The Ophidian; Acobol

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March 8th, 2018☾ M Alert P Healthy E Mollified

( Rut info: Since he missed last rut, this is his first actual rut. Heavily influenced by hormones. Mostly his calm, chill demeanor has a bit of a hard edge to it. Stoic as ever, but looks/acts more masculine than he feels on the inside. On the inside is reeling, trying to understand this fire inside him that drives these feral urges. Taking a lot of guidance from his Mom, which is helping him learn how to flaunt that body of his. The snakes, as always, are curious when the atmosphere is relaxed, and hidden during any spats.

Willing to sire fawns, but may be picky in his choice of companion. )

Lil bois all grown up. This bio needs a HUGE overhaul, so hang tight while I eventually get around to it.

Tasted a scent on the wind that brought with it the memories of his childhood. Immediately set to hunting down and tracking the reptile that had severed a snake from his skull, the first tragedy of his youth. Although the snakes had grown back, the two that replaced the first held vastly different personalities. Though he bonded with the new duo rather quickly, the loss of one of his original six was a stain on his soul.

So, with vengeance like venom on his tongue sought out the crocodilian with the intent not to let the beast defile any other youths. Watched from a distance, keeping space between them, but not letting her out of his sight no matter how far and wide she wandered. Did note Jae at times, his actions far less serious and more taunting towards the beast. Though normally he'd have joined in on the mischief, the matter at hand left him cold and hard to the idea of fun.

At times when he deemed her actions far too ominous to trust, lurched forward to bash at the crocodilian with tine and claw in order to drive her away. Stayed on her tail like a fly on shit. At times his breath was hitched with a rattling hiss, as his internalized anger mounted. Was determined to keep her from the water, but eventually lost his grip and was unable to drive her further inland. As she dove for water lurched for her, hooked claws aiming to latch on so he could throw his tines in a way that hopefully would spear into the beasts rump. Although far from a deadly lesson, was a lesson none the less.

After circling the water, made his way to the clump of wheat grass that he'd favored in his youth. Savored the taste of success, dwelling on how for the first time in a long time, his favored spot felt safe. Noted Ashira and her companion(mother?) a short ways off, and having seen her escorted out of the blue bowl by Circe, bowed neatly in attempt to show that he was no threat. When Ashira ventured over, allowed his playful nature to shine while the snakes ever so slowly uncoiled from the safety of his neck to peer at the child. When the girl went back to sit with her guardian, plopped heavily into his spot with a breathy sigh. Settled and allowed his snakes to droop themselves over his antlers to sun.

April 7th, 2017
Crawled out from a crevice he'd found in the ruins, awaking almost a month from when he fell asleep. Brumation is a real bitch guys. Shook himself off, easing sticks and pieces of paper out of his mane of hair. Noted the piles of books that he'd fallen asleep upon, thinking of his pale friend, piled as many as he could carry onto his back for his snakes to cling to and went to find him. Only managed to secure a few of the dusty, musty, old tomes. Paused only to stalk and pin a couple small woodland animals, devouring them in mere swallows.

Once before the white, dropped the books in a sort of nonchalance, but was internally giddy. Sneezed at the resulting clouds of dust, but stood back to watch the other's expression, glad that his gift was accepted.

Dozed off, with his snakes intent on watching the bloodbound work on devouring the words. Roused later when Fletcher hovered around, gently presenting him with what looked and smelt to be an object formed of metal and blood. When the bull told him it was from Ichor, pressed his nose to the dragosn cheek in thanks before unquestionably tucking the object safely into his neck fur. Waited for awhile before turning to press his nose against Ichor's cheek as well in a form of thanks, only to settle back and allow his snakes their curiosity as they slowly began to grasp the concept of written word.

March 26th, 2017
Began the day by channeling his inner feathered serpent when he and Fletcher had a battle of spells. Grasp the ability by the head, learning to hold and harness the forest's spells quite quickly. Not that it's particularly difficult. Threw spells like a mad man, turning Fletcher into a gorgeous fish beast.

Calmed down for a moment, only for Lia to join in on the spell casting. Dove head first into the spells, throwing them to Lia and Fletch left and right. Turned Lia into a winged Fletcher, and Fletcher into a stunning peacock lady. Eventually wound down and was led over to Yumi to sit with the duo.

