The Smollest of Bios - [Smol Zombie]

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"Smol Zombie"

NOTE: if you see him inforest and he isn't responsive it's because I have running in background off


Zombie Pudu-like deer
Mini fawn + zombie set (or just regular mini because reloading sets ugh)
Is small but fully grown
Chaotic Neutral
Quick Ref

Has two purposes in not-life: having fun and eating brains/flesh. He's literally like an undead puppy.
Can't feel pain but can sense something is off (excluding already missing bits and pieces)
Can remove/reattach bodyparts
Buries random things around the ruins, usually any gifts he gets he buries for safekeeping.
- 1x set of shell shaped fairy lights
- 1x Blanket that is Much Too Big
- Multiple sneakers

Found a blanket in the Oak, pulled one off the stack that was Mt Blanket and proceeded to be the smollest blanket ghost.

it is time

Recieved some lil shell string lights for his antlers from Munkwon. Currently happily wearing them being the smollest glow.

Spring Rally intensifies



Found a lorg zombie (Delacroix) screams at their actual size difference

Has buried multiple sneakers around the ruins he got from Manestrum


Smol became rotdolph


smol duplicated themselves (because I was taking closeups)

became jude

halloweening intensifies

temporarily took over Kostya's job as bartender at the bar/crosslogs

became a tree with jingle

became a pilot

saw the BZD

joined a cult

doesnt know what a cult is but they have shiny red things and things that squeak

became a pirate and an astronaut in one day because Discord

new zombie friend/shelter aquired

chewed on Fletcher's antler though he's too small to leave any chew marks
Found Jude again and was all ":D"
L'ubomír soon woke up and Smol was all ":D"
Zipped around a bit still all ":D" because asdlkng yay friends before sitting down in a pile.

MY GAME IS LAGGING asldknfg so smol zombie can't do smol socialising properly. I'm looking at the map and Smol zombie says lag hi to Jude.

smol zombie became smol sugary stinky blur after being offered candy from Maneastrum

cue smol sugary stinky sugar rush

smol zombie has fanzombie moment because senpai

alt title "trying to keep the set AND take the screenshot at the same time without being a nusance" also insane timing because TEF had been lagging for 12 hours until now.

chews on

Happy garbling at finding another his size (Somnium) is now a fabulous glittery zombie

Lured in a birb because smelt like dinner...was oblivious to smelling like dinner.
Tried their best to fly after best as a tiny four legged, wingless corpse could fly.

(Also got a dead squirrel gift from Alder, currently treating it as a food/toy)

Also ran around Brille, wasn't sure what Brille was trying to get them to do (it looked like they were trying to keep him off a grave? Or it was "is this your home" I WASNT SURE) BUT said hi and moved away from said grave anyway, eventually sitting with them on the ruins slab.


Other Smol things
invisible scrollbox

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the scent of decomposing

the scent of decomposing carrion has gotten a certain harpy's attention. :>
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@Vee B) @HollyEmbers smol


smol zombie is smoll entreenoLOL

...they aren't the best flutterer but they tried LOL -sticks you tried star on him-

Oh don't worry. Once she saw

Oh don't worry. Once she saw him move, she lost interest in trying to eat him. Sticking out tongue
But he's still nice to sniff. lol
And Alder finds him to be a pretty good flutterer, so she gave him a squirrel she'd caught earlier as a gift!
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O: he wont mind the sniffing

he wont mind the sniffing he'd probably just sit there all oblivious and ":D"
Awwwww birbgift, he'll probably drag it around for a while thinking it's a pet...or eat it.........or both LOL
smol zombie is how do i work gift
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*bops lil zombieer on nose*

*bops lil zombieer on nose*

dropkicks self into here

dropkicks self into here
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Track c:

Track c:

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(No subject)

Holy hell

Holy hell

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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asdfasdfasdf thanks everyone

asdfasdfasdf thanks everyone Laughing out loud
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yes tiny smol

yes tiny smol
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I love him.

I love him.
Avatar © Squeegie & Siggy © Caiir + other
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Omg I remember him! Totally

Omg I remember him! Totally gonna watch this cute guy!
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Smooooool ?

Smooooool ♥

Glitter will look great on

Glitter will look great on this smol friend. 8 )
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so much

so much smol

Now he's gonne be undead and fabulous B)

internally combusts because two tinies

Yeee B ) Tiny squad unite

Yeee B ) Tiny squad unite
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Hi B)

Hi B)
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Bovim likes smol zombie

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O: hi B) :C but also not hi

O: hi B)

:C but also not hi because my game is lagging super badly and no one is moving (I can't see your deer either), I'm keeping it open in hopes it lets up. Sorry Smol is being a couch potato D:
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Yeah 8( smol zombie

Yeah 8(

smol zombie suddenly has weather powers apparently because spontaneous fog

do zombies control the weather in this game *cue xfiles theme*
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important screenshot is

important screenshot is important
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beeb says hi

beeb says hi
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smol zombie sends smol sticky

smol zombie sends smol sticky greetings and is being a lump because I'm tumblring afdsafdsa

smol!! zombie!! i love,,,

smol!! zombie!! i love,,,
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AAAAaa thanks Laughing out loud

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yes, I need about 10 of this

yes, I need about 10 of this halfing horror friend
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the smollest of zombie hoards

the smollest of zombie hoards
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i had to do a quick, smol

i had to do a quick, smol doodle
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:O aaaaaa askjdbhkjabg

:O aaaaaa askjdbhkjabg adorasmols also thanks :D
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GOodness gracious...

GOodness gracious...

made by foxofthestars!

Dama @ smol:

Dama @ smol:

very smol very precious

very smol

very precious
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I love all things smollllll

I love all things smollllll lol Smiling
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Bouncing Fly by Mary13
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@Leotie cue happy bwarghs

cue happy bwarghs

the smollest and precious..est of zombies B)

Laughing out loud
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(No subject)

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Smolly the smollest smol

Smolly the smollest smol
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the smollest smol that ever

the smollest smol that ever smolled

we need more smol in this

we need more smol in this world aaa
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unique smol!!

unique smol!!