Kostya - The Entertainer

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Usually hangs around any herds or fights that have caught his attention. May or may not be offering blueberries and being a deer cheersquad providing he's not being a partial angstbucket

..........has it really been that long since I've updated this ghjkfgd
puts rut stuff back

Kostya remembering that Virgil and Saosin have passed and aren't around for rut shenanigans:

removes rut stuff finally
Sat quietly near Rhona. Partly awkwardly because he was late in learning of Virgil's passing. Currently not aware of Saosin's passing.Confirmed Saosin's body is at the idol.
Saddened and overwhelmed.

Raz - Today at 10:00 PM
also I think Kostya's bar is coated in dinosaurs
Vee - Today at 10:00 PM
remember the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park
Raz - Today at 10:00 PM


Vee - Today at 9:54 PM
Kostya comes along in his blueberry van, playing the blueberry van music
Raz - Today at 9:54 PM
Vee - Today at 9:55 PM
like an ice cream van except blueberries and vodka

Found Saosin and bun'd at Saosin.


Is also an incredibly oblivious cinnamon bun, is yet to be told of...everything alskndg

When that happens it's gonne be like that gif of the guy entering the room and everything is on fire.
Spent a billion years bun'd in Saosin's fluff before deciding to go check up on Rhona.
Vee - Today at 11:47 PM
Stria Rho: have heartfelt moment that's not as nice as it could be and rly intense
Kostya: HENLO

Met up with Keith and had numeous flowerfights, he's going to end up smelling like a florist for a while, not that he really minds.

Also found a giant deer sleeping by the bar that they both prodded, it stayed asleep which was probably good on both his and Keith's parts.


Saw another giant critter (Phobos) in the distance and decided to run over with Keith because gdi Kostya. Said giant critter proved to be friendly and cue shenanigans.

how do i write updates again

tosses him in for a bit

not even five minutes go by and he's fallen off the bridge into the pond and is streaking around

he has censor flowers it's ok

(also ughs at all the broken image links)


found Rhona
wasn't Rhona (actually Herne, I have so much catching up to do at some point ghhgfg)
Thought it was Rhona because of the picto, put the reasons for appearance change and sudden want to not be near him down to her being a teenager. A+ there Kostya LOL. Chased them for a bit before trying to win them over by going bun. Didn't work, gave up and left them alone.

dusts off and adds rut thing


Pillowbun B)

Decided to poke a giant critter who was sitting by a tree (Komir) with a smol (Klytie). Kostya no. However when he determined he wouldnt be steamrolled/mauled he properly greeted them both (cue TEF sniff fail on my end).


Met Ross been beat up buddy

*watches TEF implode with their future shenanigans*

(Note to self: Prolly just starting to heal as of now)
Learned that trying to jump with a bad back = bad.

[2:25:40 AM] Vee: Kostya is like that one guy who walks among mule deer
[2:25:42 AM] Vee: it's beautiful
[2:26:03 AM] Raz/Draak: NGLKDFNLDKH

[1:03:45 AM] Vee: wanna see the baby
[1:03:49 AM] Raz/Draak: O:
[1:03:56 AM] Vee: yes you do
[1:03:58 AM] Raz/Draak: LOL
[1:04:01 AM] Vee: you wanna feed it vodka too
[1:04:03 AM] Raz/Draak: GNFDKLFN
[1:04:07 AM] Vee: I permit this
[1:04:08 AM] Raz/Draak: KOSTYA:..........hmmmmmm
[1:04:10 AM] Raz/Draak: DGNLDKFN
[1:04:11 AM] Vee: like a good dad
[1:04:12 AM] Vee: ROFL
[1:04:15 AM] Raz/Draak:
[1:04:16 AM] Raz/Draak: LOL

Also added a thing to "Other" and the injury thing.

Sees Saosin and Virgil.
Hobbles over to them because haelo friends I am come see and recieves all the hugs.
That moment when you unknowingly sit near your attackers mate and kids

One of the fawns (Icarus) tried to play/investigate him, tried to tell them he was hurt and couldn't play with them. Quickly sat back down again and was faceplanted by them.

(Kostya has no idea who Ramsus or his family are, so he's just oblivious to their relations...unless Ramsus were to make an appearance)

Later was scooted away by Virgil, meeting up with Saosin a bit of a distance away. Was a doe nearby that Kostya didn't exactly recognise (Maria) who was going into labor. Kostya just awkwarded where he was.
Djinn also appeared briefly, but Kostya couldnt hobble fast enough to say hi.