When Ichor came around, bound over to the pallid, greeting him warmly. Snakes all but mobbed the boy, inspecting, poking, and in general doing their affectionate snake thing. Curled up with the white, at ease until Lia and Fletcher bound off to go after Croc. The Knowledge that the beast had returned sent a chill climbing down his spine and sent his snake burrowing into his facial fluff.

Apparently Acobol misses everything because was zoned out when Kynsia came around and 100% missed Ichor going after her, other words he would have gotten in on that. Stirred when Vox came around, following both him and Ichor. Not really sure what on earth was happening, but not willing to leave his friend, and or be utterly alone while Croc was roaming around. Clingy Acobol, go!

THEN Something happened with Liathe that he overheard about. Badly concerned for the doe, but unwilling to leave Ichor's side.

March 22nd, 2017
Spent most of the day sleeping, curled up near Averell. Woke eventually to an extremely itchy neck, in which he promptly scratched the bejeezus out of, popping the blisters in the process. WHICCHH four new little heads slithered out of. Shocking Acobol into a state of mute screaming. Because that can't happen right?? Settled after awhile, side eyeing the new head gear.

March 17th, 2017
When you wake up near the end of winter after brumating for awhile only to find that one of your only friends lost a leg. Did his best to sympathize with the white, showing his loss and sitting close enough to touch. Meanwhile his remaining snakes gave the boy a thorough inspection, stretching and snooping until satisfied the bloodborne wasn't about to keel over.

THEN YOUR MOTHER FIGURE GETS ATTACKED and your world shatters. What is happening. Why is there blood, why is she not moving. So many questions, so much fear. His young brain wasn't able to cope. Eventually collapsed as close to the fae as possible while Liathe worked on the pallid. A sobbing bawling mess of distressed snakes and shaken child. Embraced by the Guardians wing, which he instinctively curled into, soaking up the comfort and security.

February 5th, 2017
When all you do all day is relax and channel your inner bookstand. Held up Ichor's book, while his snakes attempted to understand the concept of the written word. Realizes the scribbles equal some sort of language, but are unable to get a handle on how to translate the written word into thought. None the less involved themselves in the boys hobby the best they could. Uselessly flipped pages before they'd been finished, and noodled on pages that needed flipping.

January 29th, 2017
Super Super SUPER lazy day. Stayed cuddled up next to Lia's side most of the day with intermissions alongside Ichor. Later gaped at the MASSIVE crowd of adults. Hello strangers.

January 22nd, 2017
Spent 99.9% of his day curled up under Liathe's wings and sapping up all her warmth. Using her as a heating element, which is the only thing keeping him from going nose first into a state of brumation. Very confused as to what all the white stuff is and where the sun went. Longing for a nice warm sunspot, but equally as happy with spending his time cuddled up next to Wings.

At some point had something wiggly dropped, gently, onto his back by Liathe. Alerted rather quickly by a bunch of emerging snakes, their attention drawn near instantly to the wiggly wormy thing squirming around in his backhair. With his attention drawn to Liathes words, which he could understand, but isn't quite to the point of life where speaking is his first priority, turned to see who exactly 'he' was. With his snakes jerking at his scalp in interest, bent to their curiosity and his curiosity to find a black and white marbled adder making its home in his fluff. Went wide eyed at the fact this snake had a tail, nosing him down to check him over before guiding the leaner, smaller faced, snake into his head fluff thinking that he too would need to be attached. Somehow. Mentally named the little guy 'Liam'.

Thanked Liathe by nosing at her face and giving her lots of flicky kissies. Scooched closed to rub his head affectionately against the doe's shoulder. Thanking her in his silent way before giving the little black and white snake a vantage point by urging him onto his head. Which further promoted him being flocked by the pythons and initiated into the 'nest' (Aco's crazy hair).

January 21st, 2017
Began the day with a bout of uncharacteristic shyness, darted off from the hill he'd been lingering upon and into a woodpile. Lurked for a good while watching the Dragon and the Bloodborne from his hidey hole. Eventually came out to creep about the others, offering sniffs and tongue flicks, settled a bit off, only to be joined by Hikari soon after. Was nosed down by the frantic doe, who also dosed him in numbing sloppy saliva filled kisses. Preened and chirped his happiness at the doe, baffled when he could easily move his head about. Noted that Hikari's nose was bleeding and curiously licked at that. Frowned when his poking didn't make it stop. Quickly moved on however and began to test the limits of his numb face just as Mama Hika plopped a crown of magical flowers around his head. Cue curious sneks and excited boy. Was warned to settle down and allow his wounds to heal and promptly did so because he's a good boy who listens.

