gd
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thank you all ;_;

thank you all ;_; <3
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hemlo im love her

hemlo im love her
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i love every character you

i love every character you create gosh
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the music with this bio is

the music with this bio is amazing, t
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screams because I LOVE

screams because I LOVE
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She nice tho.

She nice tho.
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Need to track this

Need to track this
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