[2:06:42 AM] Raz/Draak: "THERE IS BABY COME OUT"
[2:07:30 AM] Raz/Draak: -DYING-
[2:08:14 AM] Trinket: tHERE IS BABY COME OUT.

Currently feels like he's been hit by a truck, probably cracked a few bones here and there, badly bruised in some places with the odd scab.
Was found by Ehretia and kind of just "I am got hurt .m."'d at her before giving up on standing and sitting back down again.

Also had Virgil stand watch over him for a bit yesterday..or today.

Had been bounding around in the snow as a bun and stopped to chill only to be crushed by Ramsus out of the blue (???), didn't even notice him until suddenly angry emotes everywhere. Transformed back into a deer, very confused, upset and in pain.
Limped off back to the Bar to drink and bleed for a bit.

(Moved last years updates to archive)

Older updates here.

Name: Kostya Delyakov
Pictoname: Sorensen
Age: Very late 20s in human years
Species: Shapeshifter
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Mate: Helel's Bucky 500 gays at
Parents: Yeah, but not inforest.
Sibling(s): A handful but they're not inforest.
Height: [x]
Inforest Set: Swan Pelt, Gazelle Antlers, Long Mask
Ref Sheet: [x]
Face ref: Young Dolph Lundgren [x] [x]
Text: #8f3838
Spot: His "Bar" or any Blueberry patch.

Lax, Optimistic Naive, Reckless, Empathetic, Generous

Kostya is ridiculously friendly and is basically always ready to play and buttonmash around. He's a giant ball of energy until burnt out.

While he doesn't mind the odd roughhousing, he tends to stay away from being personally involved with serious violence. (eg he'll gladly watch two stags fight, but won't do it himself)

He likes to talk a lot, but on the otherhand he's also a pretty good listener. Even if English isn't his native language. If someone wants to just sit down and talk, he'll happily do so regardless of subject matter.

Tends to act before thinking in some situations.

Can be a bit immature with his humor.

Is relatively fearless to an extent. For example, he would probably go around poking demons with sticks just fine until he got himself in serious danger, then he'd get scared "okay this not good idea". He tends to only get afraid if he's being attacked directly; verbally and/or physically.


Thomas: (Helel's) Closest friend. Has known him outside of TEF prior. Has a close, platonic bond with him. They'll often sing and dance and mess around together, sharing crude jokes, stories and other shenanigans. But on the other hand they both look out for one another and Kostya will provide a quiet, listening ear for Thomas and try to help him with his issues and concerns.
Jude: (Helel's)HEY JUDE. Second closest friend, also knew prior to TEF. Met through Thomas by accident one day. Generally "mama hens" around Kostya, attempting to keep him in check, give him the biggest Judehugs and also helping pick Kostya up when he's down. Jude's more forgiving compared to Thomas and lets him get away with more, as much to Thomas's displeasure.
Keith: (Helel's) Friend who he keeps running into.
Virgil: (Vee's) Keeps running into, and then blueberry shenanigans RIP misses greatly but tries not to let on.
Saosin: (Jin's) Also keeps running into, usually with Virgil. Also blueberry shenanigans RIP ^ ditto
Djinn: (Schutzgeist's) Just met via Virgil and Saosin.
Bucky: (Helel's) Third, near second closest friend and also mate/partner/bf/idk. Also knows outside of TEF. His and Bucky's friendship is like a mix of Kostya's with Thomas and Jude's. The two of them are often seen goofing off or roughhousing around, usually doing all kinds of silly and sometimes reckless shenanigans. However their friendship isn't always so energetic due to Bucky's past, and Kostya will lend a quiet ear to help him through the rough patches.
Ehretia: (Keepiru's) agnhlaksnflkandha I'll do this properly one day
Ramsus: NOPES Was randomly attacked by him, unprovoked. Doesn't know why but won't forget him. Confused and saddened by.


Speaks with a thick Russian accent. When it comes to talking he's not the greatest at English, but he tries.

Loves to sing and dance, but this doesn't mean I'm going to put him in the Playground and moospam.

Unsure when it comes to fawns, but won't ignore them. Mostly due to not being used to dealing with young kids.