Pestered the doe moments after, nipping at her chin and insistently chirping his need for food. Shoved his nose into every nook and cranny seeking out his supper. Was rewarded with many a raw egg, which were cracked for ease of eating. Lapped the runny eggs, hunger stated. Dismayed he couldn't swallow them whole per normal.

Later ended up plopping next to Ichor who welcomed into his very warm, very soft, blanket dome. Since his belly was full, didn't take long to doze off next to the white fawn; whom was reading. The snakes however took a great deal of interest as to what the pallid was up to, sticking their snoots into his business willy-nilly and doing their best to process the mess of symbols on the paper. Sadly, since reading isn't a born ability, were unable to do anything but stare curiously. Occasionally booping the white when he flipped pages.

When Ichor left, curled tighter beneath the dome of blankets to sleep for a long while.

Roused when the fawn, and Liathe, returned to bolt over and offer the doe and the fawn his attention. Plopped under those amazing wings to hang out and stare admiringly at the skyborn. Stayed there in their little wing dome.

Rejoined by Mama Hikari who fed him moreee eggs. Brought an egg over to Ichor only to be proven a complete savage and utterly awestruck by the fawns innovations. How did you even. Whoa. So cool. So fine.

January 18th, 2017
Slept comatose till around midday and upon awaking found himself wedged uncomfortably against a tree with limited mobility to his jaw and ear. Massive internal freak-out which included of a few warbled cries of dismay. Promptly ceased his outcries when it felt as if a spike had been driven into his jaw, confused and frightened as to why the use of his voice resulted in such agony. Unable to move his face much one way or another due to bandaging, not that he'd want to anyways. Defeated plopped himself down before noting an unfamiliar white fawn. Stared quietly at the other, too withdrawn to engaged the stranger with a round of play as he formerly would have.

Perked up slightly when Liathe came into the picture and scooped him onto her back, between her wings. A slight bubble of excitement was murmured from the fawn, only to squeak and fall utterly silent. Watched their surroundings pass with blank eyes, barely aware of his little white friend trailing after them. Once settled upon the hill slumped between the cradle of the does wings, succumbing to a healing sleep.

Spent a majority of his time whispering in and out of sleep, only awaking later in the evening to crawl off of the doe's back and next to her side where he observed those around him. Many new faces, however, when he stumbled to his hooves in order to investigate, learned that the resulting greetings were rather painful. Cringed away back to Liathe after nodding his greeting and having his excitement snuffed by a flash of red hot agony. Whined, and rubbed his face against the doe's chest, agitating the bandaging in the attempt to sooth the heat within his jaw. When it failed, slumped at her feet.

A while later the remaining stumps of his two decapitated snakes fell from his neck. Quickly noted and gobbled the bits up instinctively in the means of self preservation. Hungry, but dealing with too much stimulation to really notice.

January 17th, 2017
Woke up his typical happy-go-lucky bouncy self and meandered his way over to the pond to have a breakfast of dragonflies. Flounced around in the shallows and attempted to get a few of those lingering nearby to play, mostly Rooh.

Took note of a giant beast of a creature staring into the depths and made his way over to flounce around him, heedless of the danger lurking below the surface. When the male moved to guide him back onto land took it as a gesture of play and raced out of the shallows and onto the shore to wait, growing bored when the male returned to the water. Raced off in search of a good sun spot to warm himself in, only to turn right back around and settle himself into his favorite place.

Relaxed in the sun for a short span of time ( Player ran off to get her Taquitos out of the oven. ) Only to blink into awareness right as a creature from the deep charged him, jaws open. Panicked, was unable to scramble to his feet before the beast manged to take a chunk out of his face, effectively sheering a couple of his snakes from his skull and halving an ear.

Shrieked bloody murder from pain, finding his legs in the process, and bolted while a hoard of deer came to his rescue. Notably Brille, Liathe, Some of the Oryx family( I think???), Dohai, Kato, andddd a few player 100% missed because, holy crap mass chaos. Lost his footing and stumbled into a tree, blind from blood in his eyes and senseless from pain.

Hardly noticed Liathe rear up and blanket him from further harm with those, amazing, giant wings of hers. Any other time would have been awestruck, but his state of shock was rather debilitating.

