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January 6th, 2018
Relaxed with the family and a crow, before Anpiel got too restless and decided to adventure around the Forest with him and Kokabiel while Zuriel rested with Jay. He introduced them to mushroom circles and explained how people used to them to transform others and fighting rings. Showed them the biggest and weirdest one of them all, Da Drinkplaats. Neither one of them wanted to go in-- which understandable. Jay wasn't a fan of them either and Elijah didn't blame any of them.

He had a hard time thinking about what Jay hadn't shown them around here and came up with the Crying Idol and Playground. Neither of those happened. The two got distracted by blueberry bushes and then Nathaniel.

He took the distraction to grab some water-soaked moss and scrub it on Kokabiel, as he still refused to take a bath. I'm this close to tossing you in myself.

Had to chase the brat down-- with the help of Anpiel and Nathaniel as the peanut gallery-- to the Playground before he was able to pick Kokabiel up and carry him to the Pond. He kept a hold of the fawn as he scrubbed the stink off him. Got a stink eye for the work. He left him to pout for the time being and messed around with Anpiel and Nathaniel.

Had a plan to visit the nest with Nathaniel, since he hadn't seen Zuriel yet, but he ended up watching in bemusement as Nathaniel talked about business with Kokabiel, wondering how the discussion got from insects to business. Watched Anpiel head back to the nest and debated on going with him to avoid business talk with a child, but decided against it.

Was surprised by Zuriel steamrolling in, to busy noticing how the others watched Crescent playing with a cub (Glace). Decided to instigate the play time, bring Crescent and the cub over. Noticed how Nathaniel watched Crescent, but the bird kept his mouth shut. Played with the others but it didn't skip his notice when Nathaniel left in the direction of the nest.

-Was handed surprised eggs by Chanti with no word of what to do with them. Nice chat.
-Took Sindile to the bar to give him lessons on becoming a great mixologist.
-Basically had a week full of self-preparation, eager waiting for the eggs to hatch paired with a wild Nathaniel demanding the eggs. Got the chicken to let them keep watch over and care for them.
-Had the honor of being visited by Melanie.
-The eggs hatched. Welcome to the world Zuriel, Kokabiel, and Anpiel.
-Cautiously kept watch over Alchemilla as they gave birth. Probably need the extra eye as there was already quite the gathering.
-Spent the day with Kokabiel, first at the Pond waiting for some fawn to come out of the water, then at the Ruins. Watched him as he interacted with the Vargsdóttirs.

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Big Red Log, yes, hi~

Big Red Log, yes, hi~
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omg thank you all

omg thank you all <3
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Yes. Hi.
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