Has Virgil's dropped antlers at the bar (22/2)

Sometimes carries a small, bottomless Mary Poppins, brown satchel that he'll pull god knows what from. 99.9% of the time it's food.

Will use either a human face or a deer head depending on who he's with. eg If the majority has deer/animal/idk faces then he'll use his deer head.

Has a tendency to want to poke all the giant creaturetype things inforest, by all means if your character catches him doing it and hates it I won't mind if they understandably get mad and want to chase him off. (Chances are if that happens he prolly won't do it again unless I forget he did that to them.)

Invisible Scrollbox


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Disclaimer: All actions are IC and do not reflect the player/myself.
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=H=...... B) HEY JUDE.

=H=...... B)

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Semi-Important Update:

Did/Added his ref sheet.
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♥ Sorry we confused

Sorry we confused him a bit the other day--we had a lot of lag on our end so that probably didn't help! Really like him, though.
look out, kid.

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Don't worry about it, my game

Don't worry about it, my game likes to randomly lagspike on me at the worst of times too 8I
Asdfasdfa yay Laughing out loud

(oops didn't see you'd commented on this before I'd linked it)

Jen: *shoves self near* It's

Jen: *shoves self near*
It's too difficult to not to love him.
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Kostya: *drunken Russian

Kostya: *drunken Russian burbling*

asdfasdf Laughing out loud

He's probably not going to move much after all that LOL

Then at least he's safe, who

Then at least he's safe, who would dare sneaking up to drunken Russian lying in the wilderness with a living wall of glitch just near :'D
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LOL yeah

LOL yeah

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I love this guy. I'll be

I love this guy. I'll be looking for him for dancing and running around like goofballs with.
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Chances are you'll find him

Laughing out loud

Chances are you'll find him dancing and/or running around LOL
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wtf triple post why

wtf triple post why

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Three times the

Three times the blueberryvodkabubble love? LOL
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Track :I

Track :I
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It would be the next best

It would be the next best addition since the booster seats.

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LOL yeah lightning fast

LOL yeah

lightning fast scribble yes
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LMFAO that's awesome!!

LMFAO that's awesome!!

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So hey I think I messed up

So hey I think I messed up the coding on your tiny pixel arts blog with my clumsy linking, so here's Kostya with too many blueberry vodkas.

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!



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So that's what those random 4

So that's what those random 4 comments were that vanished lol

Accurate depiction of Kostya is accurate B) also the face on the mask asdfas. Thanks 8]

well...now i know

well...now i know haha.

Anyway...i also Kostya'd

Thank you for the pretty pixel ^_^
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The thread was now bumped by

The thread was now bumped by a ghost

Asdafasd thanks Laughing out loud

And no probs B)

Why thank you, helel!

Why thank you, helel! Couldn't resist a drunk Kostya, haha.
And you're welcome, Draak! Thank you for the pixels!

e: Approving of the thumbnails. CB

Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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I couldn't resist showing

I couldn't resist showing that face B)
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Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

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Afblksdnal aaaaaa thanks

Afblksdnal aaaaaa thanks Laughing out loud

*makes dance troupe*



Thank you, Tuo and Kohva!

Oh my gosh, Calfuray would

Oh my gosh, Calfuray would love this guy if she met him XD He's so adorbs
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XD Kostya'd probably just


Kostya'd probably just "?Question??FAWN?Question??????"

XD LOL He's such a cute

XD LOL He's such a cute little derp I love him already

Calfuray would love to take a whole pile of flowers [and blueberries] and dump them on him
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He'd probably get all

He'd probably get all confused and need an adult.
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Ehri must play with him, more

Ehri must play with him, more u_u
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i love this guy

i love this guy
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Oh, Kostya and Arcturus would

Oh, Kostya and Arcturus would get along. Mark my words. Sticking out tongue
Avatar by Mary13!
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@Keepiru They can combine

They can combine forces with Grete and become super hyper energetic deer force of play.


He's always welcoming those who wanna play, providing I'm not afk'd or doing something else at the same time.

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And then, they will

And then, they will eventually explode.
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If we find a crater laced

If we find a crater laced with blueberries, we'll know.
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The Blue Bowl.

The Blue Bowl.
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Oh yeah LOL ....and such is

Oh yeah LOL
....and such is the origins of the Blue Bowl.
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Absolutely uvu

Absolutely uvu
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Also filed under: things that

Also filed under: things that I wanna draw B)
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