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Don't know if this will ever get fancy.
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art by Nazzard, thank you!

A few weeks past reunited with Greitai and introduced to her smol, Vrasa. Honored Grei chose to trust her with such, although she was perhaps a bit jealous of sharing attention. That feeling was quickly squashed when the child seemed to be enamored with her. Took on a bit of a 'big sister role'. A few days later noted the child was failing and attempted to tell Greitai, who seemed to be in a world of denial. Gave some rabbit to Vrasa, who refused it and eventually threw the meat at the child's face in frustration (gg Iso). Unaware Vrasa was taken from the forest after she left the two for the evening.

pretty fishy

pretty fishy<3



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Iso. &hearts;

Iso. ♥
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Thanks for the tracks

Thanks for the tracks Smiling everything's really jumbled but I'll fix it all soon. S'what I get for writing things when I'm exhausted
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Gorgeous .. &hearts;

Gorgeous .. ♥
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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Nik was so glad for the

Nik was so glad for the company on his walk!! ): ♥
So good to finally meet her q^q
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Iso enjoyed it too, she could

Iso enjoyed it too, she could use some exercise, heh. ;D ♥

It was good to meet Nik, too! Always watch from afar Smiling