Lay stunned at her feet for a long while before pain ebbed its way into his senses, causing the fawn to stutter into awareness, only to flee right back out. Zoned out in a state of mute terror, trembling while his rather dim, young, mind attempted to process what happened. All the while his snakes were attempting to tend the fawn the best they could while nudging at their decapitated comrades. Leaned up against Liathe, yet barely processed her presence past the fact that her wings provided a safe warm haven to hide within.

Had his wounds tended and bound by Liathe. Hardly stirred, let alone made a peep, while the Seeker cleansed grime and clotted blood from his head and neck. Occasionally wormed closer, stunned body instinctively seeking heat. Lay catatonic within the warmth and safety of the doe for the remainder of the night till sleep stole him into a realm of quiet peace.

January 9th 2017
Spent 80% of his day sunbathing, 15% playing with his best frannns, and the other 5% wondering what he did to deserve a visit from the evil fire horse. Burnt pretty decently along one side, with one of his snakes having gone limp from a lucky hit. Not dead, just badly broken. Acobol is very distraught by this, as are the other five snakes. The child keeps mouthing at the limp noodle in attempt to get it to move again, whimpering all the while.

Later was found in his fawn puddle under Kato by Momma Hikari. Cradled while he cried and shoved his limp little friend at her. Fixed up by some fae magic and poultices, by tomorrow a nice crust will have formed on his burn and his little snake friend will have started to come back around. Sang to and soothed throughout the night by the Light.

January 7th, 2017
Acobol's day started with an adventure over to the Oryx's tree to play with his new found bestie Sitara. Frolicked and played like insanity, collapsing for mini naps more than once. Had a few moments of pause when the doeling's Mother came around and seemed to give him some stink eye. But, it didn't bother him one bit and he attempted to draw the blue into some play, but gave up and continued his bouncing with Sitara.

Eventually the doelings mother came back around and drew his new found friend off into the void. Moped for a moment, but a grumbling belly sent him to the pond to find himself lunch, which consisted of dragonflies. Yum. Once the edge was taken off did his rounds, pausing to gape up at Rakil who was perched in the ruins. Paused once again in front of an older fawn, but then galloped off on his personal adventures, finding a pile of wolf puppies that drew him near, but they were sleeping so left them be.

FINALLY found the oryx and her family. Bounded over and gave everyone snoot boops before bounding around in play. Later collapsed in a nap, only to awaken and find his friend had gone home into her den. Moped off to the pond and dozed off. Awoke to the sound of play, perked instantly up when he noticed Gal. Bound over to her to give her snoot boops, himself and the snakes delighted. Bounded around like a child on crack, challenging Kato in a "fight". Tossed himself against the blue stags lowered skull, sending his snakes flying in every direction in attempt to avoid getting smushed. Unluckily for them they were attached, but luckily they avoided becoming pancaked.

Bounced around spastically playing with the duo and a few others. Beyond happy. Distracted by the sun glinting off the pond and flounced over the edge. Fascinated and determined to get closer to the water flung himself off the edge without thinking.

Which, undoubtedly, was a terrible idea. The normally mute child screeched his head off when he hit the water. Absolutely hating the sucking feeling waterlogged fur caused, snakes despising it too. Snakes attempted to literally detach themselves with the attempt to get out of the pond, which, failed and resulted in some tiny pulled muscles. Flailed like insanity when the realization that sinking was a thing and panicked.

By the grace of the Gods was nabbed up by both Kato and Gal and dragged back onto firm land. Rescued the snake child stopped his screaming and collapsed on Gal's feet.

Settled down to be groomed and cuddled, the incident promptly forgotten by the child, but never by his snakes. They remember everything. Everything.

January 6th, 2017
Started the day by meandering about looking for food. Nosed under logs, in the pond, around trees, only to find nothing. Gave up his hunt when he was distracted by a doe's shiny scars. Slithered up against her to preen and pose, watching with interest at how the light played against his scaled legs. Ended up curled up against the blue doe to nap.

Awoke alone and had a mild panic attack before bolting across the forest to find his new cuddle buddy nested against a tree near a family of caribou. Stared at the children with interest, but was overcome with a shy streak that kept him plastered against Galene. Eventually came out of his shell as his new friend got up and joined another doe(Brille), a young buck Thierri, and a fawn(Sitara) frolicked up to them happy as a clam. However, noticed that the fawn was tentative with her actions, baffled by this, though attempted to play none the less. Learning to dance from Brille in attempt to gain the doeling's interest. It can be said that the snake child is a very very very bad dancer. Despite the fact his snakes bobbed and engaged in their own attempt to make up for the childs four left feet.

Gave up after awhile when he noticed a new stranger approaching. Delighted that the newcomer was a child bound over to them with no reservations. Engaged with Dia in a bout of rough and tumble play. Straight out sprinted and sparred with the Tiger child. Pausing only to watch Theirri and Brille play spar, absolutely enthralled. Absolutely drawn to attempt their moves, tripping over himself the whole time. Falling on his face more than once. Delighted none the less.

Eventually collapsed in a fawn pile to snooze with his new friends. His snakes snoot booping and exploring the fawns the entire time while the child dozed.

January 4th, 2017
Woke up from his state of brumation to a pile of gifts from Hikari. Confused at first by the plushy snake, thinking it dead, but soon connecting its state to the similar state of his sloth friend. Pulled the plushy and cloak into a pile to snuggle before curiosity got the better of him and he snooped out the raincoat. The texture and color of which spooked him at first, but soon wiggled himself into the smooth plastic device.

Wiggled himself out of the device and promptly devoured his mice and eggs before setting off on an adventure, snakes peeping out of his fluff in curiosity. Meandered around until he found Czar, whom he coaxed into a play fest. Curled up briefly after their play session to snuggle, before his easily distracted mind noticed a trio of minis. Black eyeballs near popped out of his little head at the realization of two of the trios wings. So pretty. So magnificent. Bounded over in order to get a better look, snakes swaying in their own attempt to register the sight before them. Delighted when the group allowed him into their romping session. His enthrallment with Liathe and Rakil's wings sending him tripping over his own feet more than once.

Soon tired and settled to following the duo around like a lovestruck puppy, attempting to nose at their wings from time to time before his one track mind caught sight of a magicked bird. Streaked off with the thrill of the hunt in his veins.

Even with the help of his snakes, missed the bird. Gave up his chase and tottled back to settle beside Rakil for a nap. Wove himself into her tail feathers.

June 30th, 2016
Started the day with a great big yawn and a great big stretch followed by the tremendous urge to meander. Didn't get very far before being noted by a large blue brute of a dragoncat, whom not only sparked his interest but his motivation to play. After jaunting around with Vox, settled down atop the male's paws. Promptly noticed the strange odor of toe beans which prompted the serpent to sniff curiously. Much to his noses dismay.

Withdrew quite quickly and managed to settle atop the paw in a way that the foot funk didn't effect his nose.

After a long while of awkward perching against the blue's leg. Meandered over to the nearby vixen. In which he proceeded to fumble his way up Vox's back and in front of her. Which was followed by a greeting boop of snoots from his snakes followed by the snake himself making his new home the pallid's tails. Much to her dismay and Acobol's blatant disregard... cause he's dumb.

Eventually took his leave from his home of tails to curl up in front of Vox and cuddle. Completely mindless and happy as a clam.

May 4th, 2016
Began the day with Averell at the Ruins where she joined him while he was curled upon one of the many stone slabs soaking up the midday heat. Awoke to groggily great her before curling up beside her for an hour or so to nap further.

Was joined by Hikari around noon, in which he awoke to happily tottle to her side and demand food. Which, she clearly smelled off. However, he learned quite quickly by sticking his face in her fur, that she didn't actually have the food -on- her. Quite distressed and confused by this, and didn't quite grasp the concept that she'd hidden them as a game. Whined and pouted and basically borderline pitched a fit while she blatantly pointed out where the pinkie mice had been hidden. All six of the snake heads flipped out, fighting over four of the seven mice, since the other three were tucked further back into the crevice of the ruins. Stood rather confused, chirping, while the Light Guardian pried the snakes apart to keep them from fighting while shoving mice into the mouths of the two agitated left out grumpy snakes.

After his rather eventful meal romped with both Ave and Hikari until he exhausted himself and piled between the two.

Awoke later to Hikari having departed. Nudged at Ave and went about another round of frolicking which led to exploring the ruins. Managed to get himself stuck atop one of the ledges. HORRIFIED because all his senses screamed death, however couldn't get himself down. Screeched and cowered until Ave guided him down and soothed him with cuddles. 5ever traumatized. Was then led to the blue bowl.Ran around like a maniac in the long grasses. Most of his snakes tucked safely against his neck defensively, however one.... always one... dangled like a flyaway hair.

Tired out rather quickly, so settled atop Ave's hooves and watched in utter disgust as she devoured blue berries. Eventually she too departed, seized the moment to meander about on his own for a short bit. Dropping back to stare at a serpent that had accompanied him days prior. Whom, at the moment, somehow managed to make it UP into a tree. Absolutely baffled by this, gawked on the ground peeping and creeping around the base of the. When the beast made it down, berated him with a series of hisses and clicks. Only to pause when he noticed the gigantic egg by his feet. In which snake kids belly rumbled and homg can I eat it occurred. Didn't get the chance to attempt to go after the egg (would have been uneventful cause he's puny and egg is... the same size as him.) due to Hikari appearing. Joined her and visited the Playground for the first time. Which led to another moment of panic when he climbed too high. Once tuckered out was introduced to the smoothing hum of the Great Oak, where he promptly fell asleep curled against the Light.


Name ☾ Acobol. (Ah-co-boll)
Alias ☾ The Ophidian.
Identification ☾ X
Sex ☾ Male.
Age ☾ Adult.
Birth-date ☾ April 3rd.
Zodiac ☾ Aries.
Species ☾ Serpentine Cervine.
Height ☾ Hulking
Voice ☾ Soon.
Sexuality ☾ Budding
Scent ☾ Dust, snake shed, & Cedar
Haunts ☾ N/A
Diet ☾ Strict Carnivore.

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oh hai

oh hai
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What a rad character,

What a rad character, tracking.
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now that's my kind of

now that's my kind of character!
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hello snake child ♥

hello snake child ♥
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mmyes ♥

mmyes ♥
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This is a character that's

This is a character that's directly up my alley and I'm so very in love. Look at that sweet little snek face. All those sweet little snek faces.
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Bebe <3
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Thank you guys for all the

Thank you guys for all the love for this little guy. <33

Feel free to throw characters at him. He's dumb and loves everything.

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Would you accept Skype

Would you accept Skype character throws at this babbin?
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Feel free :} I primarily go

Feel free :} I primarily go by what happens in forest, however I can work whatever in.

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ah hello mika tried to say

ah hello
mika tried to say hello to them one day but they dc'd just as he approached. :'c
hopefully mika'll get a chance to properly introduce himself.

snek childe

snek childe
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I have a bad habit of just

I have a bad habit of just poofing unexpectedly. That and my forest often freezes and crashes. I'm often tabbed out so if you want to interact, feel free to add me on skype and poke me when your guy is near. I've always a pile of art that I'm working on.

Yissss sneky sneky.

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Look at those cute

Look at those cute snoots
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//silently tracks//

//silently tracks//
back into the groove baby
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OOOH NAZZ I was wondering who

OOOH NAZZ I was wondering who this lovely boy belonged to! I adore his design so much ;;

By Leuvr
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I welcome you with open arms to stay away from me

ooohhhh so cool owo

ooohhhh so cool owo
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Bloodygoddess- Waves. Vurufu-

Bloodygoddess- Waves.
Vurufu- So many snoots, so so many sweet tiny scaley snoots!
Luu- <3~
Disrabbit- /silently watches/
Apparanza- <33 Thank you doll.
Sannosuke- P: <3
Amary- Thank you!!

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Medusa should come say hi to

Medusa should come say hi to this bab sometime. Their snake heads can make friends LOLZ

He is so freaking cute oh my

He is so freaking cute oh my god.
Hi it's me.
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He's here for everyone's

He's here for everyone's daily dose of snoot boops!

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(im legit in love with this little guy fkdajflda)
Hi it's me.

Must track on this account

Must track on this account too :3


Guh. <33


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He's so cute ughh

He's so cute ughh
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Thank you

Thank you <33

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new friend to bother.... Or

new friend to bother.... Or be bothered by in this case.

i track dis cutie. ALSO EHSAN




sneaking a track in here. i

sneaking a track in here. i adore this character?? aaaa
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^^ I really love this char.

I really love this char. Need watch.


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tracking this beautiful

tracking this beautiful character
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391
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double post = double the love

double post = double the love
add me on discord: Krisaur#9391