Night Terrors (Two Way Challenge)

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My inspiration, and yes this is my first (and probably only) story involving wolves.

**Warning** This short story contains a little gore and violence. Read at your own risk! Eye


The doe's legs carried her as fast as she could. She could barely keep her eyes open as she looked behind her. Were they following her? She could not tell, but she was sore from running and slowed a moment to catch her breath. She listened for them, but could not hear the creatures that chased her.

And for a split moment, she felt safe...

She started to keep moving forward when something caught her leg. She looked down to see something similar to a vine wrapped around her ankle, that tightened quickly and constricted, knocking her down. At that moment, another one of the 'vines' caught one of her front hoofs. The doe struggled to break free from them, but soon found herself in a terrible position - her belly exposed. She had been caught in an old snare left a long time ago.

And then the wolves spotted her...

"No! No!!", Nowa cried out. She awoke and sat up, finding herself in the Endless Forest. The doe's heart pounded as she caught her breath. It was just a dream. It was just a dream...

She stood and went to the Pond for some water. Bending down, she lapped up the drink before stopping to look at her reflection in the moonlight. She hadn't had very much sleep for weeks, it was all due to the same nightmare. What was it trying to tell her?

She hated the dream. She was terrified of wolves, and every time she sees them, she truly believes that she is about to die. Her ears perked a little as she heard someone nearby, and her adrenaline already high, she raised her head quickly, only to see another deer close by, drinking from the Pond just as she was. He had a brown pelt and long, curly white antlers. He lifted his head when he noticed her there - a red, smiling mask looked back at Nowa's.

Nowa didn't say a word to him, but took one more sip of the water before returning to her sleeping spot. She rested her weary body and looked up to the stars. The night was still young, and she was too tired to stay up all night. Quietly, she closed her eyes and let her head sit on the ground.

And then the wolves spotted her. She found herself in the same place, her legs caught by the old snares, her belly exposed to them. The trio of predators approached, their jaws already drooling in anticipation.

Before she could think, they were on her, all three biting and scratching at her belly. The doe cried out in agony, but there was no one else around to hear her. Within a few moments, they broke her skin, splitting her belly. The wolves began to feast on her organs, hollowing the poor deer out. Her body trembled in shock, her mind soon went blank as she passed out, still feeling their snouts dig around the inside of her.

She was dead, her body lifeless and calm...yet she still felt pain. Terrible amounts of it. She felt her eyes close, afraid of what would happen to her next.

And then she sat up, crying out again, screaming. Nowa was back in the Forest. Now she was even more frantic, her muscles cringed and her body was overheated. She gasped for air, her mind raced, and her heart pounded.

"Relax, Nowa.", a voice came nearby. The doe never realized that the other deer was there, watching over her. "Relax. Deep breaths.", the red-faced stag said to her.

She looked up to him, trying to regain her breath. His pictogram read 'Trunks'. She had never met him before.

When she was able to speak, she asked, "What do you want?" Trunks smiled, "Come with me." He stood and walked deeper into the Forest, looking back at her. The doe tilted her head, and reluctantly followed him.

They walked silently, Nowa was still shaken up by the nightmare. He led her to De Drinkplaats, where he stood by the waters of the old fountain. He finally spoke to her again, "This place is infused with the Twin Gods' magic. There are many things the waters can do. Come, look into the reflection. There is an answer here for you."

Nowa didn't fully believe him, but approached and looked anyway. At first, she only saw herself, but soon her own reflection faded, and she saw a young doe, who wandered alone in a forest she didn't recognize. There, she watched as the doe was chased by three wolves, and soon she was snared, the predators finding her and killing her. Nowa wanted to look away, but she watched as the doe's head lay to rest, the wolves eating their fill and running off.

"There is more.", Trunks said. Nowa continued to watch, as another doe came into the vision, releasing the corpse from her bonds. "Rest now. You suffered an unfair death, and we will give you another one to compensate.", the doe said, nuzzling the head of the dead deer.

Nowa finally realized, "Auriea!" Trunks nodded, "That was a former life of yours. That is the reason for your nightmares, but even after death, your spirit is protected by the gods." The stag lowered his head, "You are a lot like me in some ways."

The doe looked to him, "What do you mean?" Trunks closed his eyes, "I was a fawn, who one day died in this Forest. The gods gave me a new life, and entrusted me to watch over those filled with grief and despair." He then looked to her, "Don't let your dreams frighten you. They will only make you stronger, and one day you will discover that they will lead you to do great things."

Nowa nodded, and thanked him before returning to her bed. She would never run into Trunks again, but the message got through to her. She would sleep well the rest of the night, as well as many more nights to come, knowing that she may have to face her fears one day, but would do so with great strength instead of weakness.


*track* cause its ausome

*track* cause its ausome Smiling
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Got this finished today

Got this finished today Eye

love it

love it
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very nice Quad

very nice Quad

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I suffered from night terrors

I suffered from night terrors a lot, so I understand this quite well XD nice <3

WOW.. I love it so much 8D

WOW.. I love it so much 8D

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I'm glad you liked it

I'm glad you liked it Eye

Wow...just wow

Wow...just wow Eye