A Lost Doe (Part one of a WIP story)

"The Sun is rising. Let us see a new day." a slow chant started amongst the deer, as they stood by the statues of their gods, the largest of whom who had a white pelt. To his right, was a golden deer, who was joined by two fawns. The chant started to grow louder throughout the forest, as one of the fawns were nudged to the statues, and ordered to lay down.

The old white deer would kneel down before the fawn, placing a crown of periwinkles on her head, as he backed away, allowing the golden deer to step before her, and cast a spell of her golden pelt upon it. The rest of the herd who gathered watched in silence and awe as a black, masked deer walked before the fawn, bestowing a dark, almost pitch black mask that resembled the graveyard ravens, complete with real feathers, to the fawn. As the black stag stepped back, the uproar of hooves stamping on the forest floor rose as the fawn stood up, looking around the herd as her ears pricked up, tail up high as everyone was "clapping".

A/N: This is a story for my main deer, Suru, who I play as in-game. While in the story, she has a Magpie mask and Great Argus pelt, in game she only has the periwinkles as I did not get the spells yet.

This story may contain blood. Viewer discretion is advised.

Awesome. Like the clapping

Awesome. Like the clapping Smiling --have to see if the deer can clap with their tails or would that be flapping? Golden pelt oozing sunshine as you meander along. What type of highlights would that be to make golden gleam? So what does golden deer do with the legs?

Oh the lost doe. Did not lose

Oh the lost doe. Did not lose my doe this week did remove some dough to get even with a client lying. Handed it back to him and watched it burn Smiling)))))