[Laughter is the best medicine...] Adonis;; The Stooge

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The Stooge

Signature: Adonis
Otherwise Known As: Adon; Ady; Ad; Adders
I.D. Tag: ~~~~[Adonis]
Classified: Stag
Title: The Stooge
Orientation: Straight
Mate: None
Crush/Love: Several have come, but none stayed
Years: Ageless; Young Adult
-----Normal: Mini, Real Deer Mask, Key Antlers
-----Party: Red Mini, Kabuki Mask, Trumpet Antlers
*****His set used to change all the time, but due to not being able to stack sets anymore, he stays in his normal set unless he happens to get spelled with half of his party set. He quite misses running around in different sets. :/
He also has a pipe in his mouth when he's feeling especially comical. He likes to poke fun at stuffy deer.
Font Color: fde24e

~Courageous; Mostly


Adonis is basically a happy, cheery, optimistic fellow. He is influenced by my mood, so he isn't much of a character really. (He's much braver and sillier than I am.) I see him as a hobbit really; kind of like Merry and Pippin squished together...Mippin ftw! For those of you who have not seen or read The Lord of the Rings, you are not going to know what that means, so I command you to watch/read it.

Adders loves making deer laugh and he cannot stand those 'scardey-deer.' Ady will personally stalk you until you A: give in and play with him/not be afraid of him anymore, B: depress him so much he has to go to his sad set, C: get off/he has to leave. He usually bounces back relatively quickly from things, but it's easy to make him feel left out. If he does, he'll usually just stay a little distance away, ranting to a tree or just in a sunny spot ranting. If he thinks he's making the other deer concerned, he'll run away, usually to the Playground and have a tiny fit. Stuffy deer that don't like company or just act superior are incredibly funny and are often at the receiving end of his jokes.

For those lovable fawns out there, he has an even softer spot than he does for everyone else. He'll sit himself down next to them and keep them warm or just act silly and entertain them. He feels very bad though when he does, because his memory is so bad, he can never remember their names and cannot remember who is who when he meets them again. Please try not to take it personally.

You can find him dancing his little heart out in sunny spots when he's bored. He probably looks completely random and uncoordinated to others when he does this, but I'm usually blaring music at that time and am making him dance to it. If he's running around more than usual, I'm probably listening to music then too. Otherwise, I'll plop him down to do something else on the Internet or wait for some friend to come along.

Spots to Sit: Twin Trees; Sapling Circle; Under Any Mushroom His Height, Under any of the mini-trees with ferns around them, On Dandelions, On Giant Mushrooms

Hiding Places: The Great Oak's Biggest Root; The Second Weeping Willow from the Bridge; Giant Birch Trees; Blueberry Bowl; As a rabbit, under the leaning stone next to the Well

Mushroom Circle: Hilltop near Ruins

Animal In-Forest: --For Halloween: Bat/Frog/Crow
--For Any Other Time: Rabbit/Mini-Fawns <3

Mask: --For Noise: Kabuki
--For Looks: Butterfly

Pelt: --Cool: Day of the Dead
--Pretty: Great Argusus

Antlers: Candles, DotD

TEF Holiday: Halloween 8D

Weather: Snow/Rain/Twilight (Mushrooms=Instant Fun)

- = Lost touch with
+ = Played lately
* = Seen and heard of, but not played with

-Maia (Good Friend)
-Sithrim (Good Friend)
-Mozart (Good Friend) RIP ♥
*Curiousity; Cu (Partner in Crime)
+Vala (Mini Buddy)
-Oseean (Good Friend)
+Raffles (Fun Buddy)
*Sluggs (Partner in Crime & Entertainment)
-Virgil (Friend)
-Quamar (Peacock Pal)
-Ephra (Good Friend)
-Mute (Friend)

This is so short now...but most of Ady's friends have moved on in life or simply disappeared.


9th of August, 2011

"I miss Mozart...."

| Went to find Unplugged, but she had to leave immediately. Wandered and ran around, attempting to make others laugh..but didn't succeed. Felt very lonely in the forest, eventually left. |

7th of August, 2011

"I wish I knew your name."

| Played with several deer, one of which being Sunny? [loloske]. Helped him find his set, then spellspammed each other and another deer. Had a small dance party with those two and some fawns, visited Vala twice. Laid down with Sunny until time to leave. |

6th of August, 2011

"It felt nice to keep some company without romping around. It was quite peaceful. I might have to do that again soon."

| Kept several others company in complete silence for quite some time, including Baal and Esll |

****Under Construction****
Attempting to actually edit CSS that Unplugged posted a while ago. XD If anyone has any tips, please let me know. [Especially about making his two lists of traits next to each other instead of staggered like they are. ]
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o: So that's who that deer

o: So that's who that deer I was hanging around with today was. >3> Who did he see?
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Yes, that was me. I think

Smiling Yes, that was me. I think it was one of Marona's characters. She got turned into a mini deer by someone, and he kinda made friends. XD Of course I'm just assuming she's a doe from the feather antlers. It would be embarrassing if it was a stag. XP
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lol I don't think she'd be

lol I don't think she'd be offended if you thought he was a she. My doe gets mistaken for a stag all the time because she has fan antlers. It's no big deal. :3 And Patch loved hanging out with you. I think they've hung out together before, too o:
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It's probable that they did.

