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Name: Midori
Pronounced: 'Mee-do-ree'
Name meaning: The name Midori means "Green" and is of Japanese origin.
Pictogram: nneeaa (3 generation)
Birthday: 02.04.2020
Zodiac sign: Aries ♈

Gender: Female, doe
Sexuality: Homoromantic asexual
Mate: Avyanna

Species: Mix of cervine, reptile and canine
Scent: Scent of Lavender, poppies and pine tree sap
Size: #31 in deer size chart
Reference: Fullbody
Height: 1.35 meter (4 ft) tall at the shoulder
Weight: 200 kg (441 lb)
Voice description: A silvery voice and the sound is clear, but little echo from under the skull. Light and pleasant.

Alignment: Chaotic good
Favorite spots: Around poppies or friends. Her home is with her mate and will likely sleep everywhere she likes to.

Mask: Zombie deer skull
Antlers: Default with poppies or candles
Pelt: Kirin

PersonalityMidori is like me, we almost share the same personality.

positive loyal stubborn curious shy welcoming
polite playful awkward emotional careful creative

She is very welcoming and quite social person. She wants to share the company with everyone who want to join her, playing or sleeping around and just having fun. Midori is shy in some point and little bit awkward as well so some meetings will make her little nervous and she always doesn't know how to greet others or new faces. Sometimes she is very active in forest and just wanna run around and have fun and sometimes the days are tired and she is sleeping all day long.

She always try to do her best to cheer someone up and make them a little more happier, but she understand the personal space as well and sometimes she is too afraid that she may do something even worse. She is very understanding and can feel empathy very well. Midori doesn't have the best words to help, but she will be there to listen and be mentally and physically there for someone who needs it without any words.


Sitting with candles or wearing them, Sleeping with someone, Halloween event + Velocity [BZD], Butterflies and fireflies, Huge dandelions and tulips all around the forest, spamming spells to others, Snowing during night (weather), Hearing a god deer mooing, Helping with sets, Dancing in big group, Cuddling with friends, Koi fishes in the pond, Sitting on flower patches, Running around the forest, Every Weather in the forest, Sitting under big mushroom, Collecting/finding new items in the forest, Events (Christmas, Halloween, New year, abio), Sharing company with anyone


Bullies/bullying, Predators, Ignorance, Thunder/storm, Losing a friend, Missing a event, Being too moody, Too much drama, Being left behind, Old oak humming, Being too jealous, Fawn Spam mooing, Sinking to the pond, Getting attacked by, Lost someone to fog, Getting cold, Sleeping alone all day, Fast mood change, Too long sunny/dry days, Someone hurting her lover or friends, Being unable to help


- Loyal to really close friends, even for those she knows a little bit.
- She does not easily trust others and her trust must be earned.
- Respects the older ones and those who have seen much more than she have.
- Likes to cuddle with someone she knows, it's her way of showing attention and closeness.
- Loves to run through the woods with someone and have fun until night.
- She may look a bit jealous if something makes her feel that way, but she tries to hold her ground and ignore her feelings.
- Usually carries a remembrance item, the gift she have received from someone.
- Likes to sleep or taking a long nap.
- Very loyal partner, doesn't flirt with others if she have someone already.
- Likes snowing and raining, but doesn't like to get sick by the cold and will seek someone to warm with at the cold days.
- Doesn't like predators and will avoid them at any cost.
- Wants to build long lasting bonds.
- Likes a lot of spell casting and it's more fun doing it with someone.
- Enjoys to sleep on sunspots or flower patches, poppies is her favorite.
- Has a good memory and remembers those who she has met recently.
- Does not like to carry resentment for very long if she has quarreled with somebody, always tries to settle disputes.
- Likes the fog in the forest, but if it goes too thick that it's unable or hard to see further, she feel unsafe and will run around to find something where to hide.
- Sometime takes a form of big bunny.
- Around poppies feels more comfort and gets little bit heal.
- Have always a fear that her closest ones will left her by any reason.

my girl

my girl
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memento mori midori hrhrhr

memento mori midori
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hi <3
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Whiskeybeast - Some say, one

Whiskeybeast - Some say, one day, but never. hehehe
Rooke - Hello little cutie! ^^
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Hello, thank you for not

Hello, thank you for not destroying me in that spar Laughing out loud
Also, the drawing is amazing!!
Tiny Ursch & pixel picto © Draak

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Hello, Haha you're welcome I

Hello, Haha you're welcome Laughing out loud I have to say you got some nice moves in there, I enjoyed it.
Thank you very much! It has been made with pain and sweat xDD
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Battle lady! Track ^-^

Battle lady! Track ^-^
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Wrong account. heh ;-;

Wrong account. heh ;-;


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Severon - Haha no worries! xD

Severon - Haha no worries! xD Midori doesn't like to fight, but she is still such a fighter.
RihannaFenty - <3 ^^
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track :3

track :3
by kseniamokhova
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mmaktub - I hope your kitty

mmaktub - Eye I hope your kitty doesn't get a flu because of this rain.
Kumu - Thank you little snowflake ^^
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&hearts; !

♥ !
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<3 Exclaim ´u`
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<33 !!
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!! <3 ;w;
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Looking at his page makes me

Looking at his page makes me happy.
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Thank you very much

Thank you very much Urschanabi! ^^
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Track <3