It's probable that they did. Sticking out tongue Adonis goes to random deer. XD
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Wait, what? I didn't

Wait, what? I didn't kn-......0.0; I didn't know Patch was a girl. <.< >.> Why was she nuzzling so much today? XD
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lol Yep. Patch is a lady.

lol Yep. Patch is a lady. :> An old fart of a lady, but a lady nonetheless. And if she's in a good mood or sees somebody she likes, she'll nuzzle them a lot. And she happens to like Adonis. :3
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Yes, apparently. Patch was

Yes, apparently. Patch was beginning to creep me out a bit; I thought maybe a button was stuck or something. XD
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D: She didn't mean to creep

D: She didn't mean to creep you out! I'll scold her for that, and she'll do it less often.
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Adonis! Endo's little twin.

Adonis! Endo's little twin. Not for long eh? Lol c: It was funny when I saw Adonis looked..wait, exactly like Endo. I got to change that...muarhahar.
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Hehe, thanks.

Hehe, thanks. Smiling
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It was a pleasure to meet

It was a pleasure to meet you. Eye

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Haha, thanks. I remember

Haha, thanks. I remember meeting Virgil before, with Quammy there, and tree dancing, so Ady was like, 'You don't remember me? D': ' xD But I had fuuuun. :3
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My new stag and the wife's

My new stag and the wife's doe got to play with Adonis today. c:

My new one is with the violet antlers, magpie mask, and orca/beluga pelt. The wife's is the starry pelt, orca mask, and real deer antlers.

The wind... howling at the window...
The love you never gave...
I give to you...
Really don't deserve it...
But now...there's nothing you can do...
So sleep... in your only memory...of me...
My dearest mother...
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Safear played with Adonis

Safear played with Adonis today, he was very sweet. :3

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What's wrong with Adonis?

What's wrong with Adonis? Sad

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-stalk stalk- Adonis is

-stalk stalk-
Adonis is awesome <3
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Adonis is the awesomest, I

Adonis is the awesomest, I always have a good time goofing off with him. It's deer like him that keep the spirit of this place alive, I think. Laughing out loud

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@Sithrim: Sorry, I was in a

@Sithrim: Sorry, I was in a bad mood, and felt like sitting alone. I was cleaning all day. >.<

@Firfli: 8D ...-glomps-

@Ephra: ^//-//^ Awwws, I feel all special now. Smiling
Sithrim's picture

All day? How boring it must

All day? Shocked How boring it must have been ... o___o

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Well, maybe not All day. XD

Well, maybe not All day. XD But it was for more than two hours I know. We have a 40ft. long house, with two floors, and I had to vacuum all of it, and wash the kitchen floor, and essentially help my mother with everything. Her back is out now, so all the stuff she normally does...gets handed to me. :/
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Mm..This is the kind of deer

Mm..This is the kind of deer TEF needs more of.
~{Also a random stalking post.
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My Atvana watched him being a

My Atvana watched him being a silly last night. He was cute. Atvana took quite a liking to him. :3
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3's picture

I should track this, I

I should track this, I think..


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Adonis is so awesome!

Adonis is so awesome! Tracking this.
gloryofdeerforever's picture

Remember how Mistic was

Remember how Mistic was pawing at those to spaces at the ruin? He was trying to tell Adonis he wanted to race. And the logs he was pawing at? He was telling Adonis he wanted to set a up a jump course and race over them. lol
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/tracking!! So you were the


So you were the little mini deer who was playing with Kita the night of the alternate dimension! I hope to see you around more often ^^


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Emmerssss are you alive? I

Emmerssss are you alive? I haven't seen you or Adonis in such a long time! We miss you!
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I guess you found my Hysteria

I guess you found my Hysteria &hearts
invisible track.
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@Unplugged - You decided to

@Unplugged - You decided to pay a visit the exact day I decided to come dust off my TEF game and play around some. Sticking out tongue We miss you too, I just don't have my set anymore. Gosh. I really need to redecorate this... :/ But I'm sooo lazy when it comes to CSS. I can't make amazingness like you can. pfhehe

@HellsBells - Yes, I did. :3 Muhaha.
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Hmmm, Sithrim misses his

Hmmm, Sithrim misses his friend too.

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@Sithrim -

@Sithrim - ...............................SITHY!!! -pounces- Laughing out loud
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Le track! XDD He sound like

Le track! XDD He sound like such a bright, happy fellow ^U^
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Hi EmJo, we don´t met for

Hi EmJo, we don´t met for ages, I think. Welcome back. Cu could´nt wait to play with Adonis again. He will be really happy stolling around with you.
see you
siggi by Sybilline
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So nice to see you in-game.

So nice to see you in-game. (:
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@Bayleen: That he is.

@Bayleen: That he is. :]

@Pink: Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink! -tackle hugs- Hi. :3 I missed you.

@Ravynn: I know, I haven't seen you almost at all in such a long time. ♥ The few times I have seen you in-game, you've been with Saosin.
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Sorry for the short visit, I

Sorry for the short visit, I was busy Scavenger Hunting! Laughing out loud I think we'll see each other soon again